Friday 29 May 2020

Poetry Journal

Are you keeping busy?  I am filling my days but I must admit I am getting a little lethargic and feel bored at times.  It seems to be the same old, same old each day.  All the talk of easing lockdown has unsettled us both a little as nothing has changed for Gerard and I.  We are still shielding so are not able to get out and about.  Our walk is around the garden and land beyond, it would be nice to have a change of scene but we are thankful and try to remain as positive as we can.  We are blessed that we have our shopping and prescriptions delivered and have good neighbours.  Still not reading as much as I would like although I am browsing craft books and patterns.  What a joy these treasured books are.  I am also still writing poetry and keeping them in a journal, which records the journey through these days of  the Covid19 pandemic.  I am hoping that some of the poems are enjoyed as I share them on the Church website.

Here's one that I wrote about new life:

Mothers pain and mewling cries,
Freshly opened brand new eyes.
You arrive in God's good grace,
Your squishy fingers, tiny face.
Bringing sunshine like a summer's morn:
What a time to be born!

I thought about all those born and the joy they bring, but also the heartache of not been able to visit the new addition to the family.

This one talks about shielding and the isolation.

Today my legs are aching
Longing for a walk,
To wander past neighbours houses,
To stop, to smile, to talk.

Today my legs are restless
and my busy mind is bored.
Bur even when I am sitting still
I'm walking with the Lord.

This poem was written when the wearing of masks was announced and a reference to the Thursday evening applaud for key workers.

Silencing lips, covering mouths,
Clapping hands, touching hearts.
Hidden smiles, neighbourly waves,
Kind words sustaining us for days,
Raising voices, silent prayer,
Taking comfort, HE'S still there.

This one was written as we were awaiting the announcement from the First Minister about easing lockdown.

Waiting for the news,
Presenters sharing views/
Safe but also free...
How will all this effect me?
Could the day be today,
We go to Church and pray,
We can smile at our friends.
The unfamiliarity ends...
Will anticipation lead to celebration?

Are you keeping a record of events around this pandemic or do you just want to forget all about it?  I want to forget all about it but as it is such a big part of our lives and will have many effects on our future I thought it prudent to record parts of it.  I am thinking that I may put it to one side along with a few other items as a time capsule.  I am hoping that I will be able to look back on this and have some treasured memories of a very strange event in our lives.  

Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Although it's all recorded on various media a journal is so much more tactile and has a more personal feeling especially with your wonderful poems. We try not to think about it and we're wary by the easing of restrictions. Some people are taking it to far; our beaches and promenade are packed daily with 'out of towners'. This is a worry for our town as we've been very fortunate during the pandemic with everyone adhering to the lockdown restrictions. Take care of yourselves. Best, Jane x

  2. We're certainly living through strange times. I'm okay with being at home for the main, I just miss days out from time to time, but we're so lucky to be largely unaffected by the virus so I'm counting my blessings.

  3. You are so creative and giving in different ways; crafting and writing poetry which you can share are wonderful talents. We hope and pray that one day in the future we'll be able to meet our loved ones especially those that live at a distance. Meanwhile we take one day at a time in our home with a routine of activity and rest.

  4. I haven't made a card for weeks, just can't seem to get going. Your journals are looking lovely.

  5. I just love your poetry journal. Our one daughter is writing some this summer now too. Very nice

  6. I love your poetry and that you shared it with me/us! I too get overwhelmed with the day after day stuff but I focus on how grateful I am for my house and food and this too shall pass.

  7. Really beautiful - the poetry and the journal. My Mum finally went out for a walk around her area. She says she didn't see anyone, but has no garden to sit in and is afraid that if she doesn't start exercising soon it will be really hard to walk when she is able to do it!

  8. Yes, a time capsule sounds ideal! We too are in our last couple of weeks of shielding. Nobody has said what happens then!

  9. I'd like to wake up and find it was all just a nightmare. It really has been profoundly unpleasant for me. It is a challenge for everyone to live in times like these...mostly alone except that He is always with me.

  10. Lovely words and journal ! Keep going !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  11. Your first poem touched me. Our first granchild is due in about a weeks time, and my heart breaks that it will be how long before I can kiss and cuddle him/her. I just try to take comfort from the fact that all my loved ones are safe and well and one day we can meet and hug. xx

  12. Lorraine, your poems are so beautiful and touch my heart. My family gathered yesterday to remember my brother who died from Covid-19 on Sunday. They were limited to 10 people and they face-timed with me so I could be with them too. It's horrible. I haven't written anything about it. I don't have your talent and I want to forget it too. I'm so grateful to the Lord walking alongside us through all of this.
    I ventured out the grocery store at 5:00 am this morning to get things that the grocery pickup always says is out of stock. I zipped around the store with my mask on, so hot! But now I should be able to do pick up again for a few weeks.
    We have had a big upswing in positive cases again this week because of a factory that had a huge outbreak and a lot of the families of employees have also tested positive. Not good.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Blessings and a big hug,

  13. How creative... your poems are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  14. How wonderful to be able to collect your thoughts in verse and keep them in a journal to look back on when all this is hopefully over:)

  15. You and I and our spouses, are lucky. We do not _have_ to "go out." Nor should we, since we have compromised situations.

    But we can live, at home, and still have food, and a home, to live in.

    Healthy people, especially those with families to provide for, are not so lucky. Staying In will leave them with Nothing. Any money they have, will run out. No food. No homes. No nothing.

    Such people, should be allowed to go back to work, with Distance and Masks.

    And Yes, there will be more sickness and deaths. This is just the nature of this Wuhan Virus.

    But to keep everyone one In, will ruin way too many people.

    My views on this world wide topic....


  16. Glad you are doing, that which, makes this time, more livable. We all have to do this.

    I still cant' get reading either! And I have plenty of E-books on my Kindle. Even some from library, before this began. Can't seem to jump into them.


  17. I am feeling the same way you are right now. I have plenty of crafting projects that I could do as well as reading, but I am drifting from project to project with very little progress anywhere. I am avoiding my chores...window washing which I normally love. Hubby and I are isolating as much as possible here also. I think your poems are wonderful and a good representation of life as we are living it right now. Don't the best works of art and literature come from what we know.

  18. I'm definitely keeping a journal. It helps to go back and read what you were feeling when you are older. We are allowed to go for walks and bike rides, so that saves me. I am also busier than I have ever been growing food. It takes so much time, but is definitely worth it.

  19. Lovely poems and lovely poetry journal. You have made it so pretty! Isn't it fun?

  20. That's a great idea, you'll be able to look back on your poems and remember these strange days. Do you remember Amy from Love Made My Home? She doesn't blog anymore but on Instagram she puts photos of a sampler she's making, a motif a day, all dated. Such a good idea.

  21. Love your poetry! Especially about the mothers! You are so creative, stay safe and healthy everyone ☺

  22. Very nice poems. And you are a good poet. Hope you will get to see the new addition to your family. Have a great weekend.

  23. Those are very thoughtful you have a talent for expressing yourself. I love the creativity in your journals too. x

  24. I did enjoy reading your poems and your journal looks very nicely decorated.
    I keep a diary and make notes in it … I think we will all remember the year 2020
    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  25. I just love your poems, my friend! I agree that this period of our world is stressful and I wish we could go back, but we're going to have to hang in there and stay safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. I am also feeling just like you ! I want to go into a park and have a drink on a terrace, but restaurants and cafes are closed. I feel tired from doing nothing I think we will never forget this period of time we will even go into history books, for the first time the whole world is concerned and we live in all the more or less same rules ! I love your poems that's a nice memory also for your grandchildren !

  27. Such beautiful words my friend. Our country has opened way to fast and I am more fearful now of the virus because people do not seem to be taking it seriously anymore. Well that and my country has simply gone mad. Stay safe.

  28. Your poetry journal is a wonderful idea, Lorraine, and thanks for sharing the lovely words. I have not been keeping any sort of record of this time of shut-in, and thankfully we have been doing well. Of all the things I have/have not been doing, reading and keeping in contact with others has taken up much time and not time that i regret using for these purposes.

  29. Your poems are lovely. I'm not keeping a journal as every day is pretty much the same. I am doing an art challenge though. I found it in one of my art magazines. It's a 31 day challenge, draw an image upside down, one with non dominant hand, draw an image without taking the pen off the paper. I've dropped the 31 thing and just do one now and again. There's one called paint your day, so I will do that based around the lockdown. I'm also going to have a go at Grayson Perry's challenges.

  30. Your poems are wonderful...easy and enjoyable to read but with lots of meaning. I love reading them. Some days I feel a little down too and want things to be normal again. I don't keep a journal exactly, but jot down things on each page of my diet notebook. I try to write down what I eat each day and count the calories, but lately I've been slack doing that. Take care.

  31. You have written lovely poems!! I think we should keep record of this , at same time better to forget about this bad time, this COVID 19 will definitely has big impact on our lives.Take care.
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  32. Thanks for sharing your poems, Lorraine...they would be a valuable part of a time capsule, too. I somehow seem busy every day and yet less productive than I would like to be. Your industry inspires me. xx

  33. Your writing is beautiful. Stay safe!

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