Thursday 19 March 2015

Vintage Pattern

Thank you for your visit and wonderful comments.  A very warm welcome to new followers, I hope you find something of interest.  I am an avid collector of vintage patterns for all crafts and love to search for them wherever we visit.  I do use some of them but not all, I love to sit and browse through them wondering about their previous history.  I haven't done a post for a while on my collection of pattern so today I thought I would share a pattern that I bought on my last holiday.

I think this is quite an unusual pattern, but maybe not for those of you who live in the states.  It is a book by Pat Roberts, Craftstick and Clothespin.

It has 16 home décor projects suitable for all ages.
It suggests it would be suitable for schools, groups, camp and holiday bazaars.  Now that is a word I haven't heard in years, bazaar...
I have managed to obtain some old pegs...
I have the craftsticks ready...
All I need now is 2 little girls to come and play with Granny, hopefully they will be here for a visit at the weekend.  Have you any plans for the weekend?
Whilst the projects may be a little old fashioned I personally think it is about the quality time spent chatting rather than the end result.  The pattern was 50c and in my opinion money well spent, perfect for my collection and perfect to share with Lily and Daisy.
This week I was blessed and received a wonderful pattern from Miss over at for a stunning sea doll.  I intend to use the pattern to make two for the girls I have made a start but will save that for another post.
See you soon.


  1. What fun! I love those clothes pegs - where did you find them?

    1. I found them at a flea market whilst on holiday and bought them for $1 for about 50 of them of varying ages. The older ones I intend to keep for use in my craft room.

  2. That sounds like it will be great fun for everyone involved :) Enjoy, sweet friend! Hugs

  3. I'm with Stephanie, it sounds like great fun. And the pegs are a wonderful find.

  4. Oh I love making the clothespin dolls. I still sell them, when I do a farmer's market. I recently found a pack of old clothespins in a thrift shop. Your granddaughters will have lots of fun!

  5. I remember having clothespin dolls - I would make them with my Gran's old wooden pegs. Thanks for the memory.

  6. I loved to do crafts with my grandmother. Even though I only saw her a few days each year, those memories remain an inspiration. Your grandchildren are blessed to have you!

  7. Your granddaughters will have a wonderful time making the craft with you! You got a great buy on that pattern!

  8. Lovely post ... my grand'ma learnt me how to knit ... I was 5 yo !!! I like the pegs ... And congrats for the doll you have winned ... Have a great week end !

  9. The book looks great, will try and search it out on old book sites. Thank you. Woo xx

  10. I'll be seeing my daughter hopefully tomorrow :) Have a good weekend!!

  11. Cant wait to see the finished dollys :)