Tuesday 10 March 2015

Historic Downtown Kissimmee

Florida has so much to offer, much more than theme parks and beaches.  You would need to go on holiday for months to experience it all.  This holiday we tried to take in some of its history and took a walk to the historic town of Kissimmee.  As we parked the car the first thing that took our attention was a bench dedicated to the memory of Bette Sprinkle.

A short stroll brings you to the monument of States, an imposing monument with some amazing artefact embedded in the stone.

Another short stroll will bring you to a wonderful park and a garden of Rememberance.

A fitting tribute to the fallen and overlooking a beautiful lake with some amazing wildlife.  A walk around the town reveals some wonderful sculptures and a wonderful array of artwork on buildings.

The prices of the sculptures were out of my league but interesting to look at none the less.

I was impressed with the heart of steel, it spoke to me.

The art work certainly made for an interesting walk, as did the antique centre and the history of the hardware store.

Historic Downtown Kissimmee had lots to offer including a wonderful traditional diner which of course we had to try.
I had great fun last night sharing some of my holiday snaps with my parents and catching up with each other properly.  My father is now out of hospital, still a little frail needing extra care and medication but his spirits are good.  A busy day ahead catching up with some household tasks and then down to sit with Dad for a couple of hours, I still have lots of holiday adventures to share with him.  He has a passion for travel and loves Florida himself having visited many times, it is one of our favourite places to visit.  Have you got a favourite holiday spot?
See you soon.


  1. Very insteresting and instructive post ... thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure !! Glad your father 's feeling better .... Well, my favourite holiday spot currently is the Perigord (France)... a wonderful place to go and certainly to live in. Have a lovely day !

  2. What a great tour of the town. Obviously a lot to see and do! I am glad that your Dad is doing better, I hope that he keeps heading in the right direction. xx

  3. I've been to Florida only a couple of times. My daughter went to college in Pensacola and we visited her there. We loved it. If the trip wasn't so long we would have gone more often. Florida is beautiful!
    xx Beca

  4. What an interesting place with so much to offer. Thanks for the tour.

  5. So true that Florida has much more to offer than theme parks and you have done the state proud! Love this insight into the history of Kissimmee and that heart of steel was awesome!
    Thanks for sharing and glad your dad is doing better.

  6. Beautiful place with wonderful artefacts.. loved the art work at the wall. I bet you had a wonderful time visiting Florida. Have a wonderful day! cheers:)

  7. I love the paintings on the buildings. We have something similar here in our valley.

  8. you make me want to visit Florida! I've never been there as of yet but we have friends who moved down there last fall. So we have someone to visit :)

  9. What fun finding all those sculptures.