Tuesday 27 January 2015

Planning The Garden

Its that time of year again, time for planning the garden.  Reviewing notes made from last year and browsing garden magazines and books for inspiration.

We have a subscription for Grow Your Own magazine, the gift that keeps on giving from our daughter.  With that each month there is a free gift of seeds, so to that end we plan to use some of the seeds we already have and then add some plugs later on to ensure we get what we want.

I definitely want to establish a better and more varied herb garden and then hang them to dry for the winter months.  Now that we know what seeds we have available it makes it easier to make a plan and draw out the beds.
I still managed a couple of hours on the picnic throw and work on it is slow but steady.

My Grandson Wilbur is getting ready to go into his big boy bed and to that end has asked for a quilt for his bed.  He wants a Mickey Mouse themed bedroom, so my daughter has sent off for some fabric samples.  In the meantime I have sorted out some possibilities that would go with it.  I love spending time in the craft room sorting through fabric remembering the story behind each piece.

What fun and a great way to spend some time.  What do you do to whittle away a couple of hours?
See you soon.


  1. I really should be better organised in the garden, but it's too cold to think about doing anything outdoors. I admire anyone who is organised enough to start planning in January.
    How lovely to be able to make a quilt for your grandson.

  2. Your garden planning is more structured than mine. I haven't really done anything yet! X

  3. It's always so exciting to get new seeds, such promise! It's fun to think about Spring. I love looking at my yarns and fabrics. Lots of memories of past projects, ones I want to do and then I find a bag of yarn and I think what on earth was my plan for this ?!?! A quilt for your grandson will be so nice for him!

  4. I've got as far as looking out the window & dreaming of what I'd like my garden to look like come Spring - does that count? 😉
    A Mickey Mouse themed room sounds just the thing and those fabrics you picked will be perfect. Happy gardening & sewing! Xx

  5. love the fabribs you chose for the big boy bed!! He is going to love that quilt. Garden planning, oh my! I haven't even thought of it...

  6. Oh how fun to be panning the garden! We can't plant anything until the end of May here so I haven't even started thinking about gardening :)

    Enjoy your day, sweet friend. Hugs!

  7. Planning a garden in January is a sign of a true gardener! I am enjoying my dried herbs from last summer.
    And grandson knows who to ask for a quilt!what a fun project!

  8. I'd like to know how you go about drying herbs, I've never done it. Your gardening magazines look as if they'd provide a bit of inspiration. You've got me thinking about green beans and lettuces.

    1. I simply pick the fresh herbs in the morning once the dew has dried off them and tie them together at the stems. Simply hang them upside down to dry. Hope that helps.

  9. I think I get as much pleasure from planning my planting as I do from actually seeing it grow - always dreaming of squeezing a little bit more in! Love the quilt - what a lucky grandson you have x Jane

  10. Your garden will be wonderful this year I hope with all that great inspiration! xx

  11. garden planning has begun , along with garden kicking (the boys) and garden murder if they dont finish the greenhouse that has been half done for 3 years

  12. one of my favourite subject: the garden...
    show us more things!! what seeds will you put in your garden!!!
    Here we do not have garden magazines.. just one in fact and it is more decoration than garden, nothing to learn.
    I am looking forward to your garden plans.

  13. How wonderful to plan your garden and quilting too! I have never quilted but I keep thinking that some day I will try.

    Amy Jo

  14. Helo Lorraine

    What an exciting time you are going to have, and the anticipation of watching everything grow.

    You are making steady progresss with your quilt.

    Happy gardening and sewing.


  15. I'm looking forward to following both the quilt and the garden, both will be lovely I'm sure. How excellent to have these to look forward to.

  16. You are very well organized! I am afraid my garden is pretty much left to its own devices much of the time. Lovely to have a new project, looking forward to seeing the Mickey quilt in progress x