Friday, 16 January 2015

Out and About

We have had a break in the weather, the winds have died down and although gloomy in part the sun did try to show its face a few times.  Consequently, a quick change of clothes and a phone call to my Mum and a day trip was on the agenda.  A shopping trip to Boston, which is a town and small port further inland.  It is steeped in history as it is the town from which the pilgrims back in 1607 left and travelled to New England USA on the Mayflower.  It also has a beautiful church St Botolph's known as the stump, with one of the highest towers in England.

It was a market day but not as busy as usual so I did get a basket full of fresh vegetables.
We did have a tour of the sales, looking for trousers for myself as I have lost so much weight since been ill and having surgery but came back with nothing.  I was not tempted by anything which is unusual for me.  We had a lovely lunch at Tates, a well know fish restaurant.  Mum and my husband had fish, chips and peas which looked lovely and I had prawns in a seafood sauce with a baked potato.  The prawns were a delight but the potato as you can see left a lot to be desired, I should have sent it back really.
There was even a group of musicians for entertainment, so not a bad day out at all and some lovely time spent with my Mum.
All too soon our little adventure was over and it was back to reality.  A warm stove and our new hobby a jigsaw puzzle.

Who would have though a jigsaw puzzle could provide so much fun and entertainment.  I must add jigsaws to my list when I have a stroll around the charity shops.  We have no real plans for the weekend, just pottering.  Have you any plans?
See you soon.


  1. Boston looks lovely, I'll have to visit sometime when I'm over your side of the country. I'm a big fan of jigsaw puzzles and always keep a lookout for them in the charity shops.
    Weather permitting we're hoping to get out for a stroll through the pinewoods at Formby this weekend.

  2. A picturesque place for a day trip! We love jigsaws too and they are addictive! Just one more piece!

  3. looks like a fun outing and a fun place to visit, I'm glad the weather calmed down enough for you to be able to go out with your mom!!

  4. We had a family jigsaw a couple of years back and it was great fun. Thanks for reminding me! x

  5. What a glorious day to be out and about. Looks like you had fun :) Enjoy your weekend. Hugs!

  6. Looks like a fun day ! I have some jigsaws in my cabinet...but no plans to do for the weekend !
    Have a great weekend !

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I love those spur of the moment day's out, they always turn out to be the best ones :) No plans for the weekend, just a bit of pottering about at home.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. A lovely town, gorgeous river and nice to see SUN!, my tummy is rumbling now looking at those chips, chip shop chips are soooooo nice.
    Enjoy your jigsaw xx

  9. Boston looks lovely and nice to spend time with your Mum. Love jigsaws! Just some crafting for me this weekend, have a great one.

  10. Hello Lorraine

    A fabulous fun day and a day with your Mam, nothing better.
    The fish and chips looks so tempting but I think I prefer your baked potato.

    Your jigsaw reminds me that I saw the film at the cinema.


  11. I love Boston although I haven't been there to visit in years.
    Hugs and have fun with the puzzle.

  12. Hi Lorraine! I've never been to Boston. The sky looks so blue in your photos, I just posted about the weather here today and there was the same brilliant clear blue sky!!!

    Fish and chips, or potato and prawns sound great!!!

    My youngest daughter (mostly) and I (a bit) just finished doing a puzzle with lots of cats in the craftroom! It was a tricky one, heheh!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  13. My husband really enjoys jigsaws and can concentrate on them for hours. Your day out with your mum looks lovely. I've been to Boston in the US many times, someday I'd love to see the original one.

  14. Sounds like a lovely day out! I used to do a lot of jigsaws, they are very absorbing aren't they! xx

  15. I like your puzzle. I have one I would like to work on but it's too much of a struggle with my cat. She steals the pieces to play with. It looks like a nice outing with blue sky and sunshine.

  16. Oo, I love jigsaw puzzles and nearly bought one in the charity shop yesterday. I think buying trousers is a tricky job, so difficult to get them to fit satisfactorily. And do you know I had prawns in mayo on a jacket potato yesterday at a cafe, the potato was delicious but the prawns were tasteless and looked transparent with no meat, very strange, so I left them, I should probably have sent them back.
    Hope you have fun finishing the puzzle
    Caz cc

  17. Boston is beautiful so im told, my hubbys dad is American and he lived there for a while. Glad you had a nice time and hope your feeling better soon x

  18. oh what a lovely day. I love working on a puzzle too. Lately haven't been cause of the new kitten. Bob makes a mess of it. Hope to be back to it in a year or so.

  19. Looks like a fun day! And the weather so beautiful

  20. Looks like you had such a wonderful day!! My father in law is from Galway and his relatives that live there said the winds have been horrible. Glad that they're better now. I love the puzzle you're doing!! We just completed a puzzle recently and we were missing one piece. We're sure our kitten had something to do with it!! We did find it but at that point we had taken it apart. Oh well. Now I want to go out and buy another one!! : ) Have a beautiful day!! xo

    ~ Wendy