Thursday, 1 May 2014

Vintage Pattern

My choice of vintage pattern for this week brings back many childhood memories and also memories of when my own children were little.   The pattern is for a Blue Peter sweater.  Blue Peter is a British BBC children's show running since 1958, the year that I was born.  Does that make me vintage?

It gives the pattern for both a small galleon for junior sizes and a larger galleon for adults.
Although it has a nautical title and theme tune it is not a nautical show it is in fact a magazine type show.  A show still running today.  I used to love the arts and crafts (the makes) element of the show and still laugh at the "here's one I made earlier" catchphrase holding up a perfect example of whatever was about to be made.  Another of my childhood memories of the show was of Lulu the elephant messing on the studio floor, standing on John Noakes foot and then pulling its keeper off.  That clip is still shown today and still makes me smile.  My favourite presenter was Valerie Singleton, she was always so good on the makes.
My own three children used to sit and watch it every week and would always want to get involved in the makes and the garden.  My eldest daughter did get involved with a campaign to save the stars from light pollution.  There is not a lot I don't know about making things from old washing up liquid bottles and toilet roll inners.  Happy memories.
I never did get a Blue Peter badge, did you?


  1. No, I didn't get a blue peter badge, but my brother did and I was so jealous. I loved watching blue peter. I really like your bag with the knitting logo.
    Have a lovely day

  2. Hi there! I have never seen Blue Peter, but I do think the galleon design is fabulous! Thank you for visiting my blog, too.

  3. Gosh, that looks like a fiendishly difficult pattern!! xx