Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Birthday Memories

Remember these, beautiful birthday gifts from April.
Lily my beautiful Grandaughter gave me a kit to grow my own Lily.  Well, here it is now....
Doing quite well in the dining room window.  I had a wide selection of scrapbooking materials and a scrapbook, so I spent a nice couple of hours on it yesterday.

My very first completed scrapbook page.  Such a nice way to spend time reflecting and remembering times gone past and recording the special occasions.
I intend to put a book together of the children's artwork. You never know there may be a budding Van Gogh in my family, I'd better keep them away from the scissors.
Another crafting journey begins...yet another work in progress.
See you soon.


  1. Happy crafting with your lovely new project! xx

  2. You are gonna be busy !!!!!!
    Have fun !

  3. Looks beautiful mama. A really lovely page. Enjoy! X

  4. I love the name Lily and I think it is sweet that she gave you a Lily to grow.