Thursday 17 September 2020

Craft Update

The Covid  19 pandemic continues and I like many others are hearty sick of it, but (why is there always a but?) I will like everyone else suck it up and continue to abide by the current rules as they appear.  I do wonder how people find out about the changes who are not watching or listening to the news.  The new change in Scotland is only 6 people from 2 households to get together at any one time.  Not really any different for us to be fair, we have been slow coming out of shielding and are taking things slowly.  Apart from our trip to see family we don't go far.  We are homebirds anyway and enjoy each others company so no real hardship to stay at home a little more.

On a lighter note staying in the cottage has encouraged me to start a few more projects.  I have been trying my hand at painting and sketching.  I am enjoying the process but as yet I am not ready to share but I am sure I will in time.  I have been exploring different ways of recording prayers to have a much more visual approach.  Thus far it seems to be working and I have started a prayer journal and pray and relax painting in it.  I am hopeful that it will evolve and become a daily process.

Christmas is also a prime focus.  It is so nice to be able to make a few stocking fillers for the children and have made some wonderful crayon rolls for them.

I have filled each roll with age appropriate goodies and used fabrics that suit each child.

I have also made a notice board to match the storage bags made previously.  I picked up this cord fabric several years ago from a car boot sale and this is finally the end of the fabric.  It has been used for so many projects and was indeed a great bargain.

I first stapled some padding to a pre-cut board and then added the cord owl fabric and jute twine.

To tidy up the bag I added some hessian and then stapled on some twine for hanging.

I used the hot gun to glue some pre-cut owls to some pegs, making a wonderful matching set.  Storage bags, notice board and crayon roll.

In the same vain, thinking of Christmas stockings I have made a headband for our youngest Grandaughter, she is a big fan of a bow.

I have lots of ideas and will do a little each day to build up some little gifts but a good start has been made.  I enjoy the process the planning and the making.  The bonus is that it is giving me something to do to fill my days in these very strange times that we are living in.  Have you made a start on Christmas?  I must admit I do wonder what Christmas will look like this year if we are unable to get together with family.

As always I do thank you for your visit here to this blog and for your uplifting comments which are always appreciated.  Take care and stay safe in these very strange times that we are living in.

See you soon.


  1. You've made a great start. Having hobbies which we do at home has been great this year when we've been unable to travel far. I do like those little rolls, I have a similar one which I keep my crochet hooks in.

  2. I have made my postal Christmas presents, some marmalade but yet to do pickles.

  3. It's always a treat to see the lovely thing that you make. Christmas will be here before we know it and you will be filling Christmas stockings with all manner of home made goodies...bring it on.. :-)

  4. Good Morning Lorraine. Your bags, boards and crayon rolls are wonderful and sure to be a big hit with the children.
    Is the virus worsening again in your area? We are staying about the same around here. I have even ventured into a few shops because there are several things that I am consistently unable to get in my grocery pick-up orders. I was amazed at how many truly elder people, (80's & 90's), that were in the shops.
    I haven't started Christmas gifts yet as I have been busy with several summer/fall birthdays. Right now I'm on the first of several sweaters for Piper who will turn 8 on the 29th of September. I'm hopeful to finish one before her actual birthday and will send the other at a later time.
    Alex flew home to Japan on Tuesday. He has been in London for several months as he couldn't return to Tokyo as he isn't a citizen, just a permanent resident. They are being very careful of who they let into the country.
    Take care my dear friend and stay safe and well.

  5. Your presents for your grandchildren are lovely. Unfortunately my grandchildren are mostly teenagers so can't really make them anything. The boys are 15, 14,13 and 12, and my granddaughter is 9 and Disney princess mad. She also likes the Friends lego so that is what she will probably get for Christmas. I have already made financial contributions to my daughter's three boys as what they wanted is quite expensive so we have combined our money for them.

    Glad you are enjoying your home life.

  6. What lovely gifts. The children will enjoy these I'm sure. I have been so busy with viewings, no sewing has been done for a while. I have made some various jams and will do some more preserves to go in the food hampers I put together for our two children who have left home (well, Tam had, but came back). I doubt I will have time to sew much IF we are packing to move! I hardly dare think about that yet . . .

  7. I am glad you are well and keeping busy, you always make such lovely gifts. I have not made a start on Christmas I don't feel ready to let go of summer just yet. Take care. x

  8. We're also very much home bodies so have not suffered overly much with the restrictions.
    I like the crayon rolls that you made. They're perfect for youngsters and the fabric is so cheery too.

  9. I wish I had .0000001% of your crafting skill.I love the crayon rolls, wish I had grandkids to make things like that.

  10. What wonderful Christmas gifts you made.... America has different rues for gathering per state and there is no national guidelines...It is a mess... Praying our election in November for President will change that...
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for letting me know that you did by leaving a comment!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  11. Wow, gorgeous projects. You have been busy.

    God bless.

  12. Your grandchildren are very lucky! I adore those crayon rolls - I have 2 similar ones, one for crochet hooks and a 2nd for my fountain pens. I also worry that Christmas will be odd, but at least we're still able to spend time with our son, dil and grandsons so that is a good thing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Nice craft projects to make things for your grandchildren! I have bought a few items for Christmas gifts already. Staying at home again this week, mostly. A friend came over today to help me re-arrange my office area. Fri p.m. she's coming to help finish the job. I am able to move items. I did tire out when she left, so onto my laptop for a bit. Dinner, done! Back on laptop a bit. Hopefully rain appears, with NO lightning, please, Lord. I do have a prayer journal and My War Binder, which I write down prayer needs and scripture. Online, print out what pages are needed. I like it. I appreciate your prayers and comments on my blog posts!Hugs and blessings!!

  14. You are a great grandma because you make great gifts for your grandkids. Looks like it is going to be a quiet Christmas with the pandemic hanging over us.

  15. Such lovely gifts! I wish I was so creative and crafty like you!

  16. Well done, you've made some great Christmas things, I love that owl fabric. What would we do without our craft making! Looking forward to seeing your artwork.

  17. Lovely and useful gifts from proud and loving grandma !
    Covid still bothering us....
    Have a quiet and cozy weekend !

  18. You have a lovely lot of fabric and accessories for your makes. I particularly like the covered board with the pegs to hold notes. You have many creative ideas and I admire your crafting skills. Rearranging furniture, cooking and other home projects are my therapeutic activities at the moment. Trying to stay positive is my aim each day during these challenging times. Thank you for your blog friendship. Have a nice weekend.

  19. I think I'll make a Christmas batch of soap today. I have the molds and ingredients. Your gifts look lovely. They are so personal and thoughtful.

  20. I need to start focusing on the holiday gifts soon. Love what you've created and I don't know if they have changed any rules around here, it would be on the local news if they did.

  21. Oh my goodness, all that you made is so cute! I have started buying local hand mades. That is my goal this year, make it or buy from someone who can.

  22. I think soon we need special University courses to learn the different Coronavirus rules, in Belgium we live in "bubbles" of 5 people that means one houshold is allowed to invite a bubble ! Now if the it's a recomposed family which children of both sides I don't know how the bubble works if you count you children and grandchildren ! As I have no family here I don't care about the bubbles and invite my friends who do the same. We follow the rules, masks, handwashing and distance and that's it ! I don't think about Christmas at all ! Anyway the way it's celebrated now I hate nobody wants gifts they all want money to buy the gifts themselves. Even my grandson nearly 10 prefers that I order it on internet because the books he reads are in Dutch, so he sends me a list with the Webside and the references ! When I see the cute bows you made and how lovely are all the things you make for Christmas ! I loved Christmas as a child and also when our son was a child. Since my son has married a Dutch girl, who never had celebrated Christmas it all changed a bit, although my son tries to keep the German traditions alive.

  23. Such lovely gifts you have made.
    With Covid 19 still around I'm not too sure what Christmas will be like this year, we shall have to wait and see what happens.

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  24. I've been thinking about Christmas gifts too! I love making homemade gifts. I already have my gifts planned out for my mother and mother-in-law. I am also going to be sewing some sweet little fat-quarter bags for Luke's three girls. I was thinking about putting some coloring books in them and your crayon rolls gave me another idea. I think with the extra fabric I will make those little crayon rolls! So fun!

    Love seeing all of your pretty projects!


  25. Even before this coronavirus, you were amazing at making crafts. You are so creative and put together the cutest things. I have not done the first thing as far as Christmas is concerned. Maybe I will re-read your post and get inspired. I LOVE the crayon wraps and message boards you've made.

  26. youre so very creative. i love all your handmade crafts

    Nice blog, by the way. Let's connect. I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back! Thanks :)

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

  27. Your bulletin board is really cool, and could be used in so many ways, even as a place to hang old photos. Thanks for posting. Phil/MN

  28. I agree with the others who commented, Lorraine, that seeing the gifts you make whether house-bound or not is wonderful. I am sure that the grandchildren and others really appreciate that they were homemade, which sadly so few others do these days. We do not make Christmas gifts and this year will most likely send $ or gift cards. years ago, I would have fun shopping but things have changed so this year I will not try to run around for anything. My enjoyment will be in writing holiday cards as my list seems to expand yearly. I write notes in each card so it does take awhile and I do not start until November. Like yourselves, we are OK staying home and taking all necessary precautions when out and about. Since we are not traveling to visit family and friends who live in different states, we are taking local walks and day trips now.

  29. I like your Christmas gifts! I'm also trying to look ahead to better times. I saw a WWII a while back and they kept saying 'it will be over by Christmas'. I wish.