Friday 24 April 2020

Keeping Busy

We are managing to keep ourselves busy and have family and friends who keep in touch with us so are a wonderful distraction.  For that I am thankful, I wonder about the isolation on so many who have no one and the effect this must have on their mental welfare.  We are blessed and are grateful.  We stood outside last night at 8 along with millions of other around the UK and clapped for our key workers.  It was such a feeling of unity, united in our appreciation.  Long may that appreciation last when this is all over.  Talks have started about strategies for coming out of this lockdown, I fear our expectations may be a little too high, but I am hopeful for some normality.

In the meantime our normal goes on...

With a walk along the front of the cottage to keep the plants watered.  I love the dappled sunlight and the shadows, watching me, watching you!

We have added some violas and pansies which should give some early colour, hopefully.

The potatoes have done well and are getting to the stage of poking through the soil, ready for some more earth very soon.

We have cleared all the weeds and rubbish from the herb tyres. They look really healthy and are coming back now with gusto.  I am so pleased.

Mint, I showed you this before.  It is prolific and has spread around the outside of the tyre.  Not to worry, another job to add to the list.

The chives and parsley are also outside in tyres and have come back and growing well.  The sunshine here this past week, have given them a spurt.  It is a real delight to see their great comeback.

We have transplanted 6 tomato plants into grow bags in the garden room, we are hopeful.  The tomato seedlings have been a little disappointing thus far but we haven't given up yet.  We have done well with the spring onions seeds, they are almost ready for potting on.

In the house all is clean but not always tidy.  The windows have been done this week both inside and out .  It was quite the challenge when the sun was on them.  Vinegar worked really well on those stubborn smears.  We have a machine, which really does save all the hard work.  The windows are done in seconds, worth every penny.

The front lobby has had a bit of a change around with a new valance curtain made and a couple of chairs added so that they can be lifted into the front garden to sit.  The original chair that was in there has been given a makeover.  A coat of paint and a new seat.

I am working on a new wreath for the door.

A rag wreath that is looking quite shabby at the moment, I am hoping that it will improve as I go along. 

I am getting quite inventive with food, replacing one ingredient for another.  I am concerned at times that we are over eating, particularly as I had done so well losing a little weight.  I am keeping away from the scales.  Time will tell on that one.  The store cupboard is going down....

The weather is due to change again on Sunday with a forecast of rain.  So it is my intention to catch up with my journal and card making.  I also have several sewing projects that need doing.  I have plenty to occupy my time and for that I am extremely grateful.  I still have ample supplies so all is well.

I hope that you are all managing to keep busy and that you are able to keep in touch with family and friends.  I thank you for your visit here and your uplifting comments.  Take care and stay safe in these uncertain times.

See you soon.


  1. The plants in your garden are doing very well. Currently, I have chives in my garden waiting to be harvested. We appreciate the sacrifice of the key workers during this pandemic crisis. Stay safe.

  2. The gardens will welcome a good soak with rain won't they. It's been so hot and dry for weeks. Even I am starting to wilt a bit. My chives are doing well and I have a lovely peppermint plant that we though had died. I am chuffed to bits to see it coming back. It makes lovely mint tea. Have a lovely weekend and please stay safe. x

  3. Oh, you truly have been the busiest one! How nice to clap for the workers like that. We owe them so much gratitude. Your plants and garden look so nice. When I saw your mint, I have a little story for you. I had planted some mint in the backyard around a tree. We had a little Boston Terrier dog and when I would let her out in the backyard, she would run over to the mint and take a bite of it, chew it up and run around in circles! It was a hoot! I pray you keep yourself safe. Thank you for your visit.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. You're certainly keeping yourself busy. It's so nice to have some good weather whilst we're all stuck at home, and it's a blessing to have a garden so that we can enjoy it, in between getting a few jobs done.

  5. Love the fabric you chose for the chair...really cool. Glad that you have some nice distractions. I have a few, not enough.

  6. Thanks for the tour outside your home, Lorraine. Several of our friends are also keeping busy with yard and garden projects so there should be a lot of beautiful yards to admire when we can finally be out and about more. We are also making do with supplies in our pantry and limiting big shopping trips to a week and a half apart. We can walk to a couple of nearby places for milk or small items and the exercise is good too. The moose chair fabric was very nice.

  7. I enjoyed the tour of your garden and the lobby of your home too. It sounds as if you and Gerard have been keeping busy as usual. All of your plants are doing so well. I haven't even planted one thing because we aren't allowed in garden stores here.
    I need to do another online grocery order but some things I need aren't available online, like pasta, rice and hand soap. I may have to actually go into the store and I really don't want to do that.
    I have ordered fabric online for 4 dresses that should be here early next week. That will keep me busy except that I can't find interfacing anywhere and I'm out.
    Take care my dear friend.

  8. Your garden is real nice ! I have a terrible lack of energy ! since we are confined, I just do nothing anymore, I am not motivated at all ! Only for writing, that works !

  9. You have a lovely amount of plants growing!!!! So nice to see. And veggies too!

    Too cool here, for much planting, but our family next door, has done some.

    Funny weather. Sunny, then rainy, cool, etc., etc., etc. Spring will come, when it will come. -smile-

    We have to open soon!

  10. Another one here who enjoyed your tour. You certainly sound to be keeping busy (we are here, from necessity, as there are SO many jobs to get on with!)

    Your tomatoes are HUGE compared with ours. Tam has been using Russian tomato seed so I am guessing the wee yellow cherry tomatoes from Siberia wouldn't normally get started even in April! They catch up though, which is cheering to hear.

    The chair looks lovely painted white and with that pretty material on the cushion. I have to get back to painting the old dressing table we bought at auction for Gabby - perhaps tomorrow.

    Our mint escaped and now grows right across the paddock!! Totally feral.

  11. You have done wonderful things during this time. I find I am working more because I am in a medical office. I've had my time at home. For now, I'm doing what our family needs.

  12. Such a lovely post, I did enjoy the tour of your garden and the lobby of your home.
    Many thanks for taking time to take and share the photographs.

    Wishing you a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  13. I liked seeing all your lovely plants in pots lined up against the house. I meant to have less pots this year but as usual I didn't stick to my resolution.

  14. Everything looks so green and healthy. I love your chair and cushion. It sounds like you are doing well.

  15. It all looks fantastic - this time of year is so beautiful and so exciting with all the new growth and promise of good things to come.

  16. Rain or shine you and your husband keep busy with your homemaking. I'm glad that you have some labour-saving devices such as the machine for cleaning windows. That job can be quite an undertaking. Your herbs look healthy and your seedlings are coming on nicely. All the best for a peaceful weekend whatever you're doing.

  17. I love your finished chair and the fabric you have chosen is perfect. There are always plenty of jobs, both in and out of the house, to keep us busy at this time of year. The garden is looking great. X

  18. Fantastic you're doing a great job with all those plants and projects. I'm interested to hear you have a window cleaning machine. I can never get our windows completely smear free whatever I use. The idea of pressing a button and they're all done sounds wonderful!

  19. The plants look great, I wish to have a garden like you! Stay safe and healthy everyone ☺

  20. It's good to keep busy, your flower pots and herb tyres look wonderful and the seedlings too. The refurbished chair looks good as do the little chairs for outside. Have a good weekend:)

  21. Easy to keep busy out of town.
    And with sunshine it's a joy !
    Take care !

  22. I envy your garden. Although I have a few flowers that return yearly, I usually fill pots with flowers, veggies and herbs. I don't want to go to the store to buy these at this time, so I have a feeling my pots will stay empty this year. Your updated chair is very pretty. I like the fabric. Enjoy the weekend.

  23. Glad you are keeping busy and getting a peep of sunshine. Jo x

  24. So glad you are both dong well keeping busy during this time of so much stress. Stay well my dear friend.

  25. Keeping busy is so important to all of us and our well being. I'm so glad you have many interests. Finding joy in gardening is evident at your home. Stay well, my friend.

  26. You have been busy! Your plants are looking so pretty. I did get ten tomatoes plants in the ground. It has been cool and cloudy here again today...just doesn't seem like gardening weather. I am so disgusted with myself. I had lost fifteen pounds by December of last year. Today I have gained fourteen of those pounds back. :( Hope things get back to normal soon, for all of us. Love, Henny

  27. Looks like you have been keeping busy too!! Your plants look great. i can not plant anything until the 3rd week of May for fear of frost... But I am sure looking forward to doing so!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  28. Things are starting to bloom here, which is a bit of a miracle with all the spring snow we've had... another bit is expected tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see your rag wreath... I've never heard of one.

  29. Your plants are nice. Megan enjoys bringing in parsley for our pizza this evening as I needed to add a bit more things since the meat was sparser than I thought. I need to keep on cleaning. I like your chair. Another thing to do is finish hem on a curtain to put up in dining room. Have a blessed week!

  30. A garden is a real blessing at this time. Yours is so pretty.

  31. When I read what you have all done I am tired ! The lockdown makes me so lazy it's horrible, not only me my friends have the same symptoms ! Do you know that the hand clapping for the nurses and doctors started in Italy long time ago, because they were the first and most heavily hit country in Europe. as they most have beautiful voices (except my husband who sings wrong) There were lot of beautiful songs too, sang from balcony to balcony ! Very touching when we have seen that for the first time. It's nice that it swapped over to other countries here too each evening at 8 pm.

  32. I think your tomatoes look very healthy.. Beautiful herbs. I just purchased French Sorel and have never grown it before, nor eaten it for that matter.. Gonna try it.
    I watch our grand children a few days a week. Someone has too. We are careful and so is Mom and Dad. They both like my husband are keeping jobs and Thankful for that. Just have to be careful. Take precautions. I remember growing up and if we were sick or had the slightest cough, we were not allowed outside and had to stay in til well. Now kids go to school sick. Not good. Mom always reminded us to keep our hands out of our face and keep hands clean. That got lost along the way until now. Maybe people will go back to being cleaner, who knows? Take care and stay well, Betsy

  33. Your garden is doing very well.

    God bless.

  34. thank you for the garden tour! it's been raining so much that little can be done outside without getting soaked. This whole week is another one!

  35. You have been busy, everything is looking good.

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