Saturday, 22 February 2020

Yet Another Storm

Another day, another storm.  The past few days have been trying to say the least as one storm disappears another one arrives.  This time, this storm has no name but it has arrived with a vengeance.  Gale force winds with intermittent rain.  Downpours with almost horizontal rain would be more precise.  Snow was predicted for last night but thankfully this did not materialise here on our little Island although I understand there has been plenty on the mainland.  There was a mild frost with signs of a hail storm but nothing too serious.  I smiled as I looked out of the window to admire the green shoots poking through.  Daffodils making there entrance wowing us with their beauty and determination whatever the weather.

Wood has been chopped and our store cupboard is full so we are thankful.  Once again the ferry is either cancelled or disruptions expected.

The hens are roaming around at the moment but scuttle back into there cosy home as soon as the wind picks up.  They are a joy to watch and so much fun.  They are all still laying so eggs have been plentiful all winter and for that we feel truly blessed.

I do take some eggs to my neighbours on a Saturday and call in the local store for anything we need for the weekend.   There are no stores open on a Sunday as this Island still practices observance.  We actually quite enjoy this and don't find it difficult but I am sure there will always be some that would like change.

I have a carrot and sweet potato soup all ready just in case there is a power cut.  A loaf of mixed seed bread has just come out of the bread making machine.  It smells delicious and is always a temptation for me but I am trying to be strong and resist for a little longer.  Until it cools and can be cut a little thinner anyway.

Finally, an orange cake made and some fairy cakes ready for visitors after church tomorrow.  I used Tesco's Italian Mixed Peel which is a mixture of glace lemon and orange peel, perfect for the topping.

As always I do thank you for you visit and your comments.  I do hope the weather is behaving a little better where you are.  A warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life. 

Just to reassure those that asked we do have mobile phones with us and never put ourselves in any danger when wandering around.

See you soon.


  1. Storm Ellen was mentioned a few days ago but not since. Has been continually windy here for the past few days. Last night was so noisy! All windows shut and am looking forward to having them open again.

  2. Your food looks amazing! Kudos to the ladies for keeping up on your egg supply.

  3. A cozy home and good food ! A perfect plan for the weekend !
    Here we have 21ºc and a beautiful sunshine ! Not for long ;(
    Take care !

  4. Your bread and soup look utterly delicious, lucky visitors tomorrow. Your girls are beautiful - are they Maran?

    It certainly is one storm after another at present, so I hope you stay safe. XX

  5. We've got a storm here too, there's just no let up at the moment. I think the kitchen is the best place to be, especially when such delicious goodies are rustled up in it.

  6. Good Morning Lorraine and Gerard. It's lovely to hear your report and to know that you're both doing well. I watched a podcast the other day and the lady lives in England somewhere. Her weather is exactly as you described and she videoed it. Rain sideways, hail, wind. It was crazy. I'm glad you have plenty of food and provisions. Your visitors are lucky to have such wonderful treats waiting for them.
    Yesterday I made roast chicken, homemade buttermild biscuits, an onion and zucchini dish and potatoes. It was wonderful and satisfying on a cold night. Our weather has been lovely all week though with blue skies and temperatures warm for February in the 40's F.
    Take care my dear friend and try to stay warm and dry.

  7. Almost unbelievable! -sigh- More storms. But of course, I do believe you!

    Excellent that you always have your phones with you, when out and about.

    Here, we have a week of sun. But with cold temps and some wind. And our temps go up and down. Never too far up, yet though.

    I put a Spring-look on my blog. But not because it looks like Spring here! I just wanted a softer and prettier look. -smile-

    Stay safe!

  8. The first few daffodils are such a joy, especially during a wet, windy season.

  9. It's always nice to have new about your Island. You sure do get a lot of wind. It's nice to see daffodils. We still have snow here. Stay safe and warm .

  10. Another storm,, but you’re well prepared and those girls keep laying eggs,, you’ll be fine,, keep warm, springs coming,, so they tell me lol,,,

  11. Your little flock look in really good condition, happy girls! (I still miss ours.) I have just been catching up on your previous post and enjoying all that wonderful sea air - simply beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. It's a good job you're so organised with all your tasty treats and the hens aren't put off laying by the storms.

  13. I remember when Sunday was such a lovely quiet day. We were not allowed out to play on Sundays and there were no shops open. Wednesday used to be half day and again shops were closed. Some of the old ways were good weren't they?
    Those cakes look yummy. lol

  14. Your Daffodils are very determined to grow in spite of the wicked weather you've been having.
    Seeing your lovely hens always makes me want a few of my own. While at the feed store this morning
    ( buying chicken grit to use when I re-pot my succulents when the weather warms up) there was a variety of chicks a few days old under heat lamps tempting poor souls such as I to bring a few home. Unfortunately our by-laws strictly forbid them in town. But OH they were adorable.
    Stay safe and warm.

  15. Hi Mamasmercantile!

    we have also storms and flood here! It's scary! How blessed are the hens who lay eggs!
    The carrot and sweet potato soup is scrumptious! I love soups a lot maily in the winter!
    The orange and fairy cakes are delicious!

    Sandra xXx

  16. I do hope you get a break from the storms soon. Seems like the weather has been strange everywhere this winter. That bread sounds delicious...and as usual your cakes do too. Take care.

  17. See daffodils bloom always make me happy. Love them cut and brought in the house for the table.
    bread and cake looks so good. I know it taste good too.

  18. Lovely to see your daffodils and the lovely hens and their eggs too. Yesterday was bad here around lunch time with winds howling around the house and swaying the trees. It's good you are always prepared for whatever the weather brings your way:)

  19. Looks like you are well and truly ready for whatever comes your way. I have seen pictures on the news of the devastation caused by the floods in the UK and it looks apocryphal almost.

  20. Oh my this all sounds so lovely. I enjoy my chickens as well, only they aren't blessing me with that many eggs. Soup, bread, cakes...yum!

  21. We have had a whole lot of rain here, but almost no winter weather. Your baking looks yummy. Great cold weather food.

  22. Aren't Daffodils amazingly brave and encouraging to see? One year when we lived in upstate NY I remember looking out on our snow-filled front yard and seeing our Daffodils in bloom...up to their necks in snow! I am so glad you are able to be warm and cozy and safe. xx

  23. I'll be glad to see an end to this stormy weather. It won't be long until the daffodils are out here but I'm relieved they are not in flower just yet, as they would have been destroyed in the strong winds. X

  24. After a couple of weeks of sub-zero temperatures we finally had a nice, sunny and warm day. It actually reached 50 degrees today! The prediction for next week is for temps in the forties and no precipitation!

  25. Glad your safe and snug. Hope the weather settles soon. X

  26. How nice that your hens have been laying all winter. I have plenty of eggs from my Silkie, too. Your baking looks delicious!

  27. I'm glad to hear you're all stocked up and safe from the storms. We had several sunny days and now some rainy ones. But all is well here. Your lemon bread looks divine!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. Glad to read that you are snuggled right up and safe.

    The weather here since last the 13th has been just lovely. I hope it stays that way.

    God bless.

  30. The weather here has also been constant wind and rain, one storm after another. Although we didn't get any power outage or flooding we were without phone or internet for 11 days. Yesterday a brave Openreach chappie climbed the pole opposite ours and reconnected us and about 3 or 4 of our neighbours. It was a bit of a nuisance, but we didn't complain considering what some poor folks have had to endure during these storms. Best, Jane xx

  31. I wish you were my neighbor so I could get free eggs! Your daffodils are way ahead of ours. I don't think they are even sprouting yet!!

  32. Oh, how hard it is to resist cutting into a loaf of warm-from-the-oven bread, then slathering it with butter and honey. You are a strong woman!
    Your daffodil clumps are going to reward you with beautiful flowers soon! I hope the storms abate. We had another one yesterday, too, with power outages in some areas of town. Ours stayed on!

  33. I'm glad your stores are closed Sunday. We need to have a day of rest to get ready for the week to come. En joy your posts. Phil

  34. That soup looks delicious ...

    Lovely to see the hens and all those eggs ...

    All the best Jan

  35. We've have so much rain here too. I love getting farm fresh eggs. Stay snuggled up. Happy Thursday.

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