Tuesday 18 February 2014

Tuesday Treasures

The pattern I have chosen to showcase this week is the 1974 McCall's Antique Quilts heirloom collection 1840-1930.  The original price was $1.25 and I purchased it for $1 not much difference in price after 40 years.  Once again it was bought at Renningers Mount Dora, but this time from the flea market.  It was a lady from South Carolina who wintered in Florida, how wonderful is that.

The patterns inside are a delight, for example this turn of the century Amish quilt they suggest can be made with fabric strips or ribbons.

 There was also a magnificent example of Victorian crazy quilting.  Made with luxurious bits of fabric, joined with embroidery in a kaleidoscopic design.  A beautiful feast for the eyes.  All the embroidery instructions were also included.

Another favourite of mine is this four wide winged eagle appliqué quilt.  Apparently eagle quilts were also known as Union quilts.  All the instructions from start to finish were included as were the eagle appliqué instructions.

Not bad for $1 and with many more years of enjoyment left in it. 

Another more recent find was postcards whilst at my daughters at the weekend.  What does 20p buy you these days?  My answer would be a wonderful piece of history.

20p each bought me these beautiful postcards which I intend to make into a display for my craft room.

First up is this delightful birthday greetings card it still has the penny red stamp on it, posted in 1926.  A treasure in so many ways.

On to a brothers birthday posted in Hackney in 1934, in pristine condition it was obviously treasured.  A delight in more ways than one.

It never ceases to amaze me what you can find.......


  1. I have a collection of vintage postcards which my grandma gave me and there are some corkers. I have some embroidered ones from the first world war and some similar to yours with the tinted photographs on. I especially like the ones of women in long line swimsuits that I have. Great post. Jo x

  2. Those postcards are absolutely beautiful!!!! I am going to make it a point to start fleaing and rummaging again this spring. I missed it for the most part last season. : ( Have a blessed day!!! xo

    ~ Wendy