Sunday 23 February 2014

Seed Update

I thought I would start by giving an update on the progress of my seeds .

The deep red of the beetroot is recognizable straight away.  The beetroot last year was a great success, we had such a good crop last year I was able to pickle several jars.
The broad beans are just starting to poke through, we grow them in pots on the patio.  Not a big crop but enough to give me several dinners.
Tomatoes is a bit of an experiment for this year, we will grow some in the green house and a tumbling variety in baskets off the back fence.  We did do well last year but did however end up with a glut of green tomatoes.  It did make for a rather nice cucumber and green tomato relish.

The broccoli is going great guns.
 The herbs are doing really well also.  We grow a wide variety of herbs so that we can make pots up of mixed herbs for gifts for family and friends.

Another  update, we had a little visitor this weekend who has tried out the new makes.  They seem to have gone down rather well.

Thank you for all your lovely comments, it really is appreciated.  Have a good week.


  1. I don't think there's another activity that fills me with more hope than planting and tending seeds. Such an exciting time! We will be getting started this weekend.

  2. Seeing the first seedlings come up is so satisfying isnt it? Exciting seeing the little white/ green hooks come though!
    I have yet to sow anything here, but may well do next week as the greenhouse is getting nicely warmed up!

  3. Look at your little seedlings already. So wonderful!! I love the beetroot!! What an adorable little visitor you had. You've been a busy lady!! Have a beautiful day!! xo

    ~ Wendy