Sunday 26 January 2014

Working Together

I have had quite a busy few weeks crafting for the fairs, fulfilling orders, the wedding (exciting times) and opening a shop.  My main priority for the moment is to take better photographs and be more competent on the computer, one small step at a time.

I have enjoyed working with my husband on a couple of projects, one of them was a small stool stripped and painted and then using a library green ink stamped.  I think it looks really cute and is a useful thing to have in a kitchen/bedroom to rummage in all those hard to reach places.

Several stamps were used so it looks a little like decoupage - it makes quite the statement.
Next up is a selection of mini noticeboards - ideal for the office/kitchen.  Brilliant for business cards or memos.  They were made using picture frames, wadding, fabric and natural twine.  Finished off with some mini pegs.  Not forgetting the hessian for the backing.

 I have another 4 ready that are Cath Kidston floral print fabric that are waiting to have the hessian stitched onto the back.  Too cute for words.

Have a great Sunday.