Thursday 23 January 2014

Vintage Patterns

I have a very large collection of vintage patterns from both America and the UK.  I have a collection of sewing patterns, knitting patterns and crotchet patterns each with there own thrilling story of where they were found/brought.  Each week I intend to showcase a pattern and share the joy of my collection.

My first pattern is a knitting pattern given to me by my mother which she apparently knitted for me and my elder sister as babies so is pre 1956 and cost 6d in the old money.  It is a pattern for 3 quickerknit cardigans - inside the pattern it states you must use quickerknit to be sure of a successful result.  I personally think it is a pattern that is timeless, you could knit these up today in double knitting and finish them with a modern button.  I have a personal connection to this pattern so it one of my favourites, I particularly love the fact that it is black and white.

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