Thursday 30 January 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Rain, more rain and then more rain seem to be the order of the day, so I have had a stew on the stove all morning, slowly cooking away and bread in a bread maker.  It certainly makes for a beautiful warming lunch on a horrible wet day like today.

 The stew was made with stewing steak, onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, swede and potatoes.

We dream of the day when we have enough land to grow all our own vegetables and maybe have a chicken or two.  We do have a small vegetable patch at the moment, which we have had some success with.  We are looking to do some in pots and small containers this year but are still doing the research.  Our herb containers have been amazing, I have even had some success drying them out.  We had a lot of lavender plants free with something so I have even dried out the lavender.  I intend to make some lavender bags/pillows with it.

Back to the pile of books and plans for the garden this year.


  1. There's nothing better then a hot meal of homemade soup and bread on a rainy/snow day!! It looks delicious!!! : )

    Thank you so much for asking about Connor!! He's doing very well and is looking forward to starting his classes so that he can meet more people. He's very happy with his suite mates. Not fond of the bitter cold weather but happy otherwise. This Mama couldn't ask for anything more!!!! : ) xoxo