Monday, 20 January 2014

Back to Normal

Everything is back to problem with the camera or the computer just a learner operator.  My daughter has now written out a step by step guide for us to follow, time will tell.  My daughter and husband bought there own home about a year or so ago and have been doing it up bit by bit.  They have just given the bathroom a makeover.  She bought a load of white towels in the sales, some Cath Kidston fabric, a Cath Kidston duck towel, a blue polka dot duck and set me to work.  Here are the results.

Quite effective I thought.
I wasn't able to show you the photos on my last post, so here they are now

I had a lot of odd beads that I had bought from a car boot sale that I attached to the tassels, which I though was very effective.


  1. One very grateful daughter here - absolutely delighted with the towels, which have helped to give the bathroom a new lease of life!