Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Nordic Noir Shawl

Well we are certainly not having the high temperatures the rest of the country are enjoying.  In fact, I am back to wearing a cardigan/jumper.  Whilst the mainland is basking in sun and enjoying the temperatures of the Summer season it feels like Winter here.

I was able to finish the crochet aspect of a shawl last night.  It was a joy to work on as it kept me warm.  All that is needed  for it to be finished, are three tassels to be made for the points and blocked.  I love the simplicity of the pattern and the neutral colours means it will go with anything.

The pattern describes it 'as just the right size for bundling up in and works with the seasons, morphing from clement-weather cardigan to Narnia-winter thick scarf '.

The shawl is made in one piece from the top down, worked in rows to form a triangle.  Its almost cold enough to wear it now.

The stitches need to be opened and a better drape will be achieved when it has been blocked but I am very pleased with the outcome of this make.  A start has already been made on another one.

As I am typing this I have glanced up out of the window and once again it is raining.  I am hoping it will pass over very quickly.  We had planned to take a picnic lunch out with us today.  Gerard has a hospital appointment with a Consultant and we had hoped for another little tour.  A car picnic will be just as much fun, I love watching the sea whatever the weather.

As always I thank you for your visit here to this blog and for your uplifting comments.  Have you any plans for today?

See you soon.


  1. Beautiful shawl. I like the colour. It is still very warm here. Have a great new week!

  2. Very nice. I am afraid my crochet skills are limited to squares. Still, I only learnt last year and have almost forgotten again!

  3. It's beautiful and it will be perfect to drape around your shoulders seeing as the weather isn't so good there. We had beautiful sunshine on Saturday but it's been very overcast and really quite blustery since.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours you chose they really would work with anything. I am a great lover of shawls and have several in my collection.

  5. This shawl looks so pretty, perfect for colder days:)

  6. Lovely shawl !!!! Perfect for cold nights !!!
    Have a nice picnic in your car ;)
    Plan for today ? Make jam...

  7. That shawl is gorgeous! I’m just sorry that it is cold enough to use it right now. May the weather improve!

  8. Lovely shawl. You do nice work. Nice and cozy for the cool evenings. It's starting to warm up here and finally feels like Summer.

  9. Looks like your shawl turned out beautiful and that it would be so comfy and warm to wear in your cooler weather.

  10. A picnic in the car looking at something beautiful is still a picnic the shawl came out lovely, the colors will go with anything. It is such a simple joy to move the hook and make something lovely. I'm so glad that I crochet. It is part of me now. I'm still working on the scarf, slowing down and enjoying the process.

  11. Your shawl looks delightful. I love the colours. Actually we haven't been basking in sunshine here. It's actually been very windy and quite cool, not that I mind to much as I find the heat wearying. We really do need a good downpour though. Best, Jane x

  12. A shawl is a good thing to have at hand almost any season. It's cloudy and raining here today, too, and I'm wearing a light sweater. Your shawl is very pretty. I hope the weather clears for your picnic.

  13. Love everything about this shawl! The name. The colors. Everything. -happy sigh-

    Sorry for your weather. It would be so nice to have a car picnic and look at the ocean. Best of luck to him, with his appointment.


  14. Fortunately you have this artcraft hobby with knitting and crocheting. My hobby is writing so my Blogs became my hoppy and push me out of the house to hunt for photos !

  15. Your shawl is so pretty. I love the colors. Neutral shawls are so useful. I'm sure you will wear that one all the time. I am blogging today, and would like to return to the beach.

  16. I love the shawl, it looks so warm and cozy, and it sounds like your weather is as chilly as ours.

  17. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  18. Good Morning Lorraine and Gerard. Your new shawl is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and the "cushiness" of it. I'm sorry it is cold there. We had to turn our air conditioning on for the first time on Sunday, but it's off again today. I much prefer having the windows wide open. Highs are supposed to be around 76F today and that's perfect to me. We don't have the humidity in the air like a lot of the country does and I love snuggling down in the blankets at night. It's almost always cool enough for a blanket or two.
    Praying for a good appointment and for good news.

  19. What a wonderful finish to that shawl.. it does look so comfy and cozy.. I hope you'll model it for us. I'm sorry for your cold especially if the island near you is warm.. no fair! We have had fair weather but then last night the sky turned black and we had thunder and lightning and a downpour. I hope your summer returns! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. that is such a pretty pattern, I love it and those colours will go with everything. Hot and very humid here in SOuthern Ontario, Canada.

  21. Very pretty and just what you need to keep you cosy.

  22. Your shawl is lovely and just right to slip round your shoulders when the weather is cooler. Hope your husband's appointment went well. I always enjoy sitting in the car with a sandwich and drink watching the world go by:)

  23. Your shawl is beautiful. I do like the neutral colors. It is hot here in New York. We've been watching the Women's World Cup and know that most of Europe has been having extremely hot weather. I don't know whether you should be grateful for the cool weather or wishing for the heat. I hope the rain cleared up and you enjoyed a picnic lunch.

  24. Your shawl looks lovely, perfect for cooler days.

    All the best Jan

  25. beautiful!! I would gladly bottle up the heat and humidity we are having and send it over to you :)

  26. PS Meant to say - hope Gerard's hospital appointment goes well.

    All the best Jan

  27. Your shawl is very cozy looking! Is it for you? It gets cool in the evenings still. Cloudy days. Worked 3 days this week. Off Thursday it's Indepence day is the USA! Found time to water potted plants last evening as its been dry here. Water more this evening. Have a great rest of your week!

  28. Your shawl looks great Lorraine, I hope all was well at the hospital for Gerard. It's warm, sunny but breezy in Lincolnshire most days at the moment, which is nice.
    I'm getting all the sleeping bags washed, I need to wash some duvets next but will probably find they don't fit in the machine. Singles can but not doubles or kingsize. Pillows next maybe..! Laundry, it's never ending. Take care. Cx

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  30. Love that shawl. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  31. I hope Gerard is going okay by the time you read this. I'm like you - I enjoy the coast whatever the whether. Even when it is stormy, one can feel the power of nature and the spray in one's face lets you know you are indeed alive!