Friday, 13 July 2018

Crochet Projects

I always have something on the hook, sometimes I have several projects on the go.  At the moment I have several, but this has arose due to circumstances.  I am working on another rug using the Harris Tweed remnants from the loom using a mega sized hook which really does make your fingers ache.  I have a tendency to only do a couple of rows at a time, despite how quickly it grows.  This is a finished rug now that I have stitched on a wooden handmade tag, already for the utility room which is a very slow work in progress.

I have made a start on the one for the back door.

The same colours but worked differently.

My on the go project for taking with me to the doctors/hospital is a throw that I am working on for Honeys chair.  She chose the colours on her last visit.

Progress is very slow as more chatting gets done than crochet.  The waiting areas have become a wonderful source of information and a comfort to know you are not on your own.  An eye opener sometimes, there is always someone worse of than yourself.  We certainly feel blessed.  I have picked out the pattern and colours for the border, but we are long way off that yet.

Works continues on the shawl, another slow but steady project.  This is the one that I work on in the evening a few stitches a day.

Not long to go, only 5 more rows.  I am enjoying the process so it is not something that I will rush.

Finally I am working on a bag, another very chunky project that makes your fingers ache.  I grows very quickly so its is hoped that I will finish this over the weekend.  I have found some rather yummy fabric to line it with.   I just need to find the handles...lets face it this could take awhile!

July is the month that heralds the start of Christmas making.  I have already made a start on the list, found patterns and materials.  I spend many a happy hour looking through patterns/books searching for the perfect gift for loved ones.  I love the wonderful process of making something filled with love.  When do you start making your Christmas gifts?  Are you an early or last minute kind of person?

As always I thank you for your support and welcome another follower.  I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.


  1. I love how you are able to create such beautiful and useful presents and items for your home.

    One of my cousins taught me to crochet when I was still in primary school and I have always enjoyed it.
    I try to be organised early but it does not always
    go to plan.

    I am crocheting some little flowers at the moment in pink and grey cotton yarn.

    I am looking forward to seeing what projects you decide to make for Christmas.

    Best Wishes x

  2. I have almost finished knitting a pair of socks for my sister in law for Christmas.I think I may be ahead of you!
    I have been distracted this afternoon by a pattern sent to me by a friend.Peipponen shawl ,free on Ravelry.Looking at my stash I found a skein of heavy lace from Posh Yarn.Just the job but must finish the socks first.

  3. I so enjoyed reading your post today and seeing what projects you are making right now. I need to get a list made for Christmas. I know socks are planned, but no other gifts chosen yet. You are such an encouragement for me. Gorgeous things you have on the go.

  4. I have tried many times but cannot crochet. Did a lot of knitting before my fingers decided to move in different directions. Beautiful creations.

  5. Your creations are so lovely. I love that you have several projects on the burner at a time. I wish I could do that as I get impatient to finish one before I start another. I must start thinking of Christmas. The year seems to be flying by. Have a nice weekend. ♥

  6. This is great! I am only working on a sweater and haven't touched it in a month. Sigh. I wish it would knit itself and go away. Christmas?! What?! But you are right, now's the time to start. I'm amazed at your productivity! xo Deborah

  7. I also have a few projects going on. I like to take mine on the go too. I haven't started on anything for Christmas yet. I haven't quite decided what it is I want to do. I read a quote the other day that said count your blessings not your problems. It made me stop and think. There's always someone else worse off than we are. Have a great weekend!
    xx Beca

  8. The tiny hooks usually make my fingers ache more than the chunky ones. I have two knit projects recently started and I am about to start one small crochet. I like to have variety. It is obvious that you do to. I really like that rug. Do you put a rug pad underneath to keep it from slipping?

    1. This is a question I want to ask of Lorraine too.

  9. That's really cool that you are making your own area rugs. I had an elderly friend who made rugs by pulling strips of wool fabric through a mesh - hooked rugs. That is going to be a well loved blanket! Have a fab weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I need to pull out my fabric and get squares cut for quilt asap. Thought about it today....flannel too warm this time of year but needs worked on. 92 degrees F. Warmer Thurs. I've got a list of things to buy for gifts and make calendars. I love all your crochet projects! Happy weekend!

  11. I like all your projects and the colours of the wool are so pretty. Good for you, getting started early on making Christmas gifts.

  12. You really have golden hands ! I buy everything because I have no patience to crochet, knit or sew, never had, lol !

  13. I admire the way you handle so many nice projects at one time. I know how to crochet but have left it for a long time. The needles and wool are still somewhere in the store room.

  14. Love your projects. I tend to do more in January and Feb. but now sounds good when it's too hot to do anything.

  15. Lovely projects MM.
    Mention of Christmas made me come over all tingly and reminded me that I have a quilt top that needs finishing as I intend to give it as a gift this year and I also have some Christmas aprons to make for the girls.

  16. wow, that rug is fab, I have never thought of crocheting rug, will put that on my to do list !

  17. Beautiful work, gorgeous colours. Thank you for the reminder that now really is a good time to begin making some things for Christmas - I really don't want this year to be like previous years when I finish them just by the skin of my teeth.

  18. Christmas!!! ack! you have some lovely projects going on and I talk too much sometimes and do not knit enough.

  19. Your crochet are very beautiful!

    Cheers, Sandra xXx

  20. You definitely need some crochet on the go at the hospital with all that waiting around.

  21. Not learning to crochet is one of my biggest regrets. I insisted my daughter learn when she had the opportunity. I so admire your beautiful work! Thanks for the reminder that its time to start planning for Christmas. We are halfway into the year.

  22. Beautiful items. I am finding it so frustrating still not being able to knit or crochet, so it is always good to admire other peoples work.

  23. Hi Lorraine, further to Cathie J's question, do you attach your rugs to a non-slip backing? Also, why did you put a wooden tag on your rug? How do the wooden tags stand up to wash and wear? I used a beautiful carved wooden button on an item and it got damaged in the first wash. It was very disappointing because it wasn't a cheap button.

    You mentioned that the larger hooks hurt your fingers after a while. You may need to adapt your hold and technique for the larger sizes. I find a 'pencil' hold gives a lot of control with fine hooks but variations of the 'knife' hold work well with chunkier and heavier materials. It's healthier for your hands, arms and shoulders to use a mix of methods.

    I'm sorry that you have been spending time in waiting rooms - actually, the waiting room crochet time is fine but the reason for being in a waiting room generally is not! I hope you are okay and feeling as well as possible.