Monday, 3 November 2014


The weekend was spent spending blissful time with my youngest daughter Lucy and her family, who came to visit for the weekend.  We had a wonderful couple of days just spending time catching up and relaxing in each others company.  All the wedding attire was tried on and looks beautiful and is now hanging on the hangers made for them in preparation for the big day.

We spent time teaching the girls how to play simple board games.

A fun time had by all.  We also had a session crafting with Granny using some of Granny's special things to make Christmas cards for the family.  They loved using the glue.

The dressing up clothes came out and were tried on several times, it was lovely to sit and watch them getting so much fun out of a box of outfits bought from the car boot sale earlier in the year.  They really did enjoy them and have taken them home.

They also enjoyed trying on their new hats and mittens my Mum had knitted for them.

We also had a wonderful time watching and eating our way through a DVD.
                                                                          I am missing them already.  Wilbur had a very successful Halloween party and Bertie who will be 3 on Wednesday went to Thomas Land.  A great weekend had by all.  How was your weekend?
See you soon.


  1. They are too cute!!!!

  2. That looks as though a very happy weekend was had by all.

  3. So cute ! Glad you had this lovely moment with them ! have a nice and creative day !

  4. you are so lucky to see your family often! I hope I have the very same luck as you. Love the children and their happy smiles.

  5. What a special weekend and with such dear wee ones! So pretty and clearly enjoying every moment with you!

  6. They are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great week !

  7. Hi! Such pictures of happiness! Your two little granddaughters are absolutely adorable! It reminds me when I used to do crafts activities with my children!
    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  8. You had a wonderful weekend, love the stick and glue playtime.
    I bet your little cherubs didn't want to leave.

  9. You always so busy, I'm glad you had a good time x

  10. that looked like funx our house was halloween fun this year a great weekendx

  11. so nice you had family over to relax with. Such cute children!