Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Tags

Well, the Christmas Fair was wonderful on all levels, money was raised for charity although I am not sure what the final amount was yet.  I was able to catch up with friends and neighbors from the village  that I don't get to see very often and I was blessed with selling lots.  One of the most popular lines was the painted hangars and the tree decorations. A very good result all round.  The money I make at the craft fairs buys my next lot of craft materials.  Over the next few weeks I will start to check  out what I need ready for the January sales.  I only have one fair left to do this year and that is next weekend so I will be able to pack everything away in good time for Christmas.  I do need to make some more button trees or something similar, maybe tomorrow.  Today I want to concentrate on gift tags for my gifts.

I have made a start but there are lots to make so it may take some time.

A pleasing overall effect for the tags for the children, should go well with the red stocking gift topper.
Do you make your own tags or buy them? 
See you soon.


  1. Many, many congratulations on your craft fayre and the amount of money raised. It's good to catch up with friends and neighbours.
    I like your Christmas tags, especially the shape and the mouthwatering Christmas pud.

    I am in the process of making my tags.


  2. I'm glad that the fair went well! I tend to buy tags, but in days gone past I recycled Christmas cards for tags! Yours are very cute. xx

  3. Always beautiful and original ideas you have !!!
    Glad the Fair went well !
    Have a great week !

  4. So glad the Fair went well, love your tags.

  5. I'm glad the fair went so well. I love that you go to a "village;" we don't really call our small towns villages here, but it sounds so charming.
    I mostly have bought tags, but I have so much paper crafting materials, I may make a few this year. They're so festive-looking.

  6. Beautiful tags! I like to make mine for Christmas :)

    Happy to hear the Fair went well! Enjoy your Monday.

  7. Glad your craft sale went well. I like to make my tags, too, different every year. I better start looking around to see what I have and what I can make with it!

  8. Hello,
    Glad you had fun with your craft fair, we too like a village gathering.
    Lovely tags for Christmas, I haven't yet given it thought but you have planted a seed.
    Enjoy the rest of week

  9. We make our own tags. I save the cards we received over the festive season and then cut them up, punch holes and add thread or ribbon (also saved from the year before!) I don't think we've bought tags for about 10 years! Yours are gorgeous.

  10. You are sooo creative! I am ashamed to admit that I don't do gift tags at all. I put a silver sticker on each gift with a name on. I am cringing as I write this and will go through my craft stash to see if I can make some tags, too. x

  11. Hi Lorraine! I was wondering how your fair went! (Glad it went well)
    And now you made gift tags already!!! You are so organized!!! :)
    Ingrid xx

  12. I think this is such a special and loving gesture for the recipients of your gifts. I usually buy mine, I use the self-adhesive label type, which I buy in large packs after Christmas when they are discounted. But I would enjoy making them and maybe I'll try to make a few this year.

  13. I kept lots of middle-of-wrapping-paper sheets for exactly this purpose. Then my hubby chucked them out ( in the recycling). Argh! Men!