Wednesday 11 December 2013

What a Wonderful Time of Year

The house is in the process of having a good clean, some of the decorations have been put up.  The pantry and freezer are full, chutneys and pickles are now ready for eating.  The present shopping has been done, the bulk of the crafting is now complete.  Cards and letters have been written, arrangements have been made to deliver and collect gifts from family members.  The excitement is building as my husband and I prepare for our daughters and their own families to visit.  Menus are in the process of being planned, what a wonderful excuse to get out all the Christmas and cookery books, to revisit old and familiar recipes is a pleasure.  Gifts still need to be wrapped, beds need to be made up and aired.  Despite all the hard work, what a wonderful time of year preparing to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.  A time for rejoicing and giving thanks.....

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