Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas Check List

Big sighs all round.....I am ready!  My husband and I are a little restless and keep going to the window.  The waiting and watching is taking its toil.  No, we are not waiting for Santa.  We are waiting for out eldest daughter, husband and beautiful grandson to arrive.  Our middle daughter, partner and grandson will arrive Sunday.

Gingerbread house - done

Christmas cake - done (actually my youngest daughter made it for us)

Chocolate spoons for the hot chocolate - done

All craft presents finished and wrapped - ok, not quite true the vintage fabric throw is not finished

House cleaned and decorated for the season - done

Christmas cards written, posted and hopefully received - done

Supermarket shop - done

My Mum and Dad are coming on Christmas Eve for my traditional buffet, we have a open house policy so that friends and neighbours can pop in when and if they want to.  The bulk of the baking has been done and is now in the freezer.  My youngest daughter, partner and two beautiful granddaughters arrive boxing day, so their gifts have already been wrapped and delivered.

I will close now wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!

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