Monday 16 December 2013

Ongoing Preperations

My craft room is looking a little bit like Santa's Grotto at the moment, although it is in chaos it is an organized mess.  Therefore my plan for today is to finish wrapping presents and organize the sacks and stockings.  The silver needs to be cleaned, Christmas is the only time the silver cutlery sees the light of day.  However it is a nice task to sit around the table and chat with family so maybe that's a job I will leave until the weekend.  

My husband is busy painting the last of his Christmas presents, all of his orders are complete and have been collected.  I will showcase some of his work later in the week. 

Finally, once all the jobs are out of the way I am going to get started on a new project.....I know I haven't finished the vintage fabric throw....I am going to get started on gathering all the materials, patterns, pictures etc together to make a mood board for my beautiful daughters wedding so that we can steal a few moments over the festive period to plan.  Does it get any better?

Finally I am going to check the pantry, I am going to get going with some baking tomorrow and don't want to run out of ingredients half way through.  Cookies, mince pies, quiches and sausage rolls for the freezer and a gingerbread house are planned for tomorrow.  Later in the week, chocolate spoons with crushed candy canes need to be made for the hot chocolate.  It is a really busy time here, but I am grateful that I have a family to share Christmas with.

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  1. Don't shirk on your work on that throw mama - there is a grateful recipient waiting for it!