Thursday 12 November 2020

Filling My Days

 My goodness how time has flown these past few days.  I have been keeping myself busy indoors in our cosy cottage as the weather is so dreich outside.  There was quite the storm yesterday, bringing wind and rain and hardly any light at all.  It also stopped the ferry from running both from Ullapool and from Skye to Harris.  Thankfully it is looking a little better today and quite normal for this time of year.  Hot soup was on the agenda this time leek and sweet potato along with cheese and mustard scones.

It was warm and tasty and the scones very moreish.  I have enough for a few days so it will make some nice lunches.

I have spent some time felting, not sure that I have got the hang of it properly as I keep making my fingers bleed but I did mange to achieve a few small flowers.  I am happy with them and have used them to embellish a few items that I want for gifts.  These are certainly made with love.

Whilst the sewing machine was out I added another couple of stockings.  They are quite luxurious as I used tweed topped with a sumptuous velvet and a silk tassel.  A great addition for our bedroom to hang on the bedstead.

I have had a sort out of my fabric basket and found some more rather sumptuous fabric to make a couple more.  I have put it to one side for another day. 

I filled a couple of hours tying chocolates to a wire ring to make  an edible wreath.  It was fun and I was able to do it watching a Christmas film, a little predictable but nice for the season.  I used curling ribbon so the end result is certainly very retro but it will be perfect for the person that I have in  mind.

The remaining tub of chocolates were made into a little bouquet, which will make a nice addition to a gift.

I have found that doing a few little things each day relieves the pressure later (nearer Christmas) and gives me purpose, filling my days with joy.  The chocolates were attached to some  kebab sticks and wrapped in voile to make them look more like flowers.  Finally wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper with an added bow.

The mincemeat and beetroot from my previous post were not done in a water bath as it is not necessary due to the vinegar or alcohol.

The recipe for the lemon drizzle cake is a Mary Berry recipe that you can get via Google, hope that helps.  I can tell you that it is very tasty.

Good news for the Western Isles as from Friday we have a reduction in restrictions, we are now once again allowed to visit each others homes.  There are limitations to numbers and such but good news none the less.

Hope all is well with you and in your part of the World.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. If I had the chocolate wreath I think it would gradually get smaller and samller, one chocolate each day!

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  2. Your wreath looks amazing. How are you going to keep your mitts off that?!? Jo x

  3. Amazing crafting. What good news re the restrictions. Still the same here.

  4. The soup looks delicious and the wreath looks amazing.
    Good news that your restrictions are lifting slightly.

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  5. Hello Lorraine. Well, even though the days are dreary outside, you have made your home quite cheerful with the aroma of soups and scones.

    I would have never thought of a chocolate wreath and bouquet but they are amazing! So beautiful. I don't know. With chocolate it would never last at my house, but then I would feel guilty for destroying such a beautiful creation. Ha! Ha!

    Your felted flowers are lovely on the gifts but I don't like to think of your bleeding fingers. I guess it does take pain sometimes to perfect a new craft. I have callous's on my index fingers from my knitting needles. :-)

    I'm glad to hear things are better for you in the isles and you can now visit others. Here it seems to be getting worse, much worse. I have put myself into self-imposed isolation for awhile. Although I haven't gone out much, I did have several doctor visits and I found myself zipping in and out of a few stores. I did have my mask on of course, but no more of that. For Dennis it will be work and back home too.
    I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass." My Mom said that all of the time and she was right.
    Take care my dear friend and please tell Gerard hello for us.
    Blessings and love,

  6. You do such amazing crafts, I just love the wreath. Glad to hear your restrictions are being lifted somewhat. We are waiting for a news conference this afternoon from our premier and head health doctor. They will be imposing more restrictions as our numbers are going up significantly. When will this all end? Take care.

  7. Your craft projects are darling. I especially like the sweet candy wreath. I like your needle felted flowers. It is a hobby that will end in a few jabs for sure. Take care and enjoy your preparations for the joyous of seasons.

  8. I'm glad your restrictions have been lifted, we are not hearing that here in the US. hmmm...we don't hear alot of news here, just what they want us to hear as long it fits their agendas. The scones look really good.

  9. What a wonderful idea that wreath is. I may do something similar for Middle Daughter, who is a chocoholic. I have not spared a thought to Christmas yet, as SO much is happening here. I hope I can shoehorn it in!

  10. All things I love to read about but the cheese and mustard scones would be my favourite!

  11. Two new words to learn: dreich and moreish. That was fun!

    The candy wreath brought back sweet memories as my mother made several for gifts each year. Thankfully, she remembered us, too. It always hung on the cellar door which was directly across from the front door. Very welcoming. Yours is beautiful! Lots of chocolate. Hers was more hard candies. Happy staying busy.

  12. I think the word dreich is so apt for describing cold miserable wet weather and have been tempted to start using it myself. Your felt flowers are lovely and those stockings for your bed are gorgeous. So many pretty and delicious things in this post! Stay warm and cozy.

  13. The chocolate wreath is so sweet (pun intended) and the curly ribbon is the perfect embellishment for it.
    The stockings are lovely and I'm sure the felted flowers are too but OH your poor fingers.

  14. You are always so crafty and clever! Your candy wreaths are amazing - never saw anything like it before!

    As the weather gets cooler and more gray, there is nothing like soup and scones. Looks delicious!

    Love your stockings you made.

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments.

    Please stay well. Hugs.

  15. I love soups during these chilly days and I should also bake some scones, I haven't baked them in years!

  16. Brilliant ideas, all looking wonderful. It's good to have a purpose to your day especially when the weather's bad outside.

  17. You've been keeping busy and it's good to see all your makes which you do so creatively. Baking is also something I like to do. Thankfully I've been able to get ingredients and dried goods are in my store cupboard. Even though we haven't been able to see our local grandchildren when our daughter comes around with our shopping I have a cake ready for her to take home. Mary Berry's recipe books are well used. Glad to hear some restrictions have been lifted for you. We, of course are still in lockdown in England, but we can always find plenty to keep us busy indoors in our house and our quiet routine goes on as usual.

  18. It is always good to keep busy. I will be making more masks and some Christmas decorations to pass the time. We are in our second wave here in Canada and it's worst than the first. The schools may be shut down again in this province. We cannot go out of our region at this time. Take care. Thelma.

  19. My goodness you could open a Restaurant and a craftwork shop ! Very nice occupation during these lockdown times ! I loved to paint, but my creativity disappeared in the lockdown so I write ! All things you have done are really beautiful !
    We had a day off for the 11 November, but the celebrations were reduced to a minimum, the King layed down a crown and there were maybe 10 other people, keeping distance.

  20. I love the chocolate wreath - but I'm afraid that I would find it oh so tempting!
    The stockings are beautiful and the colours would go nicely with my decor! :-)
    Thank you for answering the question about the water bath.
    I'm spending the next couple of days giving my small apt. a good clean and then I'm going to bring out a few Christmas decorations and start working on getting my cards written and ready to mail. You are a true inspiration.

  21. and now I want some chocolate...lovely wreath!!

  22. Yummy ideas for everyone !!!!! And lovely crafts too ;)
    Have a cozy weekend !

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  24. I am always amazed at how creative you are. You make the prettiest things. Reading your post makes me want to go make a few gifts...but I don't know where to begin. :)

  25. You do make such lovely things. Christmas must be wonderful in your house.

  26. Lovely crafts. I really like the edible wreath. Enjoy the fact that some restrictions are lifting. Here we are finally getting a province wide mask mandate. It is making the anti maskers go crazy.

    God bless.

  27. You are great with your crafts and creative coming up with lovely ideas for gifts. Never thought of an edible wreath, the children will love it. I like the stockings too.

  28. Oh my goodness all of your projects look so nice. As felter, I can't tell you how many times I've poked myself. Your felting looks nice. I love the wreath too. I agree, doing these little things a bit at a time is helfpul and purposeful.

  29. That is good news. I'm happy for your. I love that candy wreath, and the stockings are gorgeous! Happy Holidays...

  30. I'm glad the numbers are going down where you live and restrictions are being lifted. Here nothing seems to be done but arguing over whether the virus is real and whether we are restricting freedom by just asking people to wear a mask. Sigh. I am hoping that in January things will change.

    The felting looks wonderful. Yum on the wreath. I missed buying my chocolates this year as I didn't get to go see mum. I am thinking about splurging and treating myself to some but they are really expensive here.

  31. Your makes are all stunning as usual. I particularly love the stockings and the chocolate wreath, although I fear it wouldn't last long with G around!