Tuesday, 28 July 2020

List Making

What a difference a few days makes to the weather, we seem to be having rain, rain and more rain along with the temperatures dropping.  The weekend saw us hunker down a little and put the heating back on.  We are so thankful that we have a full tank of oil and were able to fill it at such a low cost.  Of course that does mean that we are seeing some beautiful rainbows.  Rainbows always make me
 smile as I ponder the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow.  If only that were true...or maybe it is when you consider Genesis 9:16 When I see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember the eternal covenant between God and every living creature on earth.

Look at the beauty of those skies.  The rainbow looks as if the sky is divided as the rain passes over and once again the sun shows her beautiful face.  

I made the mistake of continuing in my quest to get all the soft furnishings washed.  What a mistake to make, I now have them hanging on clothes racks in the hall and bathroom.  Making it feel more like the middle of winter than midsummer.  Another tick off my list to do getting ready for Winter.  Jam making is on the list but as yet I have no fruit with the exception of rhubarb so this may remain on the list for awhile.  I have been interested to read how so many of you are preparing for a second wave of Covid 19 along with predicted Brexit shortages.  I thought it prudent to make another list and add a few more essentials to the cupboard but storage is a big issue in our little cottage so I do need to be sensible about it. 

I have been surprised by the amount of crafting materials/supplies I have got through during lockdown and have started to make yet another list of things that I would like to replenish.  I would appreciate your suggestions if you come across any sales particularly for card making/scrap booking/journal making as I have a limited budget.  It is amazing how much I miss the bargains from a car boot sale or charity shop.

I also have a list of gifts that I have ready for Birthdays and indeed Christmas so that I know where the gaps are and write down ideas as I think of them or see them.

So many lists that keep me organised and are also fun.  Are you a fan of a list?

Hope all is well with you, take care and stay safe.

See you soon.


  1. I've got the heating on again today, the middle of summer, who would believe it. If the forecast is to be believed we're due some good weather towards the end of the week, fingers crossed.

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  2. I'm a great list maker. But I'm a not-so-great list fulfiller. Sigh.

  3. My jam and chutney cupboard is almost empty. I store containers of food under beds and in plastic bins in the attic.

  4. You sound very organized! I am a fan of lists, but I am the person who often leaves my grocery list at home! We have been having what seems like a neverending heat wave. I wish I could send you some!!

  5. Beautiful rainbow. Over here, some days are hot and some days are wet and cool. I am also thinking of making some jam.

  6. I love the rainbow. I am a list maker, but usually just for the immediate day. I seem to misplace my long term lists.

  7. No list and no rain here...
    Lovely pictures of rainbow...arc-en-ciel as we say in French.
    Have a nice day ;)

  8. Lists are always a good idea and it feels good to tick things off them. Your rainbow photos are lovely, it's been rain after rain here and very windy too:)

  9. Yes, I'm a huge fan of lists! That is a lovely rainbow. I am knitting through the stash, but my writing work keeps my busy. Hope you have enough groceries. I just did a big shop at Costco. That will last me for months.

  10. I am a big fan of lists. Particularly shopping lists as I do like to plan ahead for meal making.

  11. I used to write lots of lists. Now I just write the shopping list and always used to leave it on the kitchen table when we Went to the Shops! I do mental lists of "fings to do" and those tend to stay in my head and nag me.

    My planning ahead for Christmas is mainly wondering whether we will be able to be together as a family because of Covid. We will have to make plans for an Early Christmas if things are looking dodgy . . .

    The rainbow photos are lovely and I was amazed by the difference in the clouds either side of it.

    I hope you get gifted some fruit for jam making soon.

  12. I do love lists! And checking things off is so satisfying when you complete something. I can’t believe you are having to have the heater on already. It is 95F right now here, 35 C. Ugh.

  13. What beautiful rainbows you have. We live amongst a lot of trees so hardly ever get to see one from our house. I'm a list maker too.. it's so gratifying to cross something off! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. That is a beautiful rainbow. We still need rain, and it is very hot today, again; 103 heat index. Hope you get lots of jams and jellies made. You are always thinking ahead. I need to do more of that.

  15. The best list is headed 'Things I have done today.'!!! Even if it only has 'Got up' on it.

  16. Lorraine, that is a beautiful rainbow. We haven't had rain in weeks and in fact, are in the middle of a heat wave. It is supposed to be in the low 100's this week. It's SO hot.
    I make some lists but Dennis is the huge list maker in our family. Every day he has a to do list that he crosses off as he completes a task.
    I have also heard about a 2nd wave. I sure hope all of those people are wrong.

  17. Always lovely to see a rainbow.

    You have had lots of rain, and we have had barely any with huge cracks appearing in the ground. In the end we only had 15 mm one day and 4.5 the following day - so hardly anything at all.

    I write lists everyday - just little things that I need to do each day, but I always make them accomplish-able. I guess they are more reminders than proper lists.

    I'm not worried about there being Brexit shortages, I think that is just scaremongering, although of course there WILL be shortages if people panic buy like they did at the onset of Covid-19. As for a second wave, that is more likely to happen as holiday makers swoop into areas, hence the reason I don't plan on venturing out to any towns/shops etc... I am quite happy to continue hunkering down in my little corner of the island.

  18. Beautiful rainbow!
    Yes, I'm a list maker. More so than before as I get more forgetful. It is a huge help to have things written down.
    It's hard to think of you having to have the heat on while we're sweltering. Hopefully August will be kinder to you than July is.

  19. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful rainbow! I am a great list maker and find it to be so helpful. My husband is a great list maker and has an Excel spreadsheet he made for us to remind us of all the jobs that need attending around our home.

  20. I envy you the cooler weather - we have been over 30C and feeling closer to 40C for the last few weeks - along with some spectacular thunderstorms and a tornado watch! I am longing for some cool, fresh air!
    I am very much a list maker and I like to see them actually written down - I always have a notebook on the go. I get great satisfaction in ticking things off as completed!
    Most people I know are stocking up "just in case". I live in a city of 3 million people with thousands of shops and my friends have always chuckled at me keeping "a pantry" - well, no ones laughing now!
    I have a good stock on hand but I buy a few extras or something new every time I hit a store. I am filling in gaps and adding more baking supplies. It is tricky as I only have a small 1 bedroom apt. but I manage. I know that you are reliant on the ferry service which can be affected by the weather so you are very wise to plan ahead.

  21. Beautiful rainbow! Wow you do sound as though you've been busy. I am terrible at making lists. I am good at sticking to them when I have things written down, it's just the writing down I have trouble with.

  22. A big fan of list making here. I have daily to do lists, project to do lists, extra cleaning lists, yarn lists, fabric lists. You name it I more than likely have a list for it.

    I love rainbows and your photo is wonderful.

    God bless.

  23. It's good to get organised with a few lists, it's easy to forget things at the shops when you're juggling umbrellas and masks. The weather is warming up again this weekend so hopefully you can get everything dry again.

  24. send me some rain!! Lovely rainbows! We are needing rain and each day it eludes us.

  25. Yes, I make lists too, MM, it certainly helps me to plan ahead, but I had completely forgotten about Brexit! Uh oh, I feel another list coming on...
    Beautiful rainbows x

  26. We've not left the first wave here in Southern California. Other than doctor's visits, and a quick trip to the grocery market, I have not left our house. I would do the grocery delivery, but the husband doesn't think we'd get the best meat.
    He's been tested twice and as soon as he gets the negative sign he will go back to work.
    We've been in the 18-19C range temperature wise here, though inland it's been 20-22C. It's amazing that the temps will go sky high 20 miles away. I'll enjoy where we live.
    I hope everything dries out soon for you.

  27. Gorgeous rainbow.
    I find lists very helpful.

    All the best Jan

  28. Love your rainbow 🌈 photos. We've yet to have rain. I need to water potted plants daily. Weekend is to be coolwr. Thankfully. I am doing good. Take care. Becky×------×

  29. Too bad about the rain, but rainbows are always pretty - and a good reminder of God's promises to us. I make lists all the time- they help me to focus on what needs to be done. Although we only have 3 Covid cases on our Island, that's three more than we had in May and June, so we are all being extra careful again. I don't know what the autumn will hold, but I'm trying to stay stocked up for groceries. I've frozen blueberries and raspberries, and made some preserved rhubarb sauce.I think I have enough jam to take us through the winter. It feels good to have things on the shelves.

  30. Yes, Lorraine, I am a list maker of all sorts - shopping, special dates, places to go, things to do. I even prefer writing on an actual physical calendar instead of the ones on phones and computers (imagine that). And besides being a list maker I am a card and letter writer as well, although some of my longer letters admittedly are done on the computer because of hand aches.

  31. Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    We actually had a nice day with low humidity and a nice breeze so I took advantage of it and sat on the front porch and did some reading!! It was great to be able to spend some time outside!!

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