Monday 18 April 2016

A Weekend Indoors

You would not believe the dramatic weather conditions we have had here this weekend.  A drop in temperatures, frosty mornings, rain, hail, snow and bright sunshine.  A really weird and yet wonderful mix.  Gardening was of course out of the question.  Already I am regretting doing some of the seeds.  Hindsight is wonderful, but with hindsight I should have left them a few more weeks.  I did pot on the plants bought from the Garden Centre, they do seem to be faring well so are obviously quite hardy.  It was the hail that surprised me so much coming down with such force.

The umpteen seeds trays will remain on the window sills for a little while longer, before been transplanted into larger pots and transferred to the mini greenhouse.

The tomato plants are almost ready to be potted on,  they have grown so quickly taking us by surprise.  They are a cherry tomato variety which taste sweet and are perfect for salads, a little taste of summer and don't need a lot of attention.
We do grow marigolds to grow alongside the tomatoes to stop bug infestation, it does seem to work.  They are growing quite well thus far.

With this strange weather a car boot sale was out of the question so I made a start on the list of requests for the Grandchildren.  Bertie wanted bunting for his garden shed so that was duly completed, using fabrics left over from his Western/Cowboy quilt.

All stitched and complete, ready for hanging.  He wants some curtains making too, just waiting for the dimensions.
A start has been made on Honey's quilt, we decided to go for bunnies rather than hearts.  To be fair I was quite impressed with the overall look.

Cotton yarn and the trusted pom pom maker were used.  A good start was made...
I find English paper piecing quite therapeutic, the preparation taking almost as long as the stitching.  I love playing around with the different fabrics finding just the right place for it to go, random placing rather than a set pattern.  Made with love for the newest addition to the family, our beautiful Honey Bunny,  that is what her big brother calls her.  Made with love from Granny.
It has been a weekend indoors, with some lovely moments in the kitchen making bread and soup, the simple things in life.  We did have a traditional Sunday afternoon tea consisting of scones with homemade jam and cream, Victoria sponge and copious amounts of tea, not forgetting the tiny but very elegant sandwiches.  Not good for the figure but brilliant for the taste buds.  Is the weather as weird in your neck of the woods?
See you soon.


  1. I love the cowboy bunting. Lucky Bertie will have the best dressed shed. I'm a recent convert to EPP, it is very addicted and as you say, very therapeutic.
    We had hailstones as well yesterday morning, but then the Sun came out and it was a lot warmer than the forecast had predicted, so we were able to get out for a lovely walk in the countryside. Today is horrible and cold again!

  2. Bad weather !!!! But always busy !!!! LOVE your bunnies !!!!!
    Have a nice week with your crafts !!!

  3. It has been cold again here, I was really cold this morning so I made some porridge, I will have to put the fleece blanket over my little seedlings in the greenhouse in the nights. x

  4. We didn't get any snow but Mick was playing cricket on Saturday and he said they'd had every type of weather going where he was playing. Madness! Love that bunting and the quilt is so cute, it's going to look fabulous.

  5. Yes we are having very mixed weather here too including the hailstones which were enormous.
    Love your bunting and the quilt is just gorgeous. The fluffy tailed bunny is unbelievably cute-x-

  6. I am feeling excited to see your cherry tomatoes and marigold seedlings growing so well. A very busy indoor weekend. The weather over here is still very hot.

  7. The weather here is ok but so changeable. I can be warm in the sun one minute then it's overcast and windy and I'm freezing. Your bunting and quilt are great. You're always so busy with your creations. Lucky Grandchildren. X

  8. Yes, we are getting odd swings of temp. In spring one day and back to winter the next. This does not bode well for you as the weather bands travel head your way next. Sounds as if you made the best of it with a cozy weekend in (and a scrumptious tea).

    1. travel or head, but definitely not both... =)

  9. you're having some crazy weather! we had temps near 80 degrees yesterday and I wanted to put the ac on (but didn't). Love the bunny tail!!

  10. Oh your are amazing with all you do!
    We finally had spring weather here!
    I hope yours returns soon!

  11. It looks like you had a very productive weekend even with all of the snow and cold. The bunting is perfect made and curtains to match will be even better. The quilt I darling. I want to pet the bunny's tail! Your garden plants are looking very well. We're having a string of warm days too, but knowing how that can change at this time of year, I'm waiting a few weeks to do any planting.

  12. Yes indeed, there was snow falling here in Glasgow on Saturday. I was walking with a friend, and she said, "Oh no, that's just blossom from the trees - oh wait, it IS snow!" Then the next minute, sunshine... Your creations are just beautiful.

  13. I find EPP therapeutic too I will be catching up with my blocks tonight. I adore Berties bunting, you're a good nan xx

  14. I love your bunting it's fabulous. We too had peculiar weather with snow on Saturday, but what better excuse than to stay in and eat cake :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  15. Your weather sounds a lot like mine! Your ironing board cover matches my kitchen apron. I'm even wearing it right now, having just finished some baking. I loved seeing the things you're working on. The bunting is adorable! Hope you have a good week.

  16. we have mixed weather here. your cherry tomatoes seedling looks very well.your bunting is beautiful.
    have a nice week,

  17. Our weather is actually quite lovely this week.
    27 C ( around 80 F. I think) so we are not complaining.

    Love love love the bunnies on the quilt for Honey.

  18. You are such a good grandmother making all those things for the littlies! I love her nickname.. Honey Bunny.. perfect! We're having amazing hot spring weather.. but rain is forecast. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. You made good use of your indoor time! And I am so impressed with your windowsill nursery of plants. Hopefully you will be able to plant them outside soon. Your tea sounded lovely, and I hope you have a happy Springy week :)

  20. I love a good weekend when I am forced to stay in and play. The bunting and quilt are perfect, glad you are having fun.