Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Weekend Pastime

The summer is passing us by at an alarming pace and already thoughts are beginning to turn to Autumn.  I have managed to buy some bags of kindling from a stall at the local car boot sale at the weekend so I need to order the logs so that we can start lighting the stove.  It is one of my favourite things in life sitting in front of the stove with some crochet or craft project and a cup of tea.  It warms your soul.  Of course where there is tea there is always cake, I made two this week for my little visitor.  A carrot cake with vanilla topping and a chocolate cake which doesn't last very long in our house.

I also made bread, a beautiful granary loaf.  I cheat and use the bread making machine but it is still good and far better than the shop bought variety.  The only problem with that because it is so good you eat more, we need to be a little more disciplined.
We have once again managed to get a surplus of cabbage in the garden so we swapped a couple of cabbage for some apples from our neighbour.
The apples along with the blackberries that we will pick from the hedgerow along the back of the garden with make some beautiful Autumnal puddings.

A blackberry and apple crumble springs to mind, perfect for those cooler days. 
As always we had a ball with Wilbur at the weekend visiting his favourite haunts, the park, the beach and the arcade.  He also spend a good couple of hours in the garden chasing the poor dog around.  He managed to wear himself out and dropped asleep with his mummy for a nap, recharging his batteries ready to give us all the run around once more.  He is such a character, always so full of beans.

The lazy hazy days of summer are beginning to fade and already the nights are beginning to draw in and the temperatures are dropping.  I feel that it was over before it began this year, not the best of summers with regard to the weather.  It has rained here all night and has been rain, rain and more rain all morning.  I feel guilty for moaning about it when people are praying for rain to put the fires out spreading all over several states of America.   I am hoping for a beautiful August bank holiday weather wise so that we can all have a pleasant weekend as a lasting memory of the summer.  What is the weather like where you are?
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, they are always appreciated.
See you soon.


  1. Your treats are drool-worthy......had to fast as I am heading out to get some bloodwork done for my annual physical. I knew better than to look closely...yum and waaaaah! : - )

    Wilbur is a cutie, as is his mommy. ♥

    You know my weather here - record rain June and July and so hot and humid for most of August, well, it's been awful. I want to move, I do. I am not a fan of this weather, and spring and summer go by so fast then it is either too hot or too cold.

    I wonder just how amazingly perfect the weather in Eden was........

  2. Hello Lorraine, yes it does seem Autumn is on the way. I'm sitting here my mouth is watering looking at your cakes, double chocolate cake -heaven.

    What an adorable photos of Wilbur.


  3. I find it hard to believe that spring is long gone and now summer is about gone...and didn't we wait forever for spring to arrive? Time flies! You surely do bake good looking cakes. I have a bread machine too and hate to mention it because so many ladies bake their bread from scratch. I've never been able to make good bread. Think I will drag out that bread machine and enjoy it. Thank you!

  4. I am drooling over your cakes. The blackberries look so juicy and sweet. Wilbur is so cute.

  5. Summer is indeed flying by quickly! I need to replace my bread machine, I'm holding out until the worktops are in place I love home-made granary bread & cakes too of course. Wilbur looks extremely cute asleep on his mum x

  6. Can I come visit you?!?!
    Everything in this post is perfectly wonderful.
    And that chocolate cake?
    Divine. : )

  7. We seem to be having a LOT of rain here in Lincolnshire, don't we. Personally I fancy the carrot cake - and a cuddle from Wilbur.

  8. Wilbur is adorable. Looks like he chose a great place to take a nap.

  9. Delicious cakes and the thought of Apple and BlackBerry crumble is making my mouth water. I love Autumn, it's such a cosy season.

  10. My mom used to say FULL OF BEANS. What a memory you prompted He's adorable. LOVE the chocolate cake. Ill take one

  11. Your cakes look fabulous! I know what you mean about the rain, it is difficult isn't it, wanting none and knowing that others really need it. It is great that you are looking forward to autumn, I am still looking for summer! xx

  12. Seeing these photos of these delicious cakes, it makes me wonder if I should go back to low-carbing it or not...lol!

  13. Darn it, now I am really hungry! Your cakes and berries look fantastic. And what an adorable photo of Wilbur asleep... Although the weather in Scotland has been dreich and cold, the past few days in Glasgow have been warm in sunny. It is just great. But I see the signs of autumn, a few trees are beginning to turn! And the nights always seem to draw in suddenly at this time of year.

  14. Children can sleep everywhere :)
    Even with the smell of yummy cakes nearby...
    Have a nice day !

  15. What a gorgeous kiddie!
    Bet he gives you a run for your money! our three wear us out utterly in the best possible way!

  16. It's so funny how kids just sort of 'pass out' wherever they are if they get tired, isn't it? I still remember one of ours once falling asleep in the middle of eating dinner. We only realised when his head slumped forward and he ended up with his cheek in the mashed potatoes!

    Those cakes look delicious! They wouldn't last very long around here either. :)

  17. what a wonderful weekend, I love the photo of him sleeping with your daughter, so precious!! The bread looks delicious :)

  18. I just wanted to say hello I have just found your lovely blog. The nights are indeed drawing in it was dark by 8.40 last night im not ready for the dark nights yet I feel like you that we have been robbed of a summer this year. I am loving your cakes im not surprised they don't last long :-) I love to pick blackberries I have been inundated with them this year in fact so much so I cant keep up with them :-) Love the photo of your little grandson bless his heart a happy day you all had and wonderful memories to treasure. Best wishes to you, dee

  19. Oh stop it! Summer has been rubbish but I can't bear to think about leaving it behind yet. On the other hand, blackberry and apple is the flavour of my childhood autumns, and I do love it... x

  20. As always you seem to have a lot going on. And that Wilbur is a darling.

  21. Oh no! Now I am hungry! All looking fab x