Wednesday 24 June 2015

Indoor Pursuits

This is the view from my lounge window...

Not a pleasant sight.  We have a burst sewerage pipe with a lot of them need replacing, consequently the digging up of the garden and lawn in all its glory.  They have repaired the bulk of the pipes on our land and will continue into the neighbours and the road so they will be around for some time.  Thank goodness for insurance!!!!
The noise, the smell and the unsightly view has meant a more indoor approach to events this week.  So I have finally finished the holiday scrapbook, not before time I might add.
The tickets and boarding card have been included in the layout of Wilbur on the ferry.

Postcards of places we have visited or stayed have been a main focus on some of the layouts, enhancing some of the photographs.

The scorecard became the backdrop for an afternoon at the bowling alley.  A timely reminder that Granny has still got what it takes and was the overall winner/not that I am competitive, it is the taking part that matters.

Maps were another useful addition, showing the area we were in and enhancing once again the photos.

A combination of tickets, postcards and maps make for an interesting layout and show a more detailed outline of places visited. 
I am really pleased with the overall look of the scrapbook, it tells a story of the holiday that just using photos would not have covered.  I have also included snippets from tourist guides, programmes and menus on some of the pages.  A lovely record of an amazing holiday. 
The weather has really picked up today and now that the hole in the garden has been refilled the smell has disappeared so hopefully we will be able to sit and enjoy a glimpse of the summer season. 
We are away from tomorrow visiting Victoria our eldest daughter so I will not be around for a few days.  Have you any plans in place for the weekend? 
See you soon.


  1. What a wonderful way to store memorable events . I might do similar .you often forget all the bits you do on holiday love your bowling scorecards.
    Enjoy yourself on your break

  2. you are so talented with your scrapbooking. I just can't get into it.

  3. Fabulous scrapbook, so much more interesting than just looking at photos. I hope your pipes are sorted soon and you get your garden back. What a pity the work has to be done now when the weather is nice. It would have been better if it happened in the winter when we're all indoors anyway. Have a lovely time with your daughter.

  4. oh dear So sorry about the pipes Yikes.
    The scrapbook will be a treasure for a long time

  5. At least they put a pretty fence up. Gorgeous barbie pink look ☺
    I don't scrap book but I like to build collages of events as a combination memory. I send it to family who were at event and pin my copy on fridge.

  6. What a gorgeous scrapbook! I love the details such as the map, the tickets and the musical note sheet on the background is amazing!

    Great job! Sandra

  7. Problems with sewerage pipes are your worst nightmare aren't they?

    I love the photo of the little one in the clogs, sooo cute!

  8. Hello - I'm your newest follower. I enjoy scrapbooking as well and always scrap our holidays. I've just joined a journaling group on facebook. Joan at

  9. Hi
    Have a great time with your daughter, and I hope the works don't take too long to complete. x

  10. Oh my, what a project! So sorry to hear about your pipes...

    Your scrapbook is absolutlely delightful, my friend! It's such a sweet way to store precious memories :) Hugs to you!

  11. I'm glad the sewer project is over.. not fun one bit. You did great with the scrapbook.. I really admire that. You are so cute! Have fun in Victoria. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. You did a wonderful job on the scrapbook...I know they are so much work as I made one for both of my boys. Glad you got past that sewer pipe fun!

  13. I have the same problem in my garden...holes, durt, pipes and noise !
    Your scrapbook is beautiful !!!!
    Have a lovely day !!!

  14. You are good at putting together a scrapbook. That's something I just can't do. You seem to be good at everything!

  15. Well the travel journal looks great. Sorry to hear about your garden being dug up, at least they have used pink barriers lol

  16. Oh dear, sounds like a horrible mess you have had to put up with, hope it is soon sorted. Your scrapbook is lovely, a great reminder of your holiday
    Caz xx

  17. Oh dear .. good luck with all of this mess !!!!! I wish you to change your mind this week end ....

  18. I can imagine the smell! At least the railings were pink :-) I'm glad all is sorted now and the time was well spent holding on to memories. Have a wonderful, fragrant free week xx

  19. Beautiful pages mama, your scrapbook is looking amazing, such wonderful memories to share!

  20. Great way to to save your memories
    I need apologise, I thought I have been following your blog and realized just now I haven't. Love your blog so I don't know what happened. Who knows what I've missed. Will not now