Sunday 7 December 2014

Church Farm Museum

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about the wedding.  I have found the whole experience of sharing it with you quite uplifting.  Family and friends are still talking about it which I have found humbling.  The most popular photo on social media has been the vintage bike with the stencilled box full of flowers, one of my favourites too.

Bertie has been a joy to have, we have done some wonderful crafting projects together and read a Christmas themed book each evening.  A real joy.  Yesterday we took him for a visit to The Church Farm Museum in Skegness and spent some quality time visiting a bygone era.  Bertie loved the different crafting sheds particularly the wood turners, he loved the Victorian toys.

We had great fun looking at some of the machinery, the tractors were a real hit.

We had fun in the kitchen warming our hands near the range and icing gingerbread men.

The Christmas tree was a real delight to look at, we loved the paper chains and came home and made some for Bertie's bedroom and the craft room.  Great fun.
There was also a very special visitor in the farmhouse kitchen, warming himself by the range and eating mince pies.

Father Christmas...a truly wonderful experience.  I feel blessed that I was able to share this moment with my Grandson, they were chattering away like old friends.
There was also a delightful tearoom with Christmas Fayre and cakes on sale, Bertie and Grandad had a feast.
Well worth the visit, on the list to go back again when it is a little warmer so that we can enjoy the garden.
See you soon.


  1. Such a nice day with your grandson!

  2. Precious moments...
    Have a cosy week !

  3. How sweet. Look at those eyes. He is just precious!

  4. A lovely memory and great photos from the day. x

  5. so happy you are happy and santa and your son are fast friends, right? I wonder what the conversation was all about? Kids are so cute when they are so little.

  6. What fun - the museum looks so interesting. Isn't history fascinating?!

  7. What a fun place to take small boy! It looks like you even have a dusting of snow to get in the Christmas mood.

  8. Oh this is my kind of place. How fun. I also went back to enjoy your wonderful wedding posts...very sweet and fun to see your family.

  9. It sounds as though you are really enjoying your time together! xx