Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brooch Swap

I have arrived home safely from a wonderful holiday in Florida to a bleak misty morning in Lincolnshire.  However, a parcel has brightened my day containing a beautiful brooch and card from Ailsa at as part of a Spring Brooch Swap organised by Jo at

Both the card and the brooch are beautiful.  I wear a lot of cardigans throughout the year in various thickness's so it will be wonderful to embellish a plain cardigan and make it something very special.  Thank you very much Ailsa, it was a gift very much appreciated.
Unfortunately the photography skills do not match the wonderful skills gone into making the brooch, it looks so much better in the flesh.  Thanks too to Jo who organized the swap, such a wonderful idea.



  1. That is so cute! What a wonderful little present to come home to.

    Amy Jo

  2. The swap has been so much fun hasn't it, I really enjoyed swapping with my partner!! xx

  3. Aren't bloggers great your flower is gorgeous! You did not miss much in Florida today, it was one of those rare cloudy days!


  4. Oh a brooch swap! So neat. Don't you just love blog swaps?
    Thanks for stopping by.