Monday, 3 February 2014

Does it get any better?

 A weekend spent with my 3 daughters and their families, introducing my 4 beautiful grandchildren:

A rare treat for us all to be together.  The children just loved spending time together, I think we may have some budding chefs in the family.  Alternatively it could just be that they all love cake just like there Grandad.  It was a wonderful weekend spent storing memories to treasure forever, does it get any better?


  1. and what gorgeous grandchildren they are! very cute x

  2. Oh how fun to see your little ones. They are just sooooo cute. My grandbaby boy is 6 months old. Looks like you have a parcel of little ones.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Linda Lou

  3. Your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful!!! I love the photo of your grand daughter in her apron and hat. Such a sweet smile!! You must be so proud and feel so blessed!! xo

    ~ Wendy