Thursday, 9 July 2020

Evening Stroll

Good morning, a brighter day here on the Island.  We have plans to mow the lawns today and to give the tyre planters a tidy up.  There are some pots in the indoor garden that need to be brought outside and plants that need potting on into larger pots.  There is always something to do in the garden.  There seems to be a little wind so that should keep the midges away.

Thank you for all you comments on my last post, they make my heart sing that you enjoy visiting my humble space.  There was some interest in the Cunndal Memorial so I thought I would explain.  on the 15th March 1885 a fleet of fishing boats set off in calm weather, by the afternoon 15 miles out to sea they were caught in a gale and made for home.  For many reasons the harbour was inaccessible, 2 boats lost their 6 men to the sea.  All 12 men were from the village of Eoropie.  The body of one man was washed ashore sadly the other 11 were never recovered.  The sea has many a tail to tell and is not for the faint hearted.

On a lighter note after dinner last night we thought a stroll would be nice to walk off some of the calories.  Lockdown has been our excuse for our added pounds now we need to alter our ways and get ourselves a little fitter.  Our chosen spot was once again Eoropie this time parking by the children's park and walking across the meadow to the beach.  My goodness what a feast for the senses.  The meadow was ablaze with colour, you could hear the lambs and the thundering of the waves as they showed their power along the sand.  You could also smell the sea, the salty air encouraging sharp intakes of fresh air.

As we meandered down towards the sea it was like walking across a carpet of flowers, such a beautiful sight.  A mixture of varieties and colour it was a delight.

The water making its way down to flow away with the sea.  Keeping the grassland watered enabling its vibrant colour.  We did try to name all the varieties of flower but there were a couple that we need to look up.  It was nice to see a couple of baby rabbits hopping through the grasses after the past few years of disease amongst them.

Unusual to see someone else on the beach but there was a family walking their dog in the distance.

The different grasses growing through the sand adding to the beauty of this glorious beach.

Even the sheep were a joy to see, walking through the adjoining croft and nestling into one of the sand dunes.  The perfect end to a beautiful walk.  No home bakes today but I have got fresh fruit if you want to sit awhile.  We are allowed to mix a little more now socially distanced and outside, little steps but each step taking us closer to our visit to family.

Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Monday, 6 July 2020


Yet again intermittent internet has kept me away for the past few days.  I am trying to once again catch up.  Scotland is slowly starting to emerge from its cocoon of lockdown so Gerard and I are able to go a little further and chat to other people ensuring  a safe distance of course.  We are looking forward to getting away and catching up with family, my heart yearns to see them.  We have been able to connect over the internet but it is not the same as been able to chat in person.  My arms ache to snuggle up with our grandchildren and catch up with their adventures.  As we are shielding this probably won't happen for awhile yet but we are getting excited about the thought of it.  The ferries have now opened up and some flights have now been reinstated.  Masks are now mandatory on all public transport and in shops so I have once again made a stack to pass around the village.

I also have several more cut, pinned and ready to sew.

Our daughter has now moved into her new home that they had built so it was a joy to hear our little Grandaughters voice Honey asking me to make her a table cover for her bedroom.  She selected the fabric and trim and it was quickly made up for her.  I also added a mini noticeboard using the same fabric.

Saturday I always prepare our meal for Sunday which this week was roast chicken with all the trimmings.  I  also made quiches and a chocolate cake.

The quiches were made using the eggs from our own chickens and spring onions fresh from the garden.  It is such a delight when we use things we have grown ourselves.  Sadly, we will never become self sufficient but we try to grow some things ourselves.

We do keep having showers and even the odd downpour of rain so you will need a rain coat but it is nice to have a stroll along the machair by Eoropie which is ablaze with colour at the moment. Come along with me...

The ever changing colours of the machair, the sea, the moorland as we go through the seasons adds to the joy of living here.  The natural beauty and colour is  reflected in the making of the tweed which is made on the looms in many of the crofters outbuildings.  The smell of the peat burning in the fireplaces and wafting up the chimneys permeating around the village also adds to the beauty.  All of the senses are treated with the rich majesty of living here.  We are rich and have been fortunate to have found our forever home.  Are you still on your adventures through life or have you found your forever home yet?

Take care and stay safe in these uncertain and very strange times.

See you soon.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Another Magical Tour

A mixed few days weather wise, the sun shining one minute the next a downpour.  How quickly those darkened clouds pass over.  At least we can judge a little when to go out for a walk without getting too wet.  Although we have been caught out on occasion.  This time you might need a thin jacket or sweater but put on your walking shoes and I will take you on a little tour of the beach off the main road at North Dell. 

We took the car down a single track road that was very steep and full of pots holes, quite the experience but well worth it when you got to see the view at the end of the track.  It was quite rocky to start but then once you had navigated the water there was a great expanse of sand.

It was fun to sit awhile and take in the air, there is nothing quite like the deep breaths of sea air filling your lungs.  Once again we were the only ones there which made the experience even sweeter.

Hope you have enjoyed our little walk out and are beginning to feel the magic of this little Island. As always I thank you for your visit here to this blog and to your uplifting comments.  Thank you Vee for your little ditty on my last post it made me smile.  I also thank Amalia for your suggestion of magnets on the clothes pegs I think that is a wonderful idea.  Sustainablemum asked for the recipe of chive vinegar.  I literally pick chives with their glorious flowers and pour over distilled vinegar and leave it to stand for about 21 days before using on salad or as a base for dressing.

The enormous egg turned out to be single yolk but very large...I must admit I was half expecting it to be a double yolker!  Sadly I can't welcome you indoors but I can offer you a seat outside and some fresh cheese straws straight from the oven.

Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Monday, 29 June 2020


What a storm we had on Saturday, thunder and lightening lighting up the skies and roaring around the cottage.  Almighty claps of thunder followed by explosive light across the sky.  Taking out the power for a few seconds several times.   It certainly cleared the air which had been quite humid for a few hours earlier.  Once the storm passed it became quite misty and the glorious red started to emerge over the outbuilding.  Not a great photo but it was a glorious sight.

Saturday, we had a walk around the village chatting over the fences for awhile with our neighbours and a couple of friends stopping to chat a while.  We were glad to get out before once again the rain started.  Back to the kitchen to put together a fruit cake, using up some dried fruit that was almost out of date.  A Delia Smith recipe used that has been a faithful recipe for many years producing a moist cake that gets better the longer it stands.

Intermittent rain stopped any further adventures outside so an exploration of the craft room began.  Now much tidier and organised making it easier to find and indeed replenish things as required.   I began to experiment decorating clothes pegs and what fun I had.

 I thought these may be an ideal addition to the top of some Christmas gifts and a fun way to attach the label to a gift.  They don't take long to make either so I don't need to get started with them too early.  I can enjoy the season.  I then went on to make a tassel for my poetry journal made from ribbon, lace, jute and beads.  Another very quick but fun project that would make a wonderful addition to a gift package.  I enjoyed the process and also managed to sort out beads and charms that have been languishing for awhile.

The chives are the best I have ever seen them at the moment so I intend to go out and pick some ready to make some chive vinegar ready for salads.  I also wanted to share with you the size of this egg, it was enormous...ooch!

All ready boxed to take over to my neighbour who regularly bakes us scones a great exchange.  There was a collection for the food bank at Church this week, I feel saddened that so many people are in need at this time through no fault of their own.  It as a great excuse to sort out the kitchen cupboards and storage and give them a good clean in the process.  This epidemic has been so far reaching I ponder these days what 'normal' is and what the future indeed looks like...

Hope all is well with you.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.