Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Garden Planning

 I have been busy with making notice boards.  This one is a reminder board most suitable for a kitchen, using a vintage harvest fabric and butterflies and buttons on wooden pegs.  It  would be great to clip shopping lists and appointment cards.

This board was made with photographs in mind for a bedroom, using vintage style boots and cameos

 for the pegs.  I love the vibrant colour of the gingham.

The garden has been uppermost in our minds.  My husband and I have spent many an hour planning and researching what to plant this year.  Tomatoes are a definite we were really successful with them last year both in grow bags and tumbling toms in hanging baskets on the back fence.  We did have a lot of tomatoes that didn't ripen so they were picked and made into cucumber and green tomato relish.  A huge success with the family for cold cuts.  We grew beetroot in an old dustbin and pots, which again were a great success so beetroot is on the definite list.  We are going to do marigolds to put in with the tomatoes to use as a deterrent for bugs.  We are not bothering with the potato barrels this year as we found they were not cost effective.  Cabbage was a struggle because of the slugs and we really are against using slug pellets.  Broad beans and runner beans we are going to try in one of the raised beds along with some Royal Chantenay carrots.  We are definitely having a bed of mixed lettuce green leaves and rocket, it was so useful last year just been able to go out of the back door and pick a selection of lettuce and herbs.  I am still using herbs that I dried out from last year.  Shallots were good and we did manage to pickle some, but for some reason the onions were a disaster.  We have got some of the seeds already as they were free with my husbands grow your own magazine.  A subscription gift from our eldest daughter, we call it the gift that keeps giving.  We are getting there, we now just need to consolidate our plans and make a list of when to start sowing seeds and then get on with it.

Have you started to plan your gardens/veggie plots yet?

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