Sunday, 23 April 2017

Here She Is...

 So many of you are keen to share the joy of our new home so here she is warts and all.  She is in desperate need of some sprucing up, painting and the guttering replacing BUT she has stolen our hearts.  Over time she will be transformed from the ugly ducking into a beautiful swan.  Already we have made a difference to the inside.  I have made curtains, throws and table linen for the lounge.  Gerard has been busy painting a trunk and side table so we are making progress.

Ta Dah...

We have been to the local Historical Society, Comunn Eachdraidh Nis in Gaelic which has a local history archive and a small museum to do some research on the cottage.  It appears that the outbuilding was the original cottage and the newer cottage was built in 1920.  It was a joy to look at some of the photographs through the years of people who have lived and worked the Croft.  The croft leads down to the sea but we have yet to explore the paths down.  If I stand on tip toes, bearing in mind how short I am I can just about see the sea from the attic landing window, Gerard obviously has a better view.
I will share this with you again when the weather is a little better.
We went to the local car boot sale yesterday which made us both smile.  It consisted of 5 cars so not at all what we have been used to.  There was bacon/egg rolls and tea/coffee for £2 available in the school canteen, it would have been rude not to...and the perfect place to chat.  I met a lovely lady who moved here a couple of years ago who is keen to start a knitting/yarn group locally so I am meeting up with her next week.
So far our move has been everything that we had hoped for and more.  There is plenty of work to do to transform our cottage back to its former glory, but we are certainly enjoying the process.  It will of course take time but that is one thing we have in abundance.
See you soon.

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Adventure Begins...

I am living the dream, we have been living in ur new home for the past two weeks and loving it.  We had an amazing trip to Florida which I will share at a later date.  The phone and internet were connected yesterday so I will catch up with you all as soon as I can.  We drove up through the night enabling us to catch the first ferry out from Ullapool.  With hindsight it is not something we would do again we missed out so much on the beautiful views driving through the stunning landscapes at night.  It was breath taking getting our first glimpse of Ullapool despite the dreary weather.  The sea looked rather choppy but we coped quite well.  The dog was on his best behaviour thank goodness, I think he was just pleased to be back with us.

The ferry trip took two and half hours but passed really quickly as we chatted to other dog owners in the dog lounge.
We have moved into our little croft cottage and are now making it feel like home, a little bit at a time.  We have some wonderful neighbours who have made us feel most welcome, bringing us soup and scones on our first day and an abundance of coffee and biscuits.  We both feel at peace and settled.  Our nearest neighbours and view from our windows are a delight.

Mickey, the dog struggled a little for the first couple of days but is now quite happy to ignore them.  We are blessed with some beautiful views and are looking forward to exploring the Island.  There have been a few issues, it hasn't all been plain sailing.  There was no oil and then a problem with the boiler, electric power cuts and a leaking sink.  Despite it all we are happy and settling in well.

The view from the bedroom window, on the ground floor a huge bonus for Gerard not having to climb the stairs.

The outbuilding is enormous and will be a mammoth task, but we have great plans to convert it to a craft room for me, a workshop for Gerard and then around the back a potting shed and indoor garden.   We are excited about the project but will get the house sorted first and enjoy our surroundings for awhile.

I will update you as we progress with our Hebridean adventure.  I thank you all for your comments on previous posts and emails I will get back to you as soon as I can.   Looking forward to catching up.  See you soon.