Monday, 22 October 2018

Paintbox Giveaway

I was thrilled last week when I had an email from Jennifer over at telling me that I had won her giveaway, sponsored by  10 100g balls of Paintbox DK, how exciting.  That same day I received another email to let me know the code for choosing my 10 balls.  Decisions, decisions...what fun I had looking though the website.  Finally I chose the yarn I wanted to make a little treat for myself, it arrived on Saturday.  I was delighted with my package which included a pattern and another discount coupon, well it would be rude not to use it, so another browse and another project planned.

Anyway, here is the said package.  I loved how it came in a organza bag which added to the luxury.

A while ago I crocheted a beautiful shawl using the West Yorkshire Spinners winter warmers pattern.  It is my intention to crochet the same shawl using my new stash  of yarn.  A wonderful reminder of a generous blogger friend.

This is the one I did previously which is for a gift.  Sadly crochet is a little slow at the moment as I am only able to do a few rows at a time due to the pain in my shoulder.  A few rows here and there soon mount up so I am pleased with the progress I am making on my current project.  I am about half the way up the blanket and enjoying working on it across my knees as the temperatures here are starting to drop.

I intend to do a border on it but haven't decided on which one yet, something plain just to tidy up the edges I am thinking.  What are you working on at the moment?

The chickens have settled in well and are enjoying strutting around and making friends with my neighbour.

See you soon.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Christmas Gift Toppers

Gerard was humbled by all your comments, emails and well wishes and thanks you all for your concern.  His feet and legs are swollen and he is struggling to walk even with his walking stick.  He was seen by the GP earlier today and given a steroid injection, which hopefully will give him a lift.  Time will tell, he is dozing in the chair at them moment so I am trying to keep the noise to a minimum so's not to disturb him.

I have been enjoying myself making a start on the toppers for our Christmas gifts, it is hard to find something different to do each year.  I made some little cotton bags and  using a stamp and ink embellished them, filled them with some dried lavender buds and tied them with some natural twine. 

They smell wonderful and will be useful for a drawer or wardrobe after Christmas.

Next came some twine angels, which I had a little fun with using some oddments that I had in a drawer, this would make a nice activity to do with the children.

Several of these were made with the addition  of a little bow to hide the wire.

I used some curtain rings to make some mini wreaths, I thought these would look good hanging of a parcel wrapped in brown paper.  Simple but effective.

They quickly multiplied and will add another dimension to the gift.  A little gift in itself.

Simply tie strips of fabric onto the ring and trim accordingly.  A start has been made and I must admit I am enjoying the process, the only thing missing is the Christmas music but I was trying to be quiet.

We have had some beautiful red skies the past few evenings, which is a joy.  The ever changing skies are always a delight to see. 

The nights are drawing in earlier and earlier.  We are losing the light quite quickly now and the temperatures are dropping as the darkness descends, nothing beats the glow of the fire from the multi fuel stove giving us both warmth and light.  We have no real plans for the weekend, maybe a little drive tomorrow if Gerard is up to it.  Have you any plans?

See you soon.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Sandalwood Soap

Another day and this time another soap.  I needed something a little more masculine so that  I had a additional gift for the men in my life.  This time still using melt and pour so nothing to taxing a scent of Sandalwood added and little orange colouring.

I did have fun with the swirls which adds a little interest to the finished product.  Alcohol rubbing oil was sprayed over them and became the glue which keeps the whole thing together.  I did have difficulty locating it as the chemist in town didn't stock it and when I tried to order it on line they wouldn't deliver to the Island.  Those that would the postal charges were more than the spray.  All is well that ends well, I have some now.

The orange section at the bottom was an argon oil based melt and pour that I added a little orange colouring to.

Packed in cellophane and tied with some natural twine.

We are going to have an easy day today, I may do a little crafting but Gerard has had a flare up of RA.  It is affecting his ankles and knees and he his struggling so we will keep warm and rest today.  Tomorrow is another day.

Hope all is well with you.

See you soon.

Monday, 15 October 2018

...More Gift Bags

Yesterday we spent time with our neighbours enjoying the communion service and then lunch.  We took the dessert which was a simple fruit salad trifle with mixed nuts and chocolate topping.  Along with a fruit tart, a layer of custard, then peaches and kiwi fruit topped with jelly.  It seemed to go down very well.

It is the final Thanksgiving service this evening, we certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

I am still working on gift bags and have completed another three.  Another games bag, which is a toss game with pirate bean bags.

Mine were filled with dried peas.

I had some fun trying to stick on the google eyes, for some reason they wouldn't stay on.  I finally got the hot glue gun out and they are fixed on fine now.

The other two are a little smaller and are bags for storing hair accessories, the ribbons down the back are for attaching hair clips.  The pockets for slides and bows.

I am certainly having fun making these bags, which are indeed a gift in themselves.  I always try to include a little something that I have made, that is always filled with love.  Sadly, as the extended family expands each year we are having to cut back a little.  The burden of buying gifts for everyone is getting too much, bringing some reality and meaning back to what Christmas is really about is important and certainly not expensive gifts.

I have a busy week planned this week making a batch of soap for men, I have some sandalwood fragrance I want to try.  More bags, of course.  Tags, cards, the list goes on.  Have you started your Christmas gifts yet?

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Wet And Wild

I am glad to say that all is well here in our little cottage.  Storm Callum hit with a vengeance yesterday and through the night.  There was a 60 - 80 mph damaging wind making for a noisy night as it rattled and pounded against the stone walls.  There was an Amber warning for localised flooding in Stornoway and 27 of the 28 routes of ferry cancelled.  We have woke to a dreary and overcast morning but we have been rewarded with such a beautiful sky.

The girls have settled in well and have been out exploring their new environment.  Mickey goes down with us but isn't bothered about them at all, so we are thrilled. 

I have had some raspberries soaking in  a mix of distilled vinegar and white wine vinegar for a taste of Summer through the Winter months. (About 4 days)

It was bottled yesterday, along with some chilli oil.

Red cabbage was shredded and divided between the colander and slow cooker.  The cabbage in the colander salted and left overnight all ready to be rinsed off and packed in jars ready for the pickling vinegar.  The slow cooker cabbage cooked with pears and port all ready for braised read cabbage for the freezer.

As it is Communion weekend here in our little corner of the world I have been busy baking for the wonderful occasion and fellowship throughout the weekend.  A shoulder joint of pork in the slow cooker for pulled pork.  Mixed grain bread in the breadmaker.  A large pan of broth bubbling away on the stove top.  Quiches, all ready to be cut.  Mince pies with a crumble, nutty top and banana bread.

I am now going to make a fruit tart and a trifle to take for desert when we go to our friends and neighbours for lunch tomorrow.  A wet and wild few days that doesn't compare to the devastation occurring around the World.  We have a lot to be thankful for 

A warm welcome to new followers, I hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.