Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Impeding Visitors

Today is the day...Today is the day that Victoria and the boys arrive, I am so excited, in fact I am beyond excited but I haven't the vocabulary.  Gerard left sometime ago to get the first ferry across to the mainland to keep them company so they won't be here at the cottage until this evening.  I have plenty of time to finish off a few jobs and do some baking.  The beds are all made up ready and I have got their favourite toys out as well as a few new additions.  Grandchildren are for spoiling!

We have been busy with some indoor jobs so the outside painting as been put on hold, we will be getting back to it soon.  I have painted some more rocks from the beach to hold the doors and bins down, the winds here are quite strong.  I am led to believe that if it is not tied down it will disappear, so we are mindful of leaving things out and are getting good at clearing everything away on an evening.  The wind does keep the midges away, but they have been quite prolific once or twice so not an ideal place for a BBQ.

The bathroom has finally been finished, just need to put the curtain pole up and hang the drape.  Hopefully I will get that done this afternoon when I have finished the baking and such in the kitchen.  We are looking for some driftwood or an oar for its crowning glory and then a new bathrug to give it some colour. 



We forgot to but the spacers when we were in Stornoway, so we had to compromise and use matchsticks, we are getting quite good at it.


I made a rag wreath and added a few embellishments to fit the theme, the photographs are not really doing it justice as the light is not good but the overall finish is lovely.  I am quite pleased with it all.  We make a good team, as long as I am the gaffer LOL!


The sheep around and about have been sheared, some are really have bad hair days!  Sadly the ones I have seen that make me smile I haven't had my camera with me.  I must start keeping a small one in my pocket.  So today I will finish with some beautiful skies.

I will be back soon with photos of the boys.  As always thank you so much for your comments and encouragement.  I hope you are all having a good day.
See you soon.

Monday, 10 July 2017


Thankfully the weather was not amazing which gave us the perfect excuse to stop painting, we were both in dire need of a rest.  All the hard work was beginning to take its toil, so we have done very little all weekend with regards to the cottage.  We have watched a couple of Christmas in July films that we recorded, mindless TV that doesn't require any thinking about but are uplifting for the spirit.  We have read a little, chatted a lot and started planning and booking our Nov/Dec Florida holiday.  The beloved Christmas book has been out too.

We have decided that it will be small, quick craft gifts this year alongside something shop bought.  We have prioritised the cottage this year and making it as comfortable as possible.  I did browse a couple of Christmas books for some inspiration for tags and cards but to no avail.  I want the cards to have an Island link so I am thinking Harris Tweed as the main focus.  I would also like the present topper to be Harris Tweed but as yet have come up with very little, apart from brooches in Christmas colours.
Since moving Mickey has taken to making life as comfortable as possible for himself.  I have been trying to train him back into his bed, telling him he his a floor dweller. 
But to no avail, he prefers a chair and who can blame him...
...he even adjusts the cushions.  He is one clever dog.
Finally as promised, naked sheep.  Shearing has begun!

The process has begun, it is a wonderful thought thinking that their coats will become the infamous Harris Tweed, or some stunning wool for knitting and crochet projects.  How was your weekend?
See you soon.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

An Lanntair Open Exhibition

A beautiful day with blue skies and some rather unusual cloud formations and although I still felt a little chilly and once again wore long sleeves, neighbours could be seen in short sleeves.  Temperatures reached 16 today which apparently is good for this time of year.  I am led to believe that although the temperatures are not as high as the mainland in the summer months, they are not as low in the winter months.  There is rarely any snow or frosts.  We are slowing getting the outside painted which is a wonderful sense of achievement for us both.  One wall at a time...

A slow process but we are getting there.  We have the two main side walls left to do but rain is forecast for tomorrow so as I say, a slow process.  We will be working on the bathroom until we can get back outside.  We do take plenty of breaks,  taking a rest and doing a little crafting.  I have made a bag for the guest bedroom for storage purchases, it looks good with the new hanger.
It was good to be able to look through the stash of fabric to find something suitable.
The art exhibition on Saturday was a joy to stroll around, there are many talented artists on the Island.  It was difficult to choose a favourite they all offered something different but in the end I think due to my love of yarn/sheep this was the winner for me.
Sadly there are a lot of reflections on the pictures but I think you can see the very high standards. 


This last one a tapestry, such talent.  When you consider the population of Lewis/Harris 20,500 people at the last census there are a lot of very talented artistic people. 
Shearing seems to be the focus of many at the moment I will get some photos shortly of them without their coats.  In the meantime I happened across some black sheep on my back from town that I will leave you with today.

Aren't they a delight.  We have started to countdown the sleeps until Victoria arrives with the boys, we are so excited.  Have you any plans for the summer?
Once again thank you for your comments and encouragement I am really enjoying sharing my little adventures through life on this beautiful Island that we now call home.
See you soon.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Weekend Escapades

Saturday, the day started overcast and dreary so it was obvious that no outside work was going to get done.  Painting the exterior of this cottage is turning out to be a mammoth task, not least because of the weather conditions.  We decided a break was the order of the day and so off we went into Stornoway for a stroll around the charity shops and lunch out at An Lanntair.

We certainly got lucky with some bits for the children in preparation for them visiting, it is always nice to have a few new things for them to enjoy as well as the familiar.

Mannequin dolls  to dress and design clothes for.
I came home and made a little storage bag to keep them in.

A jigsaw puzzle still in its wrapper for £2.  With the release of the new Minion film I thought this was perfect for them.
I also managed to pick up 2 Lego sets, that are complete for £1 each.  Lego is so expensive and rare to see in a charity shop so these are a wonderful addition.
I also picked up a couple of patterns for my collection for 10p each.  I have had to be quite firm with myself and limit the amount that I buy there are so many patterns available.

There was a wonderful art exhibition at An Lanntair which I will share with you on another post.  The views from the restaurant are a delight you can see across the harbour and watch the comings and goings of the little boats.  The ferry was just coming in so there was also a lot of fun people watching as they arrived onto the Island.

The highlight of our day was to catch the Lewis Pipe Band around the town, they really are an amazing sight and play so well.  I took some photos but with hindsight should have taken a video so that you could have heard them.

All in all a wonderful day out and not the dreary day we had anticipated.  There was still a lot of people out cutting peat and the shearing has started in earnest, so a busy time for Crofters around the Island.

In rows drying out ready to be taken back to the croft for stacking.  We have peat rights apparently but sadly we have neither the skill or the strength to cut them.  On cooler days it is a joy to walk around the village and see the smoke coming out of the chimneys with the beautiful smell of the peat burning.  I don't think I will ever tire of the beauty that enhances my senses on this amazing Island.

We have started work indoors on the doors for the outbuildings, repairing them and staining them.  Hard work but it will all be worth it in the end.

Finally, a little friend popped his head through the fence to say hello...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the weather was good for you.  Back to the grindstone, I have washing that needs hanging out and a paintbrush with my name on it.  I will catch up with you all later.

See you soon.