Monday, 10 February 2014

Weekend Trifling

Remember these?  Well to finish off that package I made some wide bias binding out of the blue spot Cath Kidston fabric and edged a bath mat.

I impressed myself with that.  Finally the big reveal, my daughters made over bathroom....
I think she's done a pretty good job.

My husband and I spent the weekend catching up with odd jobs that needed  doing and then planting up a whole load of seeds.  The end result seed trays everywhere, at one point they even overtook my dining room.

There isn't a window sill that hasn't got a seed tray or pots on it.  This to me is the signal of spring, of the promise of what is to come.  Not long and we will have a glimpse of them, pushing through the soil.  It certainly is one of God's miracles giving us food from a small seed.
Finally I thought I would share this:

Not just any old trifle....

A trifle topped with Colman's mustard chocolate, a feast for the eyes and for the taste buds.  A surprising little kick to the sweetness of all that cream.  A very nice Sunday afternoon tea treat, made all the nicer because the chocolate was a gift from our eldest daughter who actually lives in Norwich where the Colman's mustard is made. 
Have a great week.