Saturday, 19 January 2019

H.M.Y. Iolaire

It is the centenary of the Iolaire which I have spoke about on this blog a few times.  Men returning from the war safe and sound only to die in the sea as the ship hit the rocks so close to the shore.  There were and still are many stories abound about the heroism and  the following years hardship of the families who had lost men in this tragedy.   There have been many services and exhibitions to honour all those who were lost.  At An Lanntair there is a display from the artist Margaret Ferguson who was commissioned to paint those lost from old photographs.

  It was heart wrenching to see these paintings, it certainly made it real and highlighted how young these men were.

Each loss of life represented by a stone around the cart.

The library also have a display, which makes for some interesting reading.

There is also a wonderful display in the Chemist window to honour and to remember this disaster.

The most striking is the memorial that has now been built .  A slate engraving and stone cairn at Carn Gardens.  

The stone cairn included stones to represent each man lost and were collected from the home villages of each of the 201 sailors lost.

What a beautiful place to sit and remember the bravery and heroism of these young men.

On a lighter note the chickens are doing really well and all are now laying.  We are getting six eggs a day which delights the neighbours as I pass them around.  They are such fun and we spend many a happy hour watching their antics from the window.

My daughter treated us to a plant depicting the talking tree from Efteling on our recent trip, it survived two ferry trips and the long drive home.

My plan for today is to now make a start on the my Christmas scrapbook before some of the little details are forgotten.  A walk also seems a possibility as the sun is shining down and enticing us outside.  What have you got planned?

As always I thank you for your visit to my humble blog and for your uplifting comments.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

What A Difference A Day Makes

What a difference a day makes...  Prior to last night, it had rained on and off for  three days creating in some places very large puddles.  The soak away's too were beginning to fill and the side of the roads pooling.

Last night the temperatures dropped and the winds began there little dance, softly stirring against the window until within in a few minutes it reached its full force and withdrew only to crash against the window once more.  It was like a wave constantly pounding the shore.  As I looked out of the window, a mix of ice/snow began to fall and joined the wind to remind us that the elements are changeable and powerful.

Overnight the winds have dried up the puddles, leaving in its place a little ice but no trace of the snow that fell.

As I look once again out of the window, the snow is falling softly and now creating a wonderful white blanket on the ground.  The stove is already lit and the flames are dancing behind the glass ensuring that we are warm and cosy in our little cottage.

I have just made two varieties of soup so that they can be warmed on the stove in the event of a power cut.  Leek and sweet potato with a hint of nutmeg...

...tomato and basil.

A loaf of wholemeal bread has just been taken out of the breadmaker to go along with it.

 As I look out of the window the snow has stopped and Mother Natures white blanket once again removed.  I am so thankful that I have no reason to leave the cosiness of this cottage today instead I will admire Gods bounty from the window.   The perfect sort of day for sitting by the stove with a crochet project around my knees and a good film.   What are your plans for today?

See you soon.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


My goodness, this past month or so I have been inundated with gifts and such generous acts of kindness.  I have had an abundance of cards in all its guises and thank all those that sent me one from the bottom of my heart.  They made my heart sing and lifted my spirit.  Your gifts have also been so generous and thoughtful and thank you doesn't seem enough but that is all I have.

Neighbours have been so generous both prior to Christmas and since our return.  Only yesterday a very tasty fruit cake and scones appeared.  A little later we heard the knocker and there was a lovely bunch of flowers.  Our hens were looked after whilst we were away and on our return there was a welcoming lamp on and the stove lit, home sweet home made so warm and cosy by a thoughtful friend and neighbour.

In amidst the abundance of mail we came across a card which enclosed a photo of our little cottage with the sun setting over it, glorious red skies over a newly painted cottage.  It was an amazing sight, breathtaking in its beauty, made all the better by the generosity of our neighbours daughter who was visiting took the photo and then had it printed as a gift.  We intend to have it enlarged or made into a canvas such is its beauty.  We feel blessed to be part of not only the wonderful blogging community but our local community as well.

Friends and family know me so well and this is reflected in the gifts that have been bestowed upon me.  Gifts, given with love.

My love of all things Disney is well documented, so it was a joy to receive these amazing craft sets a double whammy, Disney and craft.

A generous gift to start felting, not something I have done before but has been on my to do list for awhile.  I also received a book to get me started along with another love of mine crochet, another double whammy.

Ribbons and laces are a great passion so it was joy to see so much of it in my Christmas parcels.

Fabric, wooden letters and a light box added to the amazing collection of craft gifts bestowed upon me.  How blessed I am to receive such an abundance of gifts.  I am already making lists of projects I want to get started on, using the eclectic mix of gifts I have been given.  I love to browse patterns and books and find inspiration in things that surround us.  Even the crochet shawls I am working on at the moment have been inspired by the colours of the sea and the living moor that dominate this beautiful Island.

Finally yarn has been gifted from various sources, another eclectic mix of colours and thickness's to add to the creative juices.

I am one very lucky lady and appreciate everything that I am gifted, some of the drawings drawn by our Grandchildren are treasured keepsakes and will be included into my Christmas scrapbook.  Another project on my to do list. 

Hope all is well with you.  A huge thank you for visit to my blog and your comments, another form of generosity that I appreciate so much.

See you soon.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Crochet Projects

We  have woken up to another grey gloomy day, grey and overcast.   Eventually turning to rain not conducive for the walk along the beach that we had planned.  Instead we have lit the stove and intend to occupy ourselves in our warm, dry and cosy little cottage.  We have jigsaws that were gifts for Christmas to get started on.  I also have three crochet projects on the go. One is a slow burner, Bertie's blanket which is not portable so perfect for a gloomy day like today.  I can work on it across my knee and keep warm.

I also have two Bryony triangular wraps on the go, using different colour combinations.  These were started on our trip away as they are great portable projects and perfect for the ferry.

I love the simplicity of the main body of the shawl so therefore perfect for travel and chatting.  However, the shawl introduces lots of new stitches, so the border I need to concentrate on a little more.  Both are close to finishing so I have started browsing patterns for my next portable project.  It is nice to have something that can be taken when we have hospital appointments or travel.  It has been a delight sorting through all the yarn my Mum gave me.  I would like to make something for myself so that I can think of her when I am wearing/using it.  Certainly a wrap springs to mind it would be like having a hug from her.

Do you like to have several projects on the go or do you stick to one project at a time?

See you soon.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Christmas 2018 Part 3

The last leg of our trip away was spent in the North East of England with our youngest daughter and her little family.  We had called in on our way down to drop off gifts and relax awhile before our onward drive so it wasn't a surprise to see how much the girls had grown.

We crammed a lot into the time we were there and were spoilt with good food and treats.  We had a trip to Sunderland to catch the sales and have a wander.  Although the main purpose was to go to the theatre to see Peter Pan.

The girls got lucky with a couple of trinkets bought with some of their Christmas money.  There was some wonderful architecture to admire as it was a City that I have never visited before.  The old Fire station had been turned into a bar/restaurant which looked amazing.  There appeared to be quite a few regeneration projects, it was a joy to see neglected buildings repurposed.

The Peter Pan Pantomime was a delight, the traditional he's behind and you and such made for a fun afternoon.  The girls were such fun to be with and loved every moment.

They loved photo bombing, a trick learnt from Granny when we were messing around with the camera whilst waiting for the show to begin.

The show was worth the wait.

Sisterly love...

A trip to the Cinema at Hartlepool to see Mary Poppins Returns.  We all enjoyed it and what a delight it was to listen to the girls chatting about it afterwards, a joy to see and hear them so animated.

Finally a visit to the Park and beach a must do when new scooters need to be tested out.  Even Granny was allowed a turn.  I must admit to quite enjoying the experience, once I had got the hang of  swivelling my hips.

The park another adventure that Granny enjoys joining in with.

Fun and laughter, games and play dough made for a wonderful visit.  Lots of treasured memories made.

Back to normality...

Mickey is getting back to normal and has earned a good rest after his long trip.

Sweet dreams...

All in all a wonderful Christmas, spent with all the family and making some amazing memories to treasure and keep us going until we see them again.  It is my intention to have some of the photos printed so that I can make a start on a Christmas scrapbook ensuring that we capture the fun.

I have a long list of future projects that I am eager to get started on but for now the duster and vacuum cleaner are calling.  Our little cottage is in need of a good clean from top to bottom and I have some urgent thank you letters to get started on.

See you soon.