Saturday, 16 February 2019

Glorious Red Skies

This morning we have awoke to another dreich day, damp and misty not tempting me to go out at all.  So I think it will be a craft day today, working on some of the things that I have started.  Although we do have plans for a film and curry evening tonight. 

I have been working on a lacy Spring cowl for a gift using alpaca yarn left over from another project.  It just needs to be stitched/crocheted into the round.

I will show you it when it is finished.  I love how delicate the pattern is and will due to its neutral colour go with any outfit.

I am also working on a crochet wreath, a start has been made on covering the wreath.  I am using wool from local sheep and spun on the Island.  It has numerous colours through it and reminds me of the ever changing colours of the moorland.

I have already made some flowers using vintage lace and buttons from my massive collection.

It is now my intention to crochet some flowers.

I have just finished another flower brooch, this time with the addition of a ladybird button.  I like to have a small gift ready now and again for a little friend and neighbour who I craft with on occasion.

There has been some progress made on Honey's blanket, albeit slowly.

I am also plodding along with my Christmas scrapbook and have been enjoying the process.  Making some cards for the next few months is on the list to do.  So plenty to be getting on with and keep me busy.

Yesterday we awoke to beautiful red skies and sat for sometime looking out of the window nursing a cup of tea.  It was spectacular and in truth the photos do not do it justice.

A beautiful awakening.

As always I thank you for your visit and hope you find something of interest, I also thank you for your uplifting comments.  A warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Yesterday we had to go over the moor I had a physio appointment for my shoulder.  I thought it would be an opportunity to take some photos as we drove over.  I took umpteen photos some better than others.  It was a dreich old day, meaning dreary, gloomy, beak and miserable. 

The fret, which is a chilly and damp mist coming in from the sea did nothing to enhance the photos.  Yet, despite all that when you take a closer look there was a lot to see and find that was indeed beautiful.  The stone walls were a delight.  Who knows how long these stones have been there...all hand lifted into place.  A dry stone wall is indeed a skill and plentiful on this Island.

Livestock still needs to be looked after whatever the weather.  It was a delight to see sheep wandering the croft in such a beautiful setting.  They soon gathered together when food was involved.

Gloomy it may well have been but still a beautiful day whatever the weather.  How do you view it?  Can you see the beauty or do you see the gloom?

A warm welcome to new followers I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  I seem to have lost a few and then gained a few so not sure what is going on.  Thank you for your visit to my little space in blogland and for your uplifting comments.

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Monday, 11 February 2019


The engineer arrived and was able to do a simple repair to the boiler but we were only able to have hot water or heating not both.  As we have the stove we opted for hot water.  The part needed was order and arrived this morning, Gerard drove to Stornoway this morning to collect it and now we are waiting for the engineer to come and fully repair it.  Apparently the boiler is coming to the end of its life but with the repairs may give us another couple of years.  Time will tell, it is worth a try on the repair.

There has been a project languishing in a bag for some time and as I was looking for a Birthday present I thought this finished would be the perfect gift.

It took no time at all to finish it, sew in the ends and block.

I don't know why I left it so long to finish it.  I then crocheted a brooch to go with it.  Made with love and perfect for the gift needed.

The sheep are in the field now right next to the house.  I believe they are to be scanned this week, lamb season coming around again where does the tie go?

A quiet weekend but lots achieved.  Several more rows have been done on Honeys quilt, I am enjoying the easy pattern and the calming colour combination.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

See you soon.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Crochet Blankets

Drum roll please...

Bertie's blanket is finished.  It has taken awhile to crochet but it is filled with love and all ready for when he visits in April.

Two rows of dc
One row of tr
Two rows of dc   forms the pattern throughout.

A border added to give added interest and neaten it all off.

Rolled and tied off with a ribbon and a wooden handmade button added.

Now a start has been made on Honey's, a few rows each evening will soon make it grow.  I am hoping to have it ready before she visits.  I would like them to have their gift together.

I have sorted out the yarn that I want to use, it may need a little more pink adding to the mix.  Time will tell.

We had planned to go for a drive this morning but unfortunately the boiler has sprung a leak so we have no heat or hot water.  We have lit the stove so at least one room is warm.  We are now waiting for the plumber.  We are hoping it can be repaired but feel we may have to invest in a new one.

From the kitchen this week, basil oil and mixed herb oil. 

Chicken casserole is on the menu for this evening with some green beans and broccoli.  Yummy!  I plan to do a roast pork dinner with stuffing and all the trimmings for tomorrow.  Do you still have a Sunday roast?  It seems quite an old fashioned thing these days...

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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

This and That

The ever changing weather patterns continue here on the Isle of Lewis, today we are back to rain with a great rise in temperature.  We have still lit the stove, but I must admit to been a little warm.  It may be prudent to let it go down a little.  Once again I have made a nice broth soaking a dried broth mix overnight and then adding fresh vegetables to bulk it out,  Warming and delicious, a wonderful combination with either scones or malted bread.

I used the bread making machine to make an orange cake and cooked it on the cake setting.  Obviously it came out quite deep and was rather an unusual shape to add some frosting or sweet but tasty none the less.

As the hens are laying well so...
we are having 6 eggs every day, we have an abundance of eggs despite giving friends and neighbours some.  As a treat at the weekend I made meringue to take as a desert to neighbours that had invited us to lunch.  They turned out quite well and I made an Eton mess using mandarins rather than berries.

It was indeed very tasty and didn't last very long.

The hens are having a ball at the moment having free range to the garden and have no problem with the sheep over the fence.  They have once again been put to the ram and are due to be scanned this week.  

Although not Crofters ourselves, it is a delight to watch the sheep and the calendar of events around a Crofters life.

Bertie's blanket is almost finished one more round on the border and it will be done.  I have already sorted out the nest lot of yarn ready for Honey's blanket and will share them both in a later post.  What are you working on at the moment?

From my previous post:

The building overlooking the sea sadly is not inhabited the views would be spectacular.

The lighthouse is closed to the public and so it is not possible to walk up to the top.  It is now automated so the Light keepers accommodation is also empty.

There are a lot of fisherman use the local Port and yes indeed the catch is sold locally.  We don't go fishing ourselves.

As always I thank you for your visit and for your comments.

See you soon.