Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Yet Another Box

Another dismal day, overcast with grey skies although not cold.  So today is the day, a start is going to be made on the shed and the workshop we may need rescuing there is so much in there.  Half finished projects that have been long forgotten I suspect will be unearthed but time will tell.  There is certainly a large collection of tools that need to be sorted but this is a long job so it is our intention to do a little at a time.  It is paramount that we keep healthy, the last thing needed is a flare up for Gerard. 

The craft room is finally all packed up, I found the whole experience enlightening and learnt a lot about myself.  In the end I was unable to throw away all  the children's art  despite taking the time to take photographs.  Some collections matter more than others.  I was able to pack up  a vast quantity of things for the charity shops but was unable to give away anything that had been gifted to me.  It is these little things that make me, I don't think I am going to change now and in truth I don't really want to.  I value things that have been bought for me, the time and effort that family and friends have given is appreciated.  For now I have packed a whole lot more than I thought I would but if need be I will sift through it all again at the other end.

I thought my wardrobes would be hard to sort through but in fact thus far this has been the easiest job.  Shoes are my weakness...
We are now eating out of the freezers, so apart from a little fresh produce we are hoping not to spend anymore money on food.  The menu for this week is quite luxurious, using up a lot of things left over from Christmas.  Yesterday we had a beautiful creamy broccoli and stilton soup with a date and walnut bread.  I can report this was scrumptious, there is enough for lunch again today.
I have finally finished the crochet throw and have made a start on the second one.  A nice break in the evening to sit down and relax with.

What possessions would you find hard to discard?
See you soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Joys Of Packing

The snow came and went, it came down thick and lay softly on the ground creating a wonderful winter wonderland.

It went as quickly as it came.  The whole snow storm lasted all of 10 minutes.  The biggest worry for locals and all other coastal areas on the East of the country was the tidal surge predicted.  That too thankfully was not as bad as predicted.   The change of wind direction stopped what could have caused havoc and severe flooding problems for some.  The Environmental Agency organised a recorded message to all those living in coastal villages to stay away from promenades and coastal walks and warned of the dangers.  It was amazing then to see on the local news how many youngsters could be seen on Skegness beach awaiting the onset of the surge predicted at high tide.  It was such a worry, had the tidal surge been as bad as first thought those youngsters could have been in real danger, even losing their lives.
The packing and sorting of the craft room has begun in earnest.  I have been quite shocked at the quantity of fabrics, yarns and equipment I have collected over the years.  The buttons will probably take a whole truck to relocate.  Decisions, decisions what to take and what to pass on.  I keep having to walk away and then go back as more and more things are unearthed.  It has highlighted the fact that I am a craft hoarder, I knew that I was but the facts now speak for themselves.  Evidence is now plain to see.  A bigger job than I had anticipated...
On a lighter note, progress has been made on the crochet throw, albeit slower than usual.  I have only been working on this in the evening, packing and sorting are now priorities.  I have almost completed the border I just need to decide how to finish it all off.

What are you working on at the moment? 
Well I have had a break from the packing, I need to get back to it.  I think I may make a start on the wardrobes, they will be so much easier to sort out.  Who am I kidding?????
See you soon.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Five On Friday

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and suggestions on my last post, it really was appreciated.  We have now managed to source some boxes so a start has been made.  It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years of living here.  We had a sort out last year and sold many things when we did a car boot sale, I think maybe that was just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a lot to sort through.

One of the major issues for me is the children's artwork.  I have saved every piece that they have made for me, not something that I want to get rid of but realistically not something that I can take.  The perfect solution was suggested by my daughter, I have taken photographs of it all and kept it separate on one memory card so that I can see the progress they make through the years.  It will also show the children how much their creations meant to me.  A win, win situation for us all.

I am joining Amy over at Love Made My Home for the weekly get together to share five wonderful creations.  I usually have a board up in the craft room so that I can see the latest ones at a glance.

A clip for each family, these I shall take with me until such times there is too much on the board and then once again I will take a photograph of each piece.
Here are five earlier pieces that make me smile.

Precious creations and memories that will be stored in my heart forever and of course a tiny memory card can be taken with me wherever I roam.  The perfect solution.
See you soon.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Another Step Closer To The Dream

There is a SOLD sign in the front garden, it does say subject to contract in very small print underneath but none the less it is there.  I do keep going to the window to make sure it is still there and smiling.  It has been a dream for so long and now we are living the reality.  I am so excited I keep pinching myself.  My husband is also walking around with a big grin on his face too, we look at each other and laugh each knowing what the other is thinking.  We have enjoyed browsing the estate agents websites and we are also perusing Home Reports.  We have quite the list of possibilities, time will tell.  We have got into the routine of checking for new properties every day.   We also have a list ready of holiday lets so that we can book something as soon as we know dates.  Quotes are been sought for removals and storage, quite the difference in price by packing boxes yourself.  There is a minor hiccup with this option, we are unable to get cardboard boxes from any of the local shops.  Who knew boxes could be such a dilemma and the price of them to buy are extortionate. 

Although exciting times life goes on as normal, I have made a start on a throw/lap blanket all ready for our new home.  It has been on my list of things to do for so long but finally a start has been made.

I would like to make a few and have them rolled up in a basket, it is certainly a long term project and not one that will be portable enough to travel with, but I will work on them until such times we move and it/they need to be packed.
I have prepared a sewing project for when we are in transit between homes, a baby quilt for my eldest daughters best friend.  It is cut and pinned all ready to be tacked into place.
An outline plan drawn out all ready to begin.
Even the cotton chosen and needles packed into a project bag ready.

Now that I have projects ready for the interim period between homes I can now make a start on sorting out the craft room, a mammoth task.  Years of projects, collections and treasures to be thinned out or packed.  How on earth do you make decisions like that?  We are going to have the same dilemmas with the shed and the workshop.  We are working on a dolls house for Honey at the moment it is slow going  but hopefully it will be finished before we move and in good time for her birthday.  How do you decide what to do with possessions when moving?
See you soon.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Winter Project Link Party

I finished the crochet Minnie Mouse blanket awhile ago but wanted a bag to store it in so I have made a very simple shopper using the fabric that was used for Minnie's bow. 

I have embellished it with a black felt Minnie head using a pattern I made using 3 circles, simple but effective.

I have stitched the embellishment on using a blanket stitch and added a bow.
The blanket all rolled up ready to go.  I am joining Jennifer over at thistlebear for the monthly party.  Why not pop over and see what Winter projects are been done.
See you soon.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Five On Friday

The Christmas decorations have been packed away.   Wrapped in tissue, put into boxes and taped down all ready for the move.  Stored away all ready for unwrapping and recalling all the wonderful Christmas's that have gone before.  The ritual of remembering places and people makes me wonder where we will be for Christmas 2017, as our adventure continues.  Solicitors have now been appointed and we eagerly await further developments.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful comments and support.

I am joining in the weekly get together with Amy for the Five on Friday meme.  I have started to sort out my craft room, as I want some little projects ready to have to hand.  I had anticipated a few unfinished projects that languish in various hotspots but to my surprise there was only one crochet project.  However there were a few sewing projects that need my attention.  I spend a lovely couple of hours browsing pattern books for some portable projects for the coming weeks.  Here is what I came up with.


Finish the infinity scarf that I started some weeks/months ago.

The yarn used is a beautiful alpaca wool which is a dream to crochet with so I don't recall why this didn't get finished.  I think Christmas gifts and preparations just got in the way. 
We had some exciting news over the festive period that my nephew and his partner are expecting their first baby.  To that end I intend to crochet a baby blanket.  The pattern  I have chosen is one that I have made several times before and is an old favourite.  I haven't got the yarn needed in my stash but intend to buy either white or cream.
In fact I am having a trip out to Boston today with a view of picking some yarn and craft supplies up when I am out.
I have some oddments of red/burgundy yarn left over from previous projects that I have just wound into some beautiful squishy yarn cakes.  I love using that old winder and piling up the little cakes.  I intend to use the yarn to crochet up some hearts ready for Valentines day.  I like the idea of some bunting for the mantel and maybe some added to a wreath.

They are a quick and easy make and a very portable project with the added bonus of using some oddments from stash.
With our hopefully impending move, facecloths and scrubbies are a must for our new home.  I have several colours of cotton yarn all ready and have found a great pattern.
A wonderful addition to any home and will make little gifts also if they are needed along with some beautiful soap.


Finally I have chosen a pattern for a stocking, which seems a little silly in January but I will have six to make and will be perfect to use oddments up from my stash.

Again, another portable project that can easily be transported and be picked up and put down.

I have all the yarn, patterns and hooks all ready to go.  Now about the rest of the craft room, well that is another story...

See you soon.

Monday, 2 January 2017


2016 came to an end with a offer on our house which we have accepted.  It is early days yet of course but if all goes well we will be shortly moving to the Western Isles, the Isle of Lewis off the Western coast of Scotland.  It has been a dream for a long time and so the adventure begins...

We are in the process of getting my parents home ready to put on the market and they will join us.

Gerard and I have been pondering for awhile what the word for the New Year would be and once we had the offer made on our home, Adventure sprung to mind.  Another chapter of our lives begins as we plan the next phase of our lives, one little adventure at a time.  I have spent the past couple of days looking for houses on the Island both to rent and for sale.  We have made the decision to put all of our things into storage and rent a holiday let in the short term to look around as the distances and expense involved are so great driving backwards and forwards.  A little overwhelming to be homeless in the short term but all part of the adventure.  I hope you will join us as events  and our journey unfurls.

On the crafting front I was blessed with a host of  craft gifts for Christmas, which was a joy to receive so I need to sort out a few small projects for the coming weeks.  My first finish for 2017 was the crochet blanket for Honey, all ready for Disneyland.

I couldn't find a pattern so I just made 3 circles and then added a bow.  I was quite pleased with the overall finish.  It was made using Arran wool which will certainly keep her warm and came together quite quickly.  There seems to be a few projects that are languishing in corners of the craft room that need to be finished, I will be sorting these out over the next few days.
Exciting times as the adventure begins...
See you soon.