Friday, 17 August 2018

Living In Harmony

Time has flown by this past week, so I can only apologise for my lack of visiting your blogs If I haven't caught up with you today I will catch up over the weekend.  Exterior painting is now finished on our little cottage and is looking lovely.  We now need to get the pressure washer out and clean some odd spots up off the paths.  The vestibule/utility room is done with the exception of the flooring.  It is so nice to finally have some order in there and not have to clamber over the clutter that had accumulated.  The flooring for the utility and kitchen was ordered on Thursday so we are hopeful that it will be delivered either next Wednesday or Friday.  We also went to the DIY store to add to our order so we didn't have to pay another delivery charge.  Sadly, the first order had not been actioned so there will now be a delay in all the materials needed for the outbuildings.  I must admit to been a little annoyed but nobody is perfect, mistakes happen.

We had a couple of visitors earlier in the week...

...they didn't pop in to say hello.  The geese are now back on the croft and living in harmony with the sheep.

The weather has been changeable, resulting in some beautiful rainbows.  I am hoping that we will see an improvement so that we can get out and about this beautiful Island when Victoria and her little family arrive next week.

Wilbur has a list of things he wants to do when he comes to Granny's Island.  I bet you didn't know that this Island belonged to me, I was a little surprised too.  I love the simplicity of  a young child's mind.  We have some junior tools ready so that the boys can use the workshop with Grandad.  There are also some crafting projects planned with Granny.

 Gerard has just popped out to watch/support the local football team.  I am expecting my neighbours over for a cup of tea so I will close for now and catch up with you later.  Take care.

See you soon.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Motor Show At Tong

Saturday dawned and was overcast and very dreary not conducive to an afternoon out planned to the Motor Show.  It was showery and quite cool and didn't really get any better as the day went on.   However, we took a chance and drove to Tong to admire the classic cars and take a stroll around the vintage lorries, motor cycles and tractors.

As you can imagine Gerard was in his element strolling around and admiring all the exhibits.

We even found a couple that would have suited the Grandchildren, along with the bouncy castles.

This old Hillman was one of my favourites, it just seemed to be so elegant.  This camper was also a firm favourite.  We chatted to the owner for quite awhile and she explained how the seats were used to form the bed and the history of the van.

It was a pleasant couple of hours, strolling and chatting to enthusiasts.

 There was also models on display inside the hall.  Sadly the camera ran out of batteries as we were strolling but I managed to get a couple of photos to give you an idea.

The tractors seemed to be really popular and were surrounded by people most of the time we were there so it as quite hard to get any photos.

As you can see it was held in a beautiful setting, there was also BBQ food on sale and home baking which looked amazing.  We resisted the wonderful aromas of the food and opted for a cup of tea, saving ourselves for a meal we enjoyed cooking together later.

The sun didn't shine down on us but we didn't get any rain so we were thankful.  How was your weekend?

As always I thank you for your visits to the blog, your comments, emails and support.

See you soon.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Changing Seasons

Yesterday, the ferry coming over from Ullapool had technical issues and struggled in the Minch for a few hours before arriving in Stornoway.  This of course has had knock on effects and there have since been several delays on each journey.  These delays are now in place until Saturday.

Thankfully there hasn't been a problem with the freight ferry so food and supplies are still readily available.  This is one of the major reasons for having a Winter store cupboard.  Storms can stop the ferries crossing and shortages quickly occur.  So although we are still in the throes of Summer, the Winter preparation list has been written and carefully ticked off.  The logs are going to be delivered when Victoria and Mike are here so they can help stack  them away.  Kindling has already been chopped and stored.  A date has been fixed for the chimney to be swept and the boiler to be serviced.  Winter duvets/throws/blankets have been washed and are ready for when we need them.  We have several Winter projects planned and all the materials ready to do them.  A stack of books have been bought and some more jigsaws added to the collection.  This cosy cottage is a delight whatever the season, but the Winter brings long dark evenings and the wonderful glow of candlelight to add to the ambience.  We have plenty of candles ready not only to add to the beauty but for practical reasons to.   Unfortunately, storms can also bring the inevitable power cut, which is why the multi fuel stove is such an asset as the oil system doesn't work without electricity.  Batteries are still on the list to be checked, we have and indeed need some powerful torches.  We are getting there...

We are still enjoying Summer and I had a lovely walk around the town today whilst Gerard was at rehab.  He continues to do well but needs to be checked regularly before another change of medication.  There was a couple of downpours but these days I am always prepared and had a waterproof with me.  The flower displays were a joy and brighten up the town along with the bunting.

The bonus living here is that the wind does dry the rain up very quickly.  I always admire these beautifully carved seals but they look even better with a few plants dotted around.

The Iolaire memorial has also been adorned with tubs of plants and is a joy to sit and people watch from one of its benches.

Although today there seem to be more gulls about than there were people.

Despite the rain, it dried up so quickly I was able to get the back lawn cut.  The edges still need trimming and there is still the front to do.  But tomorrow is another day...

See you soon.

Monday, 6 August 2018

The Dream Team

The average temperature for August here on the Isle of Lewis is 16 degrees, so we are on track it seems.  I will add that December's average is 7 degrees so not as bad as people presume.  What we do have in these Winter months are the terrible winds particularly to the North of the Island where we live.  On a lighter note the weather systems are quite fast and blow over very quickly.  It does take a little getting used at times particularly when the temperatures are reaching record highs around the world.  However, we did have a particularly good Spring here with the sun shining for days on end.  At the moment is is quite overcast and dreary with little outbursts of rain now and again.

The damp weather has kept us inside enabling the dream team to work together once again.  Gerard and I have been working on the porch/utility room, known as a vestibule here on the Island.  It is slow going but we are starting to see an improvement albeit slowly.  Why is it it looks worse before it looks better?  We have refurbished/recycled an old wardrobe putting shelves inside and now getting it ready for extra Winter storage.

Black board paint was used for the top panels enabling me to make shopping lists or words of wisdom...who knows but it worked out quite well.

We wanted to restore the vestibule to its former glory, so we have put back the v lining using a pine cladding which will be painted.  It is still very much a work in progress.   We are having fun as we work together and that is all that matters.  I will share some better photographs as we progress.

Gerard has also painted an old chair that was in the outbuilding.

In really good condition, just so unloved.   I have covered the old seat pad with my beloved Harris Tweed and the frame remains another work in progress.

A little more sanding and then waxing and it will be a perfect addition.

The mint has done amazingly well and has been contained in the tyre so as I am not sure what will happen to it through the Winter months here I  decided to cut some stems to dry.  I also chopped some of the leaves into ice cube trays ready to pop into potatoes or drinks as needed.  A little taste of Summer in those days you need a boost.

 The wonderful aroma wafting around my little cottage right now is amazing, I do so wish I could share it with you.

Well, I must get on I have a paint brush with my name on it...whilst our furry resident has a little nap.

See you soon.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Eoropie Beach

Whilst the majority of the British Isles are soaking up the sun, there is a distinct lack of sun here on the Isle of Lewis.  There has been a glimpse here and there but the majority of the past week has been sunless, overcast and rather dreary.  The temperatures are not boding well either, they are struggling to reach the dizzy heights of 16 degrees.  It is feeling more Autumnal than Summer.  None the less we still have a lot to be thankful for not least the beautiful sunsets with its dazzling glow around the outbuilding and its wondrous light across the croft.

Even in the kitchen, meals are already turning from salads to warming soups.  There now seem to be an urgency to getting the food store filled.  I pulled the beetroot, which did surprising well when you consider how many rabbits have been in and out of the garden.  I have 10 jars of pickled beetroot lining the pantry shelf.  Carrot and sweet potato soup with a cheese scone was warming for lunch today  and really enjoyable I must say.  

Garnished with a little chopped parsley, fresh from the garden, they were rather delicious.

There was a little gap in the weather where the sun did shine albeit for a short time, so we took the opportunity for a short drive to the sea.  Just past Europie  park there is a path which leads to the shoreline.

There is of course sheep, enjoying the reprieve in the weather and sauntering along the machair grazing.

But the jewel for me, is the stunning white sandy beach at Eoropie.  You could be anywhere in the world, such is the beauty of the white sands and the turquoise sea.

Have you got a favourite place you like to go?

See you soon.