Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Keeping Busy

 I have been keeping myself busy with little projects, making it easy to fill my days.  Firstly, the humble chicken was roasted on Sunday for a roast dinner.  Monday more of the chicken was used to make a curry.  Today, the remaining chicken breast was used to make a chicken in pepper sauce dish with pasta and salad.  I have just finished boiling the bones and remains of the legs to make a chicken and rice broth for the freezer, its always handy to have some soup ready.  There was no waste but equally there was plenty of meat so the chicken has made 4 meals for 2 people.

The dolls house has been moved downstairs from the attic bedroom, making it easier to work on.  Gerard has also been down to the outbuilding to gather together any materials needed to work on it.  Today we worked on the roof.

One side both painted and the slate outlined, the other side painted waiting to be outlined and affixed.  Gerard made a start on looking at the electrics to see what is required.  It is a slow but very enjoyable project.  We both enjoy doing the research for it as well so new skills will be learnt along the way.

My doorstep delivery project will be ongoing for some time so I will be adding to it on a regular basis.  I will share anything that I do that is different.  More embellished paper clips for bookmarks or journals have been added.

I have also been working on gifts for my gift cupboard so I have made a selection of Harris Tweed brooches, they are a perfect gift to pop into an envelope.

They are all ready for when I need a gift.  Bibs and teething rings have also been made in preparation for a baby due in the Spring.

We have had plenty of rain but as yet no snow for which I am truly thankful.  It is making for some stunning rainbows.

I am keeping busy and filling my days well for which I am thankful.  I am also very thankful for all of you who visit and for new followers, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.  Thankfully we remain in Tier 3, there has been an outbreak on Barra so that more than 10% of the population is now in isolation.  As expected they have now been moved to Tier 4.  The roll out of the vaccine appears to be going well here on the Island, for that I also give thanks.

Hope all is well with you wherever you are in the World.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Doorstep Gifts

 So far the snow storms that are hitting the mainland are avoiding us, for which I am extremely grateful.  Whilst I do enjoy snow and love the look of it, particularly around the holiday season I am not really a fan.  We are however getting rain and wind but a little at a time we are getting out to video aspects of living on this beautiful Island for our Grandson's school project.  Although we are miles apart we are having lots of fun together.  

I am also having fun with a friend with a Church project popping a small gift bag on doorsteps to bring a little cheer.   I have made a start with making some fridge magnets from a humble clothes peg.  I gave them a little wash of paint first to give them some colour and then added some bling, flowers and a bow.

Obviously a magnet was glued to the back.  They were then attached to some card and popped into a cellophane packet.

The soap is from a batch I made before Christmas, apple and strawberry.  I added a slice of dried apple to the top to give it a luxurious feel.

I was inspired by pioneerwomanatheart.blogspot.com who made some adorable embellished paper clips.  She shared the idea for hearts and flowers for valentines day.  So I have made a start making some using crochet sunflowers and buttons.  I will be making some hearts now that I have found a pattern.  They are such a quick make but  look so pretty.

We are hoping that this little project will bring some cheer, it certainly has given me a lift giving me something to do.  I have also made a start making some cards which can be added to each little gift bag.

A lot of people from our village had the Covid vaccine this week.  So far, all NHS workers, care staff and care homes have had it here, they are now giving it to the over 80s.  I have been so impressed with how quickly they are rolling out this programme.  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

Billie Jo UHT milk is ultra heat treated milk, also known as long life milk.  I like to have some in so that I don't have the worry of getting fresh milk and saves me going into town which is 27 miles away.

As always I thank you for your visit to my humble blog and for your encouraging comments.  I am keeping myself busy and staying home in my cosy cottage it is not really a hardship.  My heart does however go out to all those in lockdown who are trying to work from home as well as home school.  My own three daughters are in that very position and it isn't easy.

Take care and stay safe.

See you soon. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A Day At A Time

I woke this morning to some beautiful red skies, a delight to see albeit a warning for bad weather if the old saying is to be believed. 

 A start has been made on my Grandsons school project and I must admit I have quite enjoyed the process.  I have found a wonderful old Scottish Teatime recipes book which I thought I would share with him and using whatsapp maybe do some baking together.  I have sorted out a few leaflets and books that might be useful so I will be walking to the post office later.

Yesterday we went into town to do a food shop, I have been trying for awhile to get a delivery slot to no avail.  I bought extra veg and prepared some for the freezer and UHT milk so I am hopeful that we won't need to go for some time.  We do feel blessed having the finances to be able to buy extra food and of course the room to be able to store it.

I have just made a mixed seed loaf, fresh from the bread making machine that will hopefully last for 3/4 days.  I usually make bread twice a week.  Todays lunch was homemade coleslaw, a salad with homemade honey and wholegrain mustard dressing and asparagus wrapped in ham in cheese sauce.  I can report it was delicious and very filling.  A side of melon and strawberries was also added. Soup is on the menu for supper, homemade leek and sweet potato.

I am working on another project with the Church to bless some of the congregation with a gift bag, so will make soap and some cards tomorrow for it.

The deep cleaning programme continues, this time the shelves, drawers and cupboard in the lounge.  I was surprised how little needed to be thrown away so that made me happy.

Gerard is finally feeling a little better so it is hoped that he will be able to start getting the materials together for us to start working on the dolls house.  A lot of the things we will be needing are stored in the outbuilding and he knows where it all is.  We are getting by a day at a time, each day a day nearer to our dreams of meeting up with the family once again.  There is certainly no hardship in eating good food and passing the day crafting.

Hope all is well with you and that the lockdown wherever you are is bearable.  

See you soon.

Monday, 11 January 2021


The weekend came and went very quickly, the days seem to be merging into each other.  My heart goes out to all those who are home schooling and trying to juggle working from home.  My own three daughters are managing and I am sure are doing a great job but they feel as if they are lacking.  They are doing the best that they can along with everyone else and that is all anyone can ask of them.  The cases of the coronavirus is still rising and I do wonder how long it will take to reach its peak prior to the numbers coming down.  In the meantime the vaccine programme continues and for that I am truly thankful.

I did have my usual baking session over the weekend, baking cheese and mustard scones to go with soup.  I have a couple of batches that need to be used from the freezer.  I also made some sausage rolls that will make a lovely lunch along with some homemade coleslaw.  Finally, a batch of mince pies with a crumble top just because...

The mince pie was also topped with a pecan, heaven in a pastry case.  Each recipe broken down to smaller portions to there is no waste.

Saturday evening we had our treat meal of the week which consisted of steak, grilled tomato, chips and peas.  We really enjoyed it as we don't eat a lot of red meat or indeed chips so it is a real treat to have both in a meal.

All the laundry has been done, washed, dried and ironed.  The Christmas linen is waiting to be packed away a job for today.  The cottage has been cleaned from top to bottom.  A programme of deep cleaning has started, a few extra jobs a day.  Today was to declutter and clean the kitchen drawers, a task that has been needed doing for sometime.  Its amazing how much longer a job can take to do than first anticipated.  The windows need cleaning both inside and out, but the weather is not conducive to this task.  Tomorrow is another day.

A short post, hopefully I will have more to share tomorrow.  Take care and stay safe.  A warm welcome to new followers, I do hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Looking Forward

 I do thank you for your wonderful supportive comments on my last post, they were a joy to read and lifted my spirits. 

I don't usually share my gifts but I decided that this one is so me that I would share the pleasure.

Drum roll please...

I was blessed with this beautiful old Singer sewing machine, be still my heart.  What a joy when I saw this on Christmas morning from our eldest daughter and her little family.  The fun I shall have...  I intend to bring my old treadle table down  from the craft room upstairs so that I can display it in the hall.  It would be nice to use it now and again as well.

I have been adding to the list of what I want to get done this year.  I have a dolls house that was given to me by my youngest daughter a couple of years ago.  It is my intention to get it done this year.  Some research has already started.  Gerard and I are going to do as a joint venture.  Sadly at the moment he is having a flare up of  RA but one he is feeling better he will gather together the supplies needed from the outbuilding so that we can make a start.  

A mammoth task but one that we are both looking forward to doing.  We are finally motivated, so it is a good time to get started.

We were blessed with a couple of jigsaws at Christmas, so we have a ongoing puzzle that we are working on.  We have a jigsaw board that we leave on the table and as we pass do a few pieces here and there.  It does take a couple of weeks doing it this way but it is an added pleasure to our day.

The crochet baby blanket continues and I am doing well, making great progress.

I am finally looking forward and have started to make plans for projects and Island adventures.  All I need now is a break in the weather so that I can get started on a tour of the village for my Grandson.  I am a fair weather reporter... The vaccine programme here on the Island is going well all the care homes and NHS workers have now been vaccinated which is wonderful.  The next phase starts on Monday, the over 80s.  This will make such a difference to so many peoples lives.

Hope all is well with you.  Has the vaccine reached your area yet?

See you soon.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

The Beauty That Surrounds Us

 I have been missing in action for awhile sadly, I have been nursing a case of self pity.  I gave into a dose of it over the new year celebrations or lack of them and it has taken me awhile to get my head out of the doldrums.  Normal services will resume now that I am back to been thankful for everything that I have and do recognise that we are luckier than most of the UK as living on this beautiful Island makes us tier 3 whilst mainland Scotland is in enhanced tier 4 along with England, which means yet again lockdown for most.  Whilst I am thankful for the technology that keeps us all together, particularly family it is not quite the same as seeing them and giving those amazing grandchildren of ours a huge hug.  I am clinging to the HOPE that the vaccine will help bring the day nearer that we will see them.

Anyway onwards and upwards, another chapter begins...

I have been asked by our Grandson to help him with his school project which he is doing on Scotland and living life on an Island.  We are both excited about it and have been making plans of little videos he wants me to make.  He has such faith in my capabilities with technology, I can but try.

I have had fun helping with the Church calendar.

I have made a start on a crochet project, a baby blanket.  The plan is to crochet 2 squares a day and so far I have stuck to this and I have enjoyed the process.

It is also my intention to give the craft room a good sort out and finish any projects left unfinished.  I suspect there might be one or two, but in fairness I do not recall anything in particular.  I want to have a sort out so that I know what craft materials that I have.  It is my intention to use everything out of the stock cupboard before I purchase more. 

I have already made a start with the art stock.  It was a joy to open a few additions on Christmas morning.  Water colour pencils have been added to try in my journals.  Along with craft books which are always a pleasure.

I was so blessed at Christmas it would be impossible to make a list of everything, but I was truly thankful for each and everyone who sent me cards, gifts and messages both by email and post.  I feel humbled by this amazing blogging community and the generosity of its members.

To finish I would like to share the beautiful sky that we had yesterday morning.  It was a bleak, dreary what locals would call a dreich day but when I pulled back the curtains I was met with this:

The last picture a bit of a blur, but blogger won't let me take it off.

I was met with such beauty, so in the grand scheme of things what have I got to be downhearted about?  I need to stay focused on what I have and what I can do not wallow in what I can't.  Hope all is well with everyone and that you are coping with the lockdown or whatever the restrictions are in your part of the World.  Take care and stay safe.

See you soon.