Monday, 19 February 2018

Saturdays Soiree

The weekend was so uplifting, signs of Spring all around.   The ground bursting with new life as you can see the tips of green starting to poke through the soil.  Pregnant ewes all around and a glimpse of the sun, albeit for such a short time.  Ferries back to some normality and running to timetable such a joy after the southerly/south westerly winds caused havoc with the delay or cancellation of ferries which also included freight.  Mother Nature teasing us with hope and a little look at what is to come and then pulling back, darkening the sky and filling the clouds with rain.  Once again wakening to drizzle and an overcast morning.

Saturday we did have a trip out to do a top of shop, fruit and vegetables a priority.  We always have a stroll prior to going to the supermarket and notice something different each time we walk.  Saturday was no exception we stumbled across some more carvings.  This time seals across the road from the bus station.  We did check out the bus's as I am only a couple of months away from being eligible for a bus pass.

Outside An Lanntair there is a great replica of a Lewis Chessman also known as a Uig Chessman as that is where they were believed to have been found in the 12th century.

The Old Town Hall and its clock is always a joy.

The shopping done, we didn't call in for a fish supper we had a slow drive back and stopped off a couple of times to admire the views.  Upper Barvas is a great place to stop and admire the beach, the perfect location to drive down enabling Gerard to stay in the car. 

We weren't there long but it was amazing how quickly the view changed due to the dramatic changes of the skies.  The clouds darkening over us and the breeze building and beginning to blow  forcing the sea to crash along the rocks forming a foam along the edges.

Our final stop before warming soup and bread fresh from the oven was at Dell Mill.  Such a beautiful old building sadly falling into decay.  Its once majestic wheel now rusty.  I bet that old stone building would have a few stories to tell if only walls could talk.

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure.  I can put the kettle on and I have banana bread and a ginger cake in the oven if you'd like to stay awhile and chat.

See you soon.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Scenes From My Week

Not a lot happening at our little cottage this week as Gerard has been recovering from a flare up, your comments and well wishes were so very well received and brightened his day.  We spent many happy hours together in silent companionship, reading and catching up with several programmes that we had recorded and not watched.  We have also been spending time pondering over crosswords and doing a jigsaw puzzle.   We also now have an outline plan of our hopes for the garden, such as it is.  Realistically it will be a work in progress for some time but a start has been made.  There are so many old tyres in one of the stores and laying around so we intend to put them to good use.

It is our intention to paint them and use them as planters, a herb garden to start and see how far they go.  A good way to recycle and some great protection for the plants, the winds here can be quite damaging.

Signs of spring can be seen all around with little shoots starting to poke their way though the toughened ground.  I am hoping they are not to eager as once again the temperatures are forecast to drop next week and more snow predicted.

The planter I bought are for the moment in the lobby, making me smile as I pass them but are destined for the front doorstep eventually.

Spring is in the air and with that comes the scanning of the sheep, they do tend to lamb a little later than the mainland due to the harsh conditions.  There is a lot of excitement and jubilation from neighbours who have very few empty.  They are now been fed extra in preparation for motherhood.

Flowers have also played a big part of my week, given with love but never lovingly, a rough diamond but indeed a rare gem.

I am deeply saddened by the shooting in Florida and for once lost for words.  How many more...something has got to change?

See you soon.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Almost There...

The kitchen is almost done only the floor left to do but we didn't want to do that until the utility room is done and we can have new flooring throughout.  The utility at the moment is a dumping ground so will need some serious sorting out before a start can be made.  The kitchen has been painted, the work tops have been sanded back and oiled with Danish oil.  New window sills have been made, fitted and stained. 

I have made pelmets for the windows using the same fabric as the lounge and there was enough to make a curtain, giving the kitchen a very old fashioned feel.

The pictures have been hung on the wall and look quite striking.

The tray bought from the Charity shop has been painted, stencilled and waxed to age it.  Along with a couple of tea towels made.

All in all it has turned out pretty much as I had envisaged.  The paint takes on a different hue at different times of the day going from grey to lilac depending on the light.  

All in all a pleasing effect which little by little is making our little cottage our home.  Although in so many ways home is where the heart is and our hearts are certainly here already.

Another storm hit last night with Southerly winds so we are hunkering down by the stove today, enjoying each others company and making plans for the dream garden.  Gerard is having a flare up of his Rheumatoid  Arthritis and is in a lot of pain so keeping warm and as comfortable as possible is the plan for today.  Sweet potato and red pepper soup is all ready for lunch with some cream crackers.

See you soon.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Scenes From My Week

As I said in my last post changeable is the word that I would use for the weather here this week and it seems that this a familiar pattern worldwide.  We have covered all the elements, sharp changes in the temperature and some amazing skies containing snow, sleet, hail  and rain.

The snow went as quickly as it came but did make for many a happy hour at the window watching it.

There have been some visitors to the garden but I am not quick enough with the camera, so the quality of the photos is not good.

Our trip out this week was to Stornoway to the An Lanntair to see the Weaving Ghosts Exhibition, based on the Shetland basket making tradition.  It is an evolving exhibition made from 'ghost gear'.  I know. I didn't know what that was either, apparently it is the name that has been given internationally to marine debris.  Polypropylene ropes, nets and plastic that is a consequence of commercial fishing.  It is a global problem and is dangerous to shipping and wildlife.

It certainly made for a most interesting exhibition...

For such a small Island we are certainly blessed with a superb programme of events and exhibitions.

As always I thank you for your visit, continuing support and comments.  A very warm welcome to new followers I hope you enjoy my little adventures through life.

See you soon.