Thursday, 6 February 2014

Plodding Along...

I am plodding along at what seems like a snails pace with the arran throw started last week.  But it is coming along nicely considering I only pick it up on an evening whilst watching TV.  There is no urgency when you are doing something for yourself, so I am just plodding along!  The colours are quite striking and I am loving the feel of the natural arran wool, it certainly is a pleasure to crochet with.  I am quite disappointed, in that the fairies have still not been around to sew in those pesky ends.  Any suggestions, apart from the obvious sewing them in as you go?

Have you ever had that feeling that you've done this before? Then all of a sudden it came to me it is the same colours and wool as my Grandson's throw. It is also the same image as the throw in my Mamas Mercantile logo.
 I thought this might be the right time to let you have a peep into the finished bedroom.

I am linking with I am looking forward to seeing the projects others are engaged in.


  1. The blanket looks gorgeous and so inviting on the sweet bed! Well done! :-) Chrissie x

  2. Love that quilt that is just what I am aiming for for my girls. Thanks for a great blog read. Thanks also for stopping by to see my infinity scarf. Jo x

  3. That blanket looks so snuggly - I love the striking colours set off by the indigo / navy!

  4. Nice blanket !
    Thanks for the visit !

  5. Your quilt looks brilliant. I'm planning on making my first quilt this year x

  6. I wish those fairies would get a move on and come and finish sewing my ends I have a big basket filled with things that need sewing .
    Your quilt looks stunning.
    Thank you for the visit

  7. Your throw is lovely! If you find those fairies who sew in the ends of crochet/knitting can you pass them on to me next please?!
    Marianne x

  8. Have the fairies been by yet? Love it. Love the peek into the bedroom.