Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wedding showcase

 I am showcasing a  vintage crochet pattern today for a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, as weddings seem to be uppermost in my mind these days.  A delightful pattern sourced from a car boot sale at a cost of 20p (original price 7 and a half pence).  The lady I bought it off had actually used the pattern to crochet a shorter version of the short bridesmaid dress as a top for over leggings for her daughter, what a wonderful idea.

The projects I am working on for my own daughters wedding are coming along well but slowly.  At the entrance to the wedding venue there is to be a vintage bike (this was sourced from ebay) with a crate on the front.  Drum roll please........

It is yet to be decided what will go in the crate we are playing around with ideas at the moment.

Another wonderful find from a car boot sale was this book:


ROMANTIC KEEPSAKES full of exquisite heirlooms to create, give and treasure.  I intend to make a pair of decorative scented shoe trees for my daughters wedding shoes.

I bought this wonderful pair of shoe trees to use as the base.  They were purchased from a lovely lady called Kay at Renningers Mount Dora Florida.  She has a booth in a covered area behind the street of shops.

A truly lovely lady who was very generous because they were for wedding shoes.  I am quite excited to get to work on them.  In the meantime I have been crocheting flowers, collecting vintage lace and pearl buttons and turning them into this, drum roll please......




Flower girl posy and hair comb, page boy button holes complete and packed in tissue paper along with the wedding party dress hangers.  All the real flowers, bouquets and arrangements have been ordered from a florist and are all to be finished off with natural twine.  The children's crochet things have been finished off with the same twine to bring everything together.
Still a long way to go, but quite a good start I feel.

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