Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer...At Last

Finally the sun is shining, dare I say it NO RAIN!!!!  It feels a little like summer, long may it last.  We finally did another car boot sale this morning and managed to get rid of the bulk of things we wanted out of the house.  One more trip to the charity shop and we have finished and made a little money too.

The sun makes everything well with the world.  I have been having issues with a crochet project, a cotton top for myself, the first one was too small the next size up too big and I didn't make any adjustments so looks awful.  Its in a bag ready to be pulled back.  In the mean time a change of weather and a change of project.

I loved the geometric design of this cowl and have made a start...
...using the bargain Alpaca yarn I bought some weeks ago.  It is a dream to crochet with, this is one that I will be keeping for myself.
Once you get into the rhythm of the eight row pattern it grows quite quickly.
The sun has also done wonders for the garden, we finally have some ripe strawberries.  Half a bowl, enough for us to have a sweet treat.
That does mean that it is time to go to the local farm where you can pick your own,  our Grandaughter's Lily and Daisy love to go adventuring around the fruit.  A wonderful taste of Summer.
The peas are starting to plump up and we are enjoying a handful tossed into our salads.

Finally the lilies have bloomed and are such a vibrant colour they are a delight to see.

We have an abundance of gooseberries so I have been looking for recipes to use them in something a little different.

We are so excited there is apples on our little tree.
Sadly, there is also an abundance of weeds and lawns that are in need of mowing so I will leave you and get on with some garden tasks.
As always thank you for your well wishes for my husband, Gerard and your encouraging comments.
See you soon.


  1. Your cowl is going to be gorgeous !!!! The pattern is lovely and the color perfect !
    Have a nice day in your beautiful garden !

  2. I wish that someone would invent a weather exchange. I'll gladly swap some of our heat and humidity for a bit of coolness and rain.

  3. Hooray for summer, and the lovely harvest from the garden.

  4. Well you folks have been waiting a long time for summer! I am pretty sure that your husband will love being out in the sun in the warmth. Enjoy your sunny-day chores!

  5. That yarn is gorgeous!!! Glad to hear that summer has arrived.

  6. As always your garden looks amazing! And I am sure everything tastes ever so good :)

    So happy to hear the sun is shining and I hope it stays out for quite a while. And your cowl is going to be gorgeous! Hugs to you!

  7. hello,
    i like the pattern of your cowl, it seems easy to crochet. the strawberry looks wonderful.I like gooseberries, last year have i made a gooseberry vinegar,it taste wonderful.
    wonderful that summer has arrived.
    enjoy the sunny days,
    hugs regina

  8. I love that cowl pattern! I'd love to make that too!

    Your garden looks beautiful and yummy!

  9. I love that cowl pattern! I'd love to make that too!

    Your garden looks beautiful and yummy!

  10. The cowl looks beautiful, definitely a keeper. Plenty of delicious goodies in your garden.

  11. Beautiful cowl pattern and the alpaca yarn looks soooo soft and luxurious. Your garden looks great and it so good to see some sunshine again.

  12. I love this time of the year when flowers are in blossom and fruit and veg is almost ready for eating x

  13. Lovely to see everything growing and producing - all the rain was of benefit obviously!!

  14. Love the cowl but my brain would explode following a pattern like that....well done you.
    The weeds in our garden are shocking so we're hoping to get out there at the weekend-x-

  15. What a beautiful cowl and yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project. Our strawberries are done here. It's always disappointing to me when they finish their production for the year. Your garden is looking wonderful and I'm glad you finally have summertime.

  16. The shawl is so gorgeous! The flowers and the trees are amazing!
    wishing you a lovely week! Sandra xxx

  17. Lovely glimpses of your summer. Your flowers look lovely. I really like your shawl and I am sure you will get the top right. I look forward to seeing it!

  18. I admire you getting your excess things sold and donated. I soooo should do that. I'm glad the sun is gracing you.. we had a lovely sunny day today and just ate dinner alfresco. But the rain is coming our way.. wah. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. your garden plants are looking good and your crocheting is so pretty it makes me want to pick it up again.

  20. It looks good, I have a similar pattern and some bargain alpaca yarn too. xx

  21. Your vegetables and fruits are growing so healthy and fruitful. The your garden blooms are so beautiful.

  22. Your garden looks wonderful and so does that latest project of yours.

  23. Nice that you could sell some of your no-longer wanted items and make a bit of cash.
    Your garden looks great and that Lily is gorgeous.
    I didn't plant regular peas this year but the edible podded ones are ready now, in fact I'll be using them in a stir fry for supper later today. Take care, GM

  24. I am glad that summer has finally arrived in your world! We must have your former weather! It's raining here and will for days ahead, plus it's chilly! We had tomatoes from our garden tonight, but I'm afraid we won't get any more for awhile now.
    Your yarn and project are just so fantastic. I can just feel it. So happy for you.