Sunday, 6 July 2014

Vintage Pattern

This pattern was certainly a blast from the past, my Mum has used this pattern for years knitting the clothes for myself and my sisters dolls as well as for her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  A well used and well loved pattern.

This pattern, although not vintage  was published in 1996 and was part of the treasure I found in Florida at a Thrift Store in Mount Dora.  It is a project that my husband and I intend to do together, he will make a bed and I will dress it with one of these beautiful quilts and some lace edged sheets and pillow.  A steal for 50c.
We also intend to work together again on a couple of 'Spoolie' Babies.  The pattern was published in 1992 so therefore not vintage but again found in a Thrift Store on my last trip to Florida and a great treasure costing a mere 50c.  The bed and dolls making a wonderful addition to our nursery for when the Grandchildren visit.

The final pattern book showcased today is another find from Mount Dora and another project earmarked for my husband and I to work together on.  We intend to make the Poppyseed Kids, four delightful children with a touch of old-fashioned charm.  One for each of our Grandchildren.   This has lots of other patterns in also which we may use at a later date.  The book cost $1 so was a real bargain and a wonderful addition to my ever growing collection.

Some lovely projects to look forward to doing, whilst cherishing memories of a wonderful holiday.
See you soon.


  1. Wonderful patterns, I love the doll's clothes, and THE BED! Strange thing but I was reminiscing recently and telling my hubby I'd love to have a doll's bed like my Dad made me all those years ago so that I could make the bedding for it - it probably won't happen but I'm happy to hear that you and your loved one are embarking on this project together, and the doll-making as well: that's wonderful, enjoy it! xoJoy

  2. There very vintage patterns! The little quilt on the bed is so cute!
    Look forward to seeing what you make.
    Wishing you a lovely week x

  3. Little vintage treasures you have !!!!
    Have a great week !

  4. I like them all. I think it's fun to look back at the styles in crafting, it's just like fashions in any other area.