Monday, 14 July 2014

Scrapbook Sunday

Yesterday was another day of mixed blessings weather wise, a bright sunny mix with torrential rain.  I managed to catch up with my brother and his grown up family at my parents which was nice, you don't often see them all together.   The rain did keep us in for most of the day but I did manage to start my holiday scrapbook which was a real delight reminiscing with my husband and catching up with each other.  Thank goodness the rain has drained away at the corner of the garden, although it is still sodden underfoot.

I used the map of the resort we stayed in, a photo outside the apartment and some lovely American stickers to embellish this page.  I still need to the  journaling, but I was pleased with the overall effect.
This was Mum and I proudly showing off our wares brought from a thrift shop at Mount Dora, I included a brochure showing the main features of the town and a beautiful clipboard sign.  Again I do need to add the journaling.
Again, a leaflet used in conjunction with a photo with flowers to embellish.  It is actually quite striking, the photography is not up to scratch.
 Next up is a record of our visit to Downtown Disney, using the map as a base and some wonderful Disney stickers.  The overall effect is quite enchanting.
Some truly stunning photos of the topiary at Disney, highlighted with some really delightful embellishments.  You got it...the journaling needs to be done!
Another map was used highlighting the Park Avenue area of Winter Park, a truly delightful place to visit.  There is a beautiful park to stroll around and a rather yummy farmers market on a Saturday.  The embellishments used were handbags, flowers and a little gem.
Finally the photo of Dad visiting the cockpit on our flight home, a truly wonderful experience, that made his whole holiday, using the flight ticket and some sentimental embellishments.
As you can see not a whole lot achieved, when you consider how many photos were taken.  But a start non the less, a very enjoyable few hours relaxing and reminiscing.  A delightful way to record a holiday and bring back all the memories of times gone by.
See you soon.



  1. lovely scrapbook pages and now you have physical memories to flip through. Since the age of digital I rarely print photos but maybe I should!

  2. Oh you put me to shame. Like Karen, I rarely print photos and if I do, I just shove them in a drawer. Terrible I know! xx

  3. You have some lovely memories recorded there already!! xx

  4. Very pretty, I don't have a designer bone in my body, I'm envious x

  5. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking but haven't kept up with it in years.... Yours is so pretty.

    Amy Jo

  6. Very pretty scrap book. It is good to save pictures and keep them organised as well.

  7. Lovely pages mama. I really like all the maps and leaflets you have used, and there are some beautiful base papers too. Lucy x

  8. I love your scrap book. I must do it for me (is it make sence ?)
    Have a nice day!
    Lucie x

  9. A wonderful scrapbook, memories recorded in style of your special holiday, your grandchildren will appreciate them too as they grow and whilst young the tactile elements of your embellishments, just lovely.

  10. You've made a good start to storing your happy memories in a way that's readily available to you and family members and it's coming along very nicely indeed - I like that you're including maps, brochures, leaflets, etc.. xoJoy

  11. Your scrapbook looks great. I've never really tried scrapbooking but I enjoy seeing what others create.

  12. Such a lovely idea & happy memories to look back on!

  13. What a great way of keeping all those happy memories together. I really must have a go at one myself it looks like something I'd enjoy. Something lovely to keep. Have a great week x

  14. I love the pages you have made of your wonderful trip. You are making lasting pages of your beautiful memories.

  15. What a Great job with scrapbooking!
    I always love to have your visite to mu blog, thank you and congratulations for these pages.
    Miss xx

  16. Scrapbooks are so much fun. I love your layers and details like maps and brochures. And here's a funny coincidence - we moved back home to north Alabama after living almost 10 years near Mt. Dora!

  17. A lovely memory album to look back on and enjoy time and again. So much nicer than just having pics stored on a disc or on the PC , isn't it.
    Have fun doing the journaling too :-)