Friday, 11 July 2014

Its Raining, Its Pouring ...

Yesterday was a horrible day weather wise, it never stopped raining.  It was rain, rain and more rain.  I do not mean a little bit of drizzle or the odd shower I really do mean sheets of rain that continued all day.  It was more like a late Autumn or Winters day not July!

My garden is once again flooded...

The vegetable plot at the side of the house however is  thriving.  The rain has stopped today but it is still overcast, cool, breezy and still flooded.
Today I am working on the lace elements of the wedding wreaths, which are taking longer than anticipated to make up.  I do however, really like the end result and it will give a different dimension to the crocheted flowers, so worth the effort.

I really do love some of the vintage lace that I have collected over the years and is wonderful to have it included in the wedding.  My daughter and I spent hours looking at it all and picking out pieces that were to be included, lots of memories made already.  Some of the centres of the flowers hold segments of jewellery from her late Grandmas collection and her wedding ring is going to be tied into her bouquet.  Gone but never forgotten.  Back to work.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, it really is appreciated and makes my day.  A very warm welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my little adventures.

See you soon.


  1. Oh what lovely things to make. They're beautiful. Xx

  2. Maybe I should send you a copy of my rain dance moves as I've been praying for rain since the lottie tap broke and we've hardly had any. Surprising as your not far up the road from me?

    If you feel like passing this way fill a few buckets up before you leave ;)

  3. Sorry we have had sunshine the last couple of days but it is due to rain this weekend! That is the sweetest thing to use some of your daughters late grandmas jewellery as part of the day. I love the history attached.

  4. What a precious thing to be able to do for your daughter's wedding... Soooo gorgeous too :)

    (Oh, we have had *gorgeous* weather this past week - sorry to rub it in ;) .... Sadly, ours isn't due to last past tonight, so we'll be back to chilly and damp :) )
    Anne x

  5. How lovely of you to be creating such beautiful things for your daughters wedding. Beautiful and steeped with history, that is perfect. Hope the sun shines soon,

  6. Rain outside, lovely flowers inside....
    Have a great weekend ! I can't send you a little of the sun we have, sorry...

  7. oh those laces are to die for! Its overcast where I live as well... I'm inside and warn and knitting... :)

    Have a great weekend in spite of the weather. Love,

  8. Your lace work is so beautiful!! On the bright side, I guess all that rain makes it easier to stay inside and get more work done. : ) I can't wait to see how your wreaths come out!!!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  9. So sorry to see that you are flooded again, I hope that it has drained away by now. Love the things that you are making for the wedding, very bridal! xx

  10. Beautiful mama. Amie is a lucky princess. Can't wait for the wedding. X