Saturday, 9 September 2017

A Week Of Reflection

Last weekend saw the first anniversary of my nephews death, he chose to take his own life.  As a family we have had a week of what ifs?  In the end, the final decision was his and we can only respect that.  I can only hope and pray that he is at last at peace, the stress and anxiety he had in life gone forever.  It has certainly been a week of reflection with so many other happenings around the world.   He will be forever in our hearts, gone but never forgotten.

On a lighter note there has certainly been an Autumnal note to the weather here, the temperatures are dropping earlier each day.  The stove has now had the flue cleaned and is good to go so we have had a fire the last couple of evenings.   The stove gives a cosy warmth and a rosy glow.  Add the beautiful sunsets and it is an idyllic place to be.

Idyllic...sadly the midges were rife yesterday so difficult to be out and about.  We had a trip into Stornoway to pick up some supplies and they were unbearable.  Who knew something so small could be so irritating?  I have already been using some skin-so-soft that was recommended by the locals so hopefully I will remain bite free.

Whilst out and about I did call into the Charity shops and picked up a couple of patterns to add to my ever growing collection for 5p each...

..and a Winter quilt magazine for 30p.  I had a lovely hour last night browsing and dreaming.  There are some beautiful creations, if only I had the skill.  I am realistic about my limitations but at 30p it was lovely to look through.

I had some soap compound left over from a previous project, so put it to good use this week, making a soap each for the Grandchildren.  The centre of each holding a small dinosaur, they will have fun with them.  

I also made a couple adding some dried lavender, they smell wonderful.  I have added a cotton crochet facecloth into an organza bag.  All ready for gifts.

Both Wilbur and Daisy started school this week, Daisy is loving it.  Long may that last.  Wilbur told his Mummy he has better things to do with his life.  Thankfully he is still going in without tears or a tantrum.  He needed a project bag so one was dutifully made, filled with love and posted.

Finally Mickey has been constantly in the garden this week, standing and guarding us for hours on end...

...keeping a wary eye on the Canadian geese, they are prolific at the moment.  Although for obvious reasons I am unable to get a decent photo of them.

It has taken a little adjusting to life on this beautiful Island not least the lack of shopping facilities.  To see so much amazing wildlife in their natural surroundings, the stunning skies and beautiful landscapes more than makes up for it.  We have found our forever home...

Christmas has come early to our household and a start has been made, early due to the fact that we will be visiting family  November.  Visiting and bearing gifts but I will save that for my next post.  At the moment our thoughts are on all those affected by the devastation caused by the fires and hurricane Irma, we have been in touch with friends in Florida to let them know they are in our thoughts and prayers.  All we can do now is watch and wait.

Take care and see you soon.


  1. To have the views, nature and gorgeous sunsets (ignoring the midges) would indeed make up for the lack of shopping facilities, and I am sure you will get in hand the planning for this without any problem at just sometimes takes a little time.

    Love all the soaps, both the dinosaurs and the lavender - what a lovely idea. I might try my hand at making some lavender soap for gifts this year as well - I have enough lavender in my garden to do so!

    Just loved Wilbur's comment about school - he is quite right too!

  2. It's a difficult time when these anniversaries roll round but I'm sure in time you'll be able to remember your nephew with a smile instead of all the what ifs, a year is no time and it's still very early days. Those sunsets are beautiful and I'd love watching all the wildlife too. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, what a wonderful idea those soaps are, I'm sure the children will be thrilled.

  3. Times like this are so hard for those of us left behind, as Joan says it us very early days.

    So pleased to see beautiful Mickey taking his duties seriously!

    Great makes, love the soap idea. I'm not making anything this year, not even for the shop, but it will soon be upon us won't it.

  4. Life here on earth is so full of "what ifs". Beautiful sunset shots. Lovely gift bags. Mickey is so well groomed!

  5. Loosing somebody is always difficult but loosing somebody through their own choice is particularly hard to come to terms with. So many questions remain.

    Those little dinosaur soaps are fab, the children will be washing their hands frequently and thoroughly to get to them :-) Wishing you a peaceful weekend, hopefully midge free. Soon the end of midge season will be here! x

  6. It's so sad when one ends their life thinking they just can't go on. Like you I hope he found peace.
    Skin So Soft works for me except for deer fly, nothing stops them.
    I love the dinosaur soaps!!!
    I'll be glad when Irma is gone, sometimes the waiting is the worst part.

  7. It is a difficult time for you all reflecting, I do remember reading about it on your blog last year, people don't seem to understand sometimes that young folk can and do have problems and issues, we have had our fair share to deal with over the years.
    I love the idea of the soaps, I keep thinking about making soaps I have never tried, I should look into it x

  8. Autumn is in the air in Wales also, the sadding skies seem to underline life's tragedies. It is so much easier to deal with these emotional times when the sun is shining nd the air is balmy. I do not envy you the midges, we get a few here at times and they are the devil.

  9. Life goes on...
    Have a warm weekend !

  10. Those dinosaur soaps are so cute!!

  11. Oh mama I’m so sorry to hear about your nephew, suicide is tragic, no-one knows what is happening in the mind.
    I’m new to quilting, I have done three small easy ones. I love your soaps. I laughed out loud at Wilbur’s comment, bless him. Your pyjama party looks like fun. Your knobs and wallpaper are gorgeous. Mickey is looking good :-)

  12. We share your sorrow with your nephews suicide, my husband lost two brothers in this way, two years apart. October will be the third anniversary of his oldest brother. Its life changing.

    You are a very clever lady, I love the childrens soaps :)
    I am sitting here watching the news in florida, I can't imagine whats coming to these poor people.
    I will keep them in my prayers.
    Wishing you a safe, peaceful evening in front of your stove :) ours got cleaned yesterday :) xx

  13. Has it already been a year? Sometimes these anniversaries hit hard because we are in like seasons and times and it feels as if no time at all has transpired. Comfort to your family in the loss.

    And the whole world it seems watches and waits. You have a special love for Florida so I know that you are feeling this keenly. So many are praying...

  14. Too bad those darn midges make your life difficult. Apparently they are also called no-see-ums ( for obvious reasons) and if that is so I know what you're describing. I once had one in the waistband of my jeans biting me time after time as it tried to escape? I couldn't stop because I was driving on a busy road.
    I love Wilbur's comment. I'm glad he still goes and with no tears!!

  15. Thank you for your kind words regarding losing my brother you wrote on my blog. I can only imagine the pain that this anniversary week of your dear nephew's passing brings to you and your family. May God give comfort to all. And on another note...what are midgies? Something like misquitos??

  16. I'm sorry to hear about your nephew. Very sad, but like you said, it was his choice to make, but it is very hard for those left behind. I hope you're all finding comfort and peace right now.

  17. I am so sorry about your nephew. Your sky photos and the dog are beautiful. And it is always nice to see our Canada geese getting around.

  18. My goodness you are a prolific crafter. Love it all, the bags, the soap the patterns...all of it. You seem to be settling into your new life so well. I wish Dennis and I were sure of our retirement plans, you make it look so fun! It's hard to believe it's been a year since your nephew passed. Praying for co fort for the entire family on this sad anniversary.

  19. Sending hugs at this very sad time for you.

    Love all of your crafting. I have never tried soapmaking. They look fab with the dinosaurs in them.
    The fabric for Wilbur's bag is just gorgeous and I sure like his take on going to school. They do say such hilarious things.
    The quilt magazine looks lovely. Is it American? I adore American craft magazines.

    I hope your friends in Florida will be OK.
    What a very frightening thing to have to face.

  20. I'm sure your dinosaur soaps will go down a treat. Maybe your little ones will keep getting dirty in order to use them though!

  21. These anniversaries intensify all emotions and the what ifs? are to be expected. Sending hugs.
    I did laugh at Wilbur's comment. I have a feeling Lily will share that sentiment.
    It seems like you are getting well prepared for both Winter and Christmas. Your gifts look so lovely.
    I hope you win the batte with the midges. X

  22. It's so great that you've settled in so well. I'm sure it's a beautiful place to be. LOVE your soaps! Dolinosaur soaos! Are you just the best granny in the world or what ?!!!!
    Jill xo

  23. Mickey is so handsome out on patrol! I'm impressed with all the gift-making you've got done so far. I haven't even given it a passing thought as yet. I love your island, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  24. I love your soap with little dinosaurs inside, what a great idea, I wouldn't mind giving it a go. You do live in a beautiful place and are probably breathing in beautiful, clean fresh air that is a better quality than we have here, definitely worth having less shops for xx

  25. Sorry about your nephew - such a tragic loss. It looks like you've been really busy. I love your project bag.

    Nice sunset photos!

  26. so sad about your nephew, may he rest in peace. I admire your big change of finding your forever home and sharing your adventures and thoughts.

  27. Sorry to read about your nephew, such a hard thing for family left behind to understand. Your soap dinosaurs and the lavender ones are wonderful and the project bag too. Love the photo of Mickey:)

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  29. Your heart must be full of emotion with the anniversary of your nephews passing. Sending you love and prayers.
    xx Beca

  30. So sorry about your nephew. Hoping you and your family are doing well :)