Friday, 7 August 2015

Little Companions

My apologies for my recent absence, as well as lots of visitors I have had a malfunctioning computer which is making it difficult to catch up with you all.  My son in law has now put my computer right, he is such a wizard with these things so I will try to catch up with everyone over the next few days.  Last weekend brought some glorious weather so we were able to get out and about a little with the children.  It was the village carnival so it was nice to get involved with the community.  There was lots going on, sandcastle competitions, dog show, circus workshops to name but a few.

The music was fun and the village green covered in an array of stalls to support the many local charities.
The children had a great time on the beach, building sandcastles and collecting shells and stones.

The lifeguards were there and had a bookstall to raise funds, I did peruse them but there was nothing that took my fancy but some of the others got lucky.  They do a sterling job, they are all volunteers and are funded by charitable donations.  Living so close to the sea I do like to help when I can.
A visit to the park was the order of the day with the pleas of the children for Granny to join in...anything for a quiet life.  Actually I quite enjoy the rides and love their little faces when I get on the rides with them.
Wilbur loved pushing Granny and of course Daisy was not to be left out!

A wonderful day, with lots of fun had by all.  Lots of memories in the making of quality time spent together with masses of fun and laughter.  It doesn't get any better than that...or may be it does!  Supper on a Saturday in front of the TV.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my previous posts I will be around to visit you as soon as I can.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful season summer/winter.
See you soon.


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with your family and making lots of special memories too. They're all so cute!
    xx Beca

  2. Looks like you had beautiful weather for the carnival.

  3. glad to know your computer is behaving once more and I love seeing you with your grandchildren :)

  4. How wonderful! All round summer fun and sun! Hurrah that the sun came out for you as it has been hiding on us!

  5. Family time is always the best time. Your grandchildren are so cute and a great joy to you. And you are also giving them so much joy too.
    Glad to know your computer is working now.

  6. You are a fabulous grandma to play with the children like that. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by you all. I wish I lived that close to the sea! How far are you from it? We're an hour and a half drive from the Pacific Ocean. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. We are a five minute walk/ten minute stroll from the sea.

  7. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all :-)

  8. The kids are darling. DID YOU knit your sweater? Awesome

  9. Spending time with you Grandchildren sure is great and it's lovely to see you all having fun. Have a lovely day!

  10. what a fun time out and about. Glad you are close to the sea. aw, the grandchildren. So fun and I enjoy being with ours as well.

  11. A jolly good time by the looks of it. A super weekend for you.

  12. Awww! I see you are in great company doesn't get better that that...does it? It is always wonderful to enjoy some fun with the little ones. have a great time!!!! :-)

    keep well
    Amanda x

  13. You are an aw some granny, well done you :)