Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Yarn Along

I am on top of everything for the Wedding and for Christmas with the exception of a few bits I am unable to show on the blog as I have daughters who follow.  So finally  I am free to catch up with some reading and crochet for myself.  I have started to crochet a throw which I intend to surround the main colour block with granny squares to match the cushions previously made.  I am not putting any pressure on myself I intend just to do a couple of rows here and there in between other projects.

The lighting is not good so it isn't showing a true colour, there are some beautiful flecks going through the main colour which I intend to highlight in the granny squares.

I am currently reading A Different Kind of Love by Sheelagh Kelly.  I have only just started to read it but already is has captured my interest it surely seems to be what it claims a  gripping saga of love, loss and hope in wartime.
I am once again joining in with Ginny over at Small Things for the
See you soon


  1. I love those projects that you can pick up and down when needed! The color is my favorite blue!

  2. very nice! blues are such a calming colour!

  3. Pretty color blue. Enjoy your new book and new project. Heather

  4. Well done with your Wedding and Christmas makes, with this done you now have time for yourself, and what better way than a book to read and a crochet project you can pick up and put down. The blue yarn is gorgeous and I can just make out the flecks.

    Yes, the cup and saucer are Old Country Roses.


  5. Your yarn looks so pretty and I like the idea of picking out the fleck colours and surrounding it with granny squares. Perfect day here for reading and crocheting too :-)

  6. It is the best part of crochet, pick up and put down, relax and enjoy. I miss a big project but need to get the little ones sorted for Christmas first.
    Glad your new book is gripping you straight away.

  7. Hi Lorraine! It's wonderful to see all your many projects and wedding preparations coming along so well!
    Your blue yarn looks beautiful! <3
    Enjoy your crochet and thanks for stopping by on my blog. I always love reading your comments! :)
    Have a good evening!
    Ingrid xx

  8. That's one of the nice things about granny squares - you can do them here and there. That will make a nice throw.

  9. I like the colour of the yarn, pretty. Enjoy your new project and book.
    Marianne x

  10. Beautiful blue! Enjoy your reading, and a little bit of relaxation.

  11. I just love the color of that yarn!! Enjoy your day!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  12. I am always amazed at how much you get done. I too love that shade of blue. I would love to know how to crochet!

  13. Love your project and thank you for the heads up on the book, it looks very good.

  14. I envy people that can knit and crochet. I just don't have the patience. That book looks like it is right up my alley. I will have to check it out.

  15. You can see the flecks in the second photo quite well, it looks like lovely yarn, I hope that you enjoy it and can find some time to relax in all the busy times. xx

  16. I am so happy for you that you are now crafting for you! (not a very good sentence but you know what I mean...) Lovely shade of blue and the book looks good!