Friday, 3 October 2014

Cards and Hangars

I spent quite a fruitful afternoon yesterday making Christmas cards, a little early I know. but this year I am having to do all my Christmas preparation early.  By doing all this now it does mean that I can spend two glorious weeks with Bertie my Grandson without having to worry about cards and such. 

I have used Harris Tweed one of my favourite fabrics of all time.  I cut a small rectangle and frayed the edges and then a triangle fraying that also to look like a tree and then put a star embellishment on the top.

Simple but effective...
I am not printing the centres either as I write a letter to my friends filling them in with all our family news.  The card is more of a notelet, as I have said before simple but effective.
I have also painted a hangar for each of the boys for the wedding and stamped them with a dinosaur stamp from the Cath Kidston range.  Not very wedding like but perfect for three little boys who love dinosaurs.

Finished off with a pre-cut dinosaur and their name added.
We are going down to my daughters tomorrow for the suit fittings for the wedding and to meet some of Matthews family so that should be nice.  Sunday is the village craft fair to which I have a table booked, a chance to catch up with some friends and news of local events.  What have you got planned?
See you soon.


  1. We are not mentioning the "C" word in this house! bahh humbug x

  2. I love those cards. What a great idea. Those boys will love those hangars.

  3. Hi, your cards are beautiful, love the simplicity of the tree and embellishment-you know I do love a finishing touch. Eek was it painful cutting into your tweed? It is so expensive but guessing it goes a long way.
    You have made those coat hangers perfect-how cute and a lovely memory of the day..well done you, perfect craft day when everything works out.

    1. No it wasn't too painful, as I had a little bag of offcuts bought a couple of years ago from the Harris Tweed shop by the ferry so not as expensive as normal but perfect for card making.

  4. Every year I intend to make my own cards, maybe this year I will actually manage it for once! Love your tweed trees, very clever and sweet :)

  5. The cards look very effective, the simple ones are often the best.

  6. Lovely idea for Christmas cards.

  7. I love the cards, so simple, but so effective! xx

  8. I like your fabric Christmas trees, simple and elegant. Nice to be ahead at Christmas time as there are always so many activities to enjoy. You are smart!

  9. Love your cards and now they are done!

  10. Your cards look great. Good for you for taking the time to make them. Xx

  11. Your cards are wonderful!! I make cards as well. Right now, all of my card making supplies are put away since we're re-doing my crafting room. I'm starting to miss making them. : ( I absolutely love all of the special little touches you've created for the wedding. How blessed your daughter is to have such a crafty and caring mom!!! Have a beautiful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  12. Beautiful and original cards ! And useful hangers !
    Have a nice weekend preparing Christmas !

  13. I love both of these projects. Kudos for getting Christmas prep started so early!

  14. Good for you being so organised! I love Harris Tweed, all tweeds, plaids and wools, so I adore your cards! So simple but so effective.
    The coat hangers are a great idea too!
    Gill xx

  15. Your cards are very beautiful!
    I haven't been here for a while because I've been staring at my baby girl so much ;-)
    I just went for a little round on your blog and enjoyed everything - especially your afternoon tea - yummy!
    Lena x

  16. Your cards are hardly simple and they are very, very lovely. I think it is almost like you are giving a little gift to everyone who receives one.

  17. I love your cards. They are so simple but effective.

  18. Beautiful cards, love them!