Friday, 17 October 2014

Garden Update

There was a break in the weather yesterday for a short while so I was able to get out into the garden and get some jobs done.  My husband is well at the moment after an infusion for treatment for his rheumatoid arthritis so he was able to chop and stack the logs after a recent delivery.  A job well done and a lovely feeling knowing that you can light the stove at any time.  The weather is so changeable at the moment we have found we hardly need it on at all.

I have managed to harvest some of the leeks which are amazing, they have a real taste to them and of course the satisfaction of knowing we grew tem ourselves.

They are taking a little bit of a battering from the wind so I may pull them and put them in the freezer before we lose them all together.  The beetroot is still going strong but not quite ready to harvest.
The clematis has been cut back hard to enhance next seasons growth.

The fruit bushes have also been cut back well.
The hanging baskets are now filled with spring flowering bulbs ready for a beautiful show next Apr/May time.

The empty beds have been raked over ready for spring planting.

All the pots have been gathered together to shelter them from the wind, we haven't enough storage space in the sheds.  Apart from raking up the leaves which are dropping continually, all our outside jobs have now been done for the moment anyway...
Have you prepared your garden for the season, or do you just leave it to chance?
See you soon.


  1. I had a quick tidy up of the front garden yesterday but that's about it.........I'm so behind but we have sectioned off the chooks so that was a big job done.

    You are so organised! and I love leeks x

  2. Wow you have been busy. I love how beautiful all of your wood is stacked.

  3. Bonjour Mama.
    We have 2 houses... 2 gardens. We prepared our garden in Quebec last weekend. It's a lot of work... The other house is in Rimouski (300 km from Quebec). We will go there in 2 weeks.
    Have a great week end!

  4. You shame me. I should be out there doing these jobs but there's always an excuse not to do them. The weather's good at the moment, maybe this afternoon I'll do some gardening.

  5. Lovely autuum-y pictures! Makes me long for a garden!
    Glad that you husband is doing alright at the moment!

    Take care

  6. Autumn is there and you are prepared ! We havn't done nothing so far...We still have 21ºc...
    Have a nice weekend !

  7. It's fun to work outside and to get a lot done. I've working hard in our yard too. I didn't know Clematis should be trimmed back to help them grow better the next season. Hmmm? We have some but they just started to really grow this summer. It would be hard to cut back all that finally grew but I guess most of that will just die anyway. Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I am debating what to try this year with my climbing roses. In the past I cut them back in Feb. but then just had two shoots per bush that climbed [?]. Last year I did not prune them back in Feb. so I have a few more climbing [?] shoots. But in general the branches look pitiful and the leaves have holes in them. I got about a dozen beautiful roses from the two bushes. My creeping Thyme has done very little creeping in several years. However your good efforts have encouraged me to try to rescue/protect what I have growing! Thanks for posting :-)

  9. I have started cleaning up the garden, then the rain started. I have lot to do outside before winter. Things are looking good around your place.

  10. I miss my garden terribly, but when I did garden I always prepared it. I love food so everything in the garden was something to eat. Hope you have a lovely weekend

  11. Well done you for being so organised! It all looks neat and ready for winter and next spring, and you have your spring bulbs planted up too.
    I try and tidy round and do what I can, but I never get it all done as I get too distracted doing other stuff!
    Have a good weekend, hopefully you won't need those logs just yet!
    Gill xx

  12. You have gotten so much accomplished, well done!

  13. It looks like your garden is all ready for winter!!! We've been having very humid and unseasonably warm weather here in New York. YUCK!!!! I want to smell my neighbor's fireplace in the air since we don't have one. : ( We've had our central air conditioning on again for the past couple of days. Looks like it's only going into the 50's by Sunday so that's something to look forward to. : ) Have a beautiful weekend!!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  14. You are putting me to shame. Every year I promise to Rudy it up and every year I don't get round to it. This also means every year I don't plant bulbs and every spring I have therefore a distinct lack of flowers!

  15. I am obviously a bit of a slacker but our weather had been so nice , it's hard to pull blooming plants. I love leeks, they are great in soups!

  16. We have a wild garden, mostly. But hubby winter's over our geraniums and begonias in the basement and has had great success with it. You're a hard worker! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. What a great feeling to see a pile of logs ready for your fire. Well done on getting your outside garden jobs completed, you are so putting me to shame.

    So pleased your husband is feeling better.


  18. Lovely log stacking, neat and orderly-I love log sheds, perhaps that sounds a bit weird.
    I too need to get in the garden, fingers crossed for tomorrow-will check up my leeks too.
    Glad hubby feeling a bit better, I bet all this damp is not helping either.

  19. You have been busy gardeners! I enjoyed seeing what you are making for crackers for Christmas too! xx

  20. I need to bring my succulents in before the frost gets them! (Maybe a little early yet but I lost a load in a surprise cold snap a couple years ago) and they look pretty indoors anyway. Anything else must fend for itself...much like any other time of the year!

  21. Hello! I popped over from Amy's! Yes, we have put our garden to bed. I still have lavender sweet peas growing and I should cut back the Shasta daisies, but overall our beds are raked and ready! I am quite inspired by your lovely garden doings!

  22. Wow, Amy! What a day you had! I need a nice quiet day after a chaotic one. I hope you are sailing along smoothly now!

  23. Your first photos bring to mind the stoves my sister uses in her cottage in New Bolingbroke. The times I've been over for a short winter stay I just love the coziness and surprising heat of those stoves. Just one on heats her cottage up surprisingly quick. Leeks in chicken soup much better than onions. Home grown has taste definitely!!!
    Crochet headband great idea for a Christmas cracker gift!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  24. preparing the garden is a long and sometimes hard work ! yours is ready to face the winter ! Have a nice sunday !

  25. Eventually my husband will pull the summer vegetable plants but that is it. Looks like your garden is ready for the winter :)

  26. We just got wood delivered on Saturday. It is all stacked neatly, and ready for our first fire. We do have a lot of raking to do, as the leaves are just starting to fall. It seems such a satisfying thing to put all the plants to bed for the winter, doesn't it? I love how you have your bulbs all ready to blossom for you in the spring.

  27. Your garden looks so nicely tucked away. I have 9 big trees, so lots of leaves to rake, but I've been working on the garden, too. Fortunately we've had nice weather to get it all done before the snow.

  28. It seems your plants are adapting pretty well to the changing weather. Also, I see you got some great harvest. It must feel fantastic to make a meal out of something you grew yourself. Gardening is surely a way to keep your backyard pretty and your kitchen loaded with healthy veggies. And hopefully, you can continue with this practice for years to come. Cheers!

    Bethel Woodard @ Sollecito

  29. That is so true! Knowing that you grew the veggies yourselves is absolutely satisfactory. In any case, the garden totally looked well back then. I hope you get the same outstanding weather this year as well. Thanks for sharing that! Keep us posted on your garden updates. All the best to you! :)

    Kristina Cobb @ Denny's Lawn & Garden